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Another Earth
Another Earth (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This was a thoroughly enjoyable film but it was far from flawless, so let's talk about the bad bits first. Firstly, the subplot with the indian janitor was a bit manipulative, the film tried to force the audience to connect with this character and sympathize with him without providing much of a character to sympathize with. Secondly the acting felt a little stiff in a few scenes which seemed to detract from the film as a whole. However, the film told its story mostly through excellent cinematography and more physical, bodily acting which drew me right backin to the storyline. This is not a film for those who are expecting a great science fiction story with the theoretical astrophysics to back it up, instead it is deeply philosophical and if you can suspend your disbelief in the possibility of what is occurring then there is a philosophical gem buried within the script.

War Horse
War Horse (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sappy, boring and miserably long, I didn't find anything of value in this film. The characters are all stereotypical and lack any depth except for the horse which was too human to be believable. I understand that it is fiction but the characters were so predictable and the horse so unrealistic that it failed to suspend my disbelief and wound up being a boring sob story that tried and ultimately failed to manipulate the audience's emotions. The film fails to connect with its audience and disappoints with everything but its dazzling special effects, which I'll admit were fantastic and the only things that kept me in the theater.