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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Children of Men

Children of Men(2006)

In one word, this film is a masterpiece. The vision it paints of a true and believable dystopia blew me away. Every time I see it, I notice one little detail that makes the setting so much more realistic. From zebras as pets to rampant pollution, not a stone goes untouched in this grim and gritty Britain of a very realistic future.

Cuarón's amazing directorial skills are shown in all their brilliance. The epic six-minute long shot near the end sent chills thru my spine. The camera work is very fourth wall cinema; shaky and very much a part of the action, which serves only to keep us, the audience, all the more thrilled by what's going on. You get the feeling that everything in this film is deliberate. From the tiniest actions to the biggest of fights, you can tell Cuarón knew it all before even walking on the set.

The acting is a thing of art. Clive Owen as the reluctant hero Theo is perfect. His deadpan, bleak expressions and mannerisms, as well as his excellently uninterested delivery paint a wondrous picture of a man who?like the world around him?has lost all hope and it is the best performances of his career. Among the myriad of supporting characters, Michael Caine especially shines. He's so captivating that many times you'll completely forget that it's the mid-21st century for whole scenes at a time.

If ever there was a film that could throw raw emotion into hypothetical futures, it's 'Children of Men'. Imagine a world without children; I'm willing to bet that it's no where near as realistic or as depressing as Cuarón's. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.