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Blossoms in the Dust

Blossoms in the Dust(1941)

Unbelievable drama conceptually follows the life of Edna Gladney (Greer Garson) who wants to give orphan children a name after the are put up by their parents. This inspiration originates from a younger friend (Marsha Hunt) who killed herself years before after she was adopted and the death of her young son from her doctor husband (Walter Pigeon). She then tries to get this issue overturned by the state of Texas. It fails to connect to the viewer as the film is contrived and unrealistic, and the acting is forgettable. Oddly enough, what deters the film further is the fact that it is in colour. It does not utilize the lesser used filming strategy for its time to its advantage (like other movies of the time like "Gone With the Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz") and it becomes a damaging aspect for the film, rather than a benefit. Sadly, this movie fails and has been forgotten for all the right reasons.