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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Funny Games

Funny Games(1998)

This is far from the traditional torture-porn horror film. Very little violence is actually shown, which in reality heightens the disturbing level; however, I think there are many other movies out there that are more disturbing than this. (Do not take that as me saying this movie isn't messed up.) From the moment one of the antagonists talks to the camera, wanting me to play along in his sick game, I knew this would be a strange ride. He wanted me to bet on who would survive the movie. Will it be the guys we want to live (the family)? Or the sick and twisted killers? Right when you think the movie is facing the generic climax, the story is twisted on its head by that same bad guy who was talking to the camera (I won't put any spoilers.). The movie will end the way HE wants it to. He knows he's in a movie, so why would it be any other way? In this way the film satirizes the run of the mill torture-porn flick, and I must admit, I thought it was quite funny. Funny in a sick, sick way.