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The Abominable Dr. Phibes

The Abominable Dr. Phibes(1971)

Jesus....where to start. Great later Vincent Price movie. In fact, my one of my favorites, second only to Theatre of Blood. Anton Phibes (Price) was a very successful concert organist who was horrible disfigured and left unable to speak after a car accident that happened when he was rushing to be at the side of his ill wife, Victoria. He survives his ordeal only to discover that his beloved bride had died on the operating table. Unhinged, Phibes embarks on a spree of murders (all themed from the Ten plagues of Egypt of the Old Testament, hell bent on eliminating anyone who was involved with his wife's botched operation. Trying to stop him are New Scotland Yard Inspector Harry Trout (played by Peter Jeffrey of Dr. Who and Midnight Express fame) and Dr. Vesalius (played by veteran American actor Joseph Cotten). All of the performances in the film are solid, with special props going to the three main male leads I mentioned. Vincent Price gives one of the most iconic performances of his career as the titular Dr. Phibes. He plays the character gleefully over the top in a way that only Vincent Price could manage. Also worth mentioning that he worked in nuances of his own personality into the character (such as his love of gourmet cooking and penchant for art snobbery).