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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
A Prophet (Un prophete)

A Prophet (Un prophete)(2010)

Violent, compelling look at a French Arab man (Tahar Rahim) who ends up in prison as a result of his criminal mischief (reason for incarceration not disclosed in the movie). There, he begins to befriend what any normal human being would call the wrong crowd and starts to build a connection empire. He begins to befriend both French and Corcican, along with other Arab, prisoners and ultimately becoming the exchange for narcotics. With that, he begins to disobey his connections generally one at time, which leads to gun battles and violent beatings and of course, death. He even gets out of prison to conduct his cruel trading regime, which only lands him back into his cell. Very intriguing movie that is both believable and an ugly in equal doses, all the more reason why it is smart not to do criminal things (although there are many other movies that pretty much establish that kind of message). The film production is very strong in that it captures the grim atmosphere that these people operate in, inside and outside of incarceration. Quite long, but well-made drama.