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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Handsome but slightly unnecessary remake. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are superb, but besides them, Reznors wicked soundtrack and an improved ending it doesn't really add much to the original... The swedish trilogy lost steam, let's see if this new American version can maintain it.


I should have like to have given this 75%, alas RT does not allow such nuances. An excellent cast, a good few giggles (though no belly laughs), and a pretty nifty, if derivative, plot. Paul is a nice little movie, though admittedly not a patch on Pegg/Frost's earlier work... Where's Edgar Wright when you need him? He would have tightened this up into the film it deserves to be...

Just Go with It

and that's for the first 30 mins where I laughed twice... the following 80 minutes severely tested my fondness for Sandler. Annoying side characters, a ridiculous plot that got worse as the movie went on, and a script so bad that Sandler and Aniston look a little embarrassed at times... Don't go with it...

Middle Men
Middle Men(2010)

Underrated little gem. Sure it's a little muddled, sure the retrospective voiceover borrows heavily from Scorsese (due in no small part to Luke Wilson and Ray Liotta's uncanny vocal similarity), but it engages from start to finish, has a wicked little ensemble cast, a cool, if predictable, soundtrack and lots of nudity... Sure to gain a cult following. Ignore the bad press, give it a chance.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Suprisingly good sequel that has every right to be considered better than its predecessor. First off the voice cast; Jack Black was made for this role, whether he would be happy to admit he was born to play a 600 pound Panda is unlikely, but his lovable oaf/geek persona is perfect (sorry Jack). Jolie adds some sass to her tigress, Rogen has a few decent one-liners, while the rest of The Furious Five do what they do best - hang around in the back. Gary Oldman adds another memorable bad guy to his resume (seriously, does this guy put a foot wrong?) and Hoffman's gruff whisper once again adds gravitas to his character.
There is a real playfulness and childlike exuberance at work here, from the anti-gravity action to the often hilarious one-liners. There are some great laugh out loud moments, provided mostly by Black, and the whole thing is over before you have a chance to get bored.
Animation is very probably the strongest movie genre at the moment, and this fun little film is a good example of it's strengths; beautiful to look at, funny and sometimes touching, while never taking itself too seriously. Your move Pixar, Roll on KFP3!


A little too twee, Up is utterly lovely but knows it. It sags a little in the middle after a stellar opening half hour, and whilst it does salvage itself by the end, too much momentum has been lost. Pixar have really cornered the market in this type of thing, maybe its time they dared to do something a little different... but doesn't it look nice?!...

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

An absolute triumph of mood, music, writing and tempo. The point is not to try and work out the intricate details of the labyrinthine plot, but rather to enjoy the journey. The writing is taught and laden with quirky nostalgia, whilst Gylenhall's pitch perfect performance was the making of him. Pure cinematic joy that those who it connects with will never forget.

Into the Wild

Great cinematography, terrific acting (in particular Hirsch), and a wonderful soundtrack from Eddie Vedder. A film that stays long in the memory...