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Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

Cheif Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) is in Baghdad, Iraq with a squad in charge of finding weapons of mass destruction. When they infiltrate numerous sites givin to them from U.S. intell and find nothing, Damon's character begins to question the liability of the intelligence. Martin Brown of the CIA (Brendan Gleeson)overhears Miller talking about the faulty intell and employs him to work for him while also using new intell from an Iraqi citizen named Freddy. All the time you suspect something is wrong in the U.S. governments plans in Iraq because of Greg Kinnear's suspicious government character Clark Poundstone. The movie takes twists and turns in a way which makes you wonder who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Overall, you find out what is actually going on and it may surprise you.

This movie was entertaining to watch and there is no lack of talent in the actors but it didn't have the same effect as the Bourne movies did on me. Still, I believe you should go see this movie because it can give you different views on what was going on in Iraq.


Full of awesome action sequences and timely comedy which makes this movie Kick-Ass. Nick Cage is awesome and Hit girl really delivers hard.

Clash of the Titans

The story kept me interested and it was entertaining to watch. Not going to win any awards but followed the Clash of the Titans storyline with a modern cinematic touch.


Full of non stop action and suspense, Switch is the story of Sophie from Montreal who uses an online site to trade houses with a woman in Paris. A day after her arrival, things go wrong and Sophie finds herself at the middle of a murder and a case of mistaken identity. Twists and turns make for an exciting film right to the end.


Great movie! Has everything you'd want in this story. Comedy, drama, ups and downs, and makes you feel like a part of the story. Gordon-Levitt and Anna Kendrick are awesome together and Seth Rogen does a great job swell bringing in the comedic aspect.


Wow I definitely recommend seeing this movie. One of the best made movies I've seen in a while. The music works perfectly, the cinematography is unheard of in most theatre movies today and the script was short but excellent. Ryan Gosling is definitely at his best and the directing had to have been phenomenal.


A movie which is based on the philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer named Hypathia. Hypathia's true history is somewhat unknown due to different stories about her life and death and much information of her life works lost in time and during fires at the Alexandria Library. This movie creates a visual spectactular of Ancient Alexandria and uses one version of Hypathias story. Rachel Weisz plays Hypathia and does the job well. Agora is rich in religious history and stirs conflict on what actually happened in those days. The movies creates the feeling that the Pagans and the Christians are always fighting and Hypathia is stuck in the middle. While others fight in the streets, she focuses on her teaching and astronomy. If this story is close to the truth then Hypathia was truly a brave woman, a great philosopher and someone who believed in equality. This movie presents us with a unique story and hope for knowledge even though we know all hope is lost.

V for Vendetta

Absolutely loved it. Great for fans of 1984. Good idea to understand the premise of Big Brother before watching this movie.

How to Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon is more than your typical animated film because it not only makes you laugh but it also contains a very exciting and interesting storyline which makes it a great movie.

Green Lantern

Cheesy dialogue and effects, looks unrealistic and has no aspect worth watching. The whole movie was a struggle to make it to the end. Would have to pay me to watch it again. The only thing DC has going for them right now is Christopher Nolan's Batman series, Green Latern would be a bad made for TV movie.


Wow Hanna was awesome! It took me a bit by surprise but was well worth going to see and much more. After the movie I wanted to become a little blonde haired blue eyed girl that kicks ass! And its a solid movie the whole way through!

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Grown Ups is about five childhood friends who played on the same basketball team, loved their coach, then grew up to become separated from one another only to reunite because of the death of the coach who they dearly owe for the inspiration he gave them. The movie bases itself on living life to the fullest, keeping family close and learning to stay active while adding comedy into the mix. Despite some awkward moments and maybe some cheesy lines ever so often, this film is actually quite enjoyable to watch and will no doubt make you laugh. Definately not Sandlers finest film but each character brings something to the table in a different style than the last. Overall the good morals make it suitable for families to watch but also never stops staying true to the actors comedic roots.

Planet 51
Planet 51(2009)

Cool idea but lacks the humour that other animated films seem to have a lot of.


One of the worst films I've seen in a while. The sci-fi elements lack because of the attempt at making it a horror film but it just isn't scary...maybe creep because of the acts of beastiality and the creature answering Sarah Polley's question of "what do you want" with the answer "inside you" in a messed up and somewhat laughable manner. I wouldn't reccomend this movie to anyone unless they were in the mood for making fun of how dumb movies sometimes can be.

Hot Tub Time Machine

One of those movies that is stupid but you can't help but laugh.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

If your not a fan of the series then the cheesy dialogue, bad acting and rough special effects will leave you wondering how these movies ever got so big.


Although many critics dislike this movie I found it entertaining enough to get through. The story was questionable at times and it isn't going to be anyones favourite movie but it consists of lot's of action and Paul Bettany's character is pretty cool. Horror fans may like it because it has a horror film type feel without actually being a horror film.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Even though I wouldn't consider myself a country fan, I found myself really liking the songs in this movie. Jeff Bridges does an amazing job and I really want things to end up well for Bad Blake. This movie left me believing everthing I just watched and I couldn't look away for a second.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Great movie. Have to pay attention if you struggle with an Irish accent. Watch with people willing to get into the movie.


Moon is definately a movie for anyone who enjoys science/fiction. It is full of spectacular visuals that make the movie look like it was actually shot on the moon. It is an intelligent movie and tastefully made while also keeping the viewer interested in whats going to happen. The movie moves quicker than others of its kind such as 2001: A Space Odyssey so you may find it easier to watch especially for a second time. I would recommend this movie to any movie lover and just have to say watch for the twist midway through. I gave this movie a 100% because Sam Rockwell does a great job, it was different and entertaining and I like Kevin Spacey as the robot more than any other computer in movies.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

A movie that suffered because of the costumes. If the wolf didnt look like something out of Michael Jacksons thriller then this movie would have been more enjoyable. Looks like a movie that would have been good 15 years ago.

Children of Men

As far as futuristic apocalyptic movies go, Children of Men would rank at the top. Actually, I found it to be a great movie and would recommend it to any movie lover. For those who enjoy the subject, it is perfect. It is real life future conflict playing out the way it could happen. Give it two thumbs up.


61* is a great baseball movie. Other baseball flicks stray away from the game and focus on too much away from the field. 61* does a great job of displaying player relationships, onfield performances as well as the life and true ups and downs of Roger Maris and his unforgettable season. Billy Crystal takes his love for baseball and truly displays it within this film as writer and directer. Thomas Jane and Barry Pepper play their roles to a tee and it helps that they look a lot like Mickey and Roger.