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Hey,this is my first review so please don't judge me it's basis.I'm trying hard to be better.

Even though i'm aware of limited direction abilities of Roland Emmerich,when i first saw the trailer of 2012,i gotta pretty excited. I gotta feeling that it could be the best and biggest movie about earth's apocalypse.After it's release,many negative reviews about this movie surfaced.,however,they can't stop me from rushing into theater,and when i came out from fully packed theater,i was thinking just one thing "why critics are so harsh about this movie??" because,easily it was one of the better blockbusters in recent times.

The plot is pretty simple,Earth is going to destroy in 2012 by of course, some very harsh and unnatural climatic reasons.The director's main motto here is to show those scenes of megadestruction,but,obviously one can't make a movie with destruction scenes only,so characters are here and the massive destruction is shown through their eyes,who are battling and are trying to survive in apocalypse,and guess what? 2012 shows it very effectively.
The CGI's are mind-blowing (it looks very expensive,and the special effect's creators have done excellent job,by doing it in only 200 million dollars,it could have easily go above 275 million,if would be in wrong hands,but again,Roland now is a master of CGI's.) the characters are not annoying (unlike of Roland's previous movies),acting is good,and story,well,pretty well executed,considering the very little plot.

I don't like any previous movies of Roland but this one is pretty good. Critics don't like this?? Why,i just can't understand.What were they thinking?? Were they expecting a classic??Then what??I have to disagree with them over this.It definitely deserves higher praise than it got.
Granted,it's not the best film of the year by any means,but it is a much better than many Blockbusters hollywood churned out evry year,like most recent's 'Crapformers 2'followed by 'New Moon'.

Watch this 'mother of all disaster films',if you still haven't.Watch it on Hugh plasma with extreme sound system for getting it's complete pleasure.Highly recommended.

My rating *** out of *****.


Some films are meant to be surprising.Some surprised by their content and some by their treatment.Frailty belongs to the second one.It?s about Fenton Meeks (Matthew McConaughey)came forth to FBI to tell that the serial killer FBI is searching from many time may be his brother Adam,who believes himself as God?s own hands and do it because his father( Dad Meiks) told them to do it as God himself have appointed their family on this job for punishing evils.No more spoilers.More than this can ruin it.

I was just totally surprised from it?s goodness as I was expecting nothing from it.Just selected randomly from hugh list of films and i?m glad i selected it.It?s a gem actually.It?s very different from other films of it?s genre.Silent suspense/horror actually.This is the debut film of ?under-rated? actor Bill Paxton as a director and he has done a good job here also.He doesn?t tends to be over-smart and clearly avoids the things that drives most of the films of its Genre like absurd ?camera angles?,?sudden shocks?,and loud background scores.Neatly directed,film runs just cleanly and one never confused whenever film switches between flashbacks and present.This is not an easy thing and most of the films slips from hands doing this.

Another sign of good direction is the performances.Good overall.Specially by Bill,who has done a convincing job playing the ?psychic? father.Matthew McConaughey also is good as the mysterious man Fenton Meeks.Younger ones,Matt O?Leary and Jeremy Sumpter had also done commendable job in this very dark film.

One thing i like to mention is it?s cinematography.I never expect films like this to be scenic but in this,some scenes looks really like a beautiful scenery.Another surprise.Original score is just like i said,not too loud and is in pace with the film.Not very haunting still sounds good.

All in all,Frailty is a highly engaging thriller with a difference and an excellent directorial debut by Bill Paxton.Looking towards him as a director.I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys horror, disturbing and powerful movies or anyone who just wants to see something different.

Go catch it.

My rating ***1/2 out of *****.

The Transformers - The Movie

Extremely kiddish film.I didn't have any idea that Transformers could be that funny and this film gave my my answer.So much is happening and yet,nothing really happens.I was ignoring it from months but the latest trailer of Transformers 3 made me to see(tolerate) it.Yeah,it's shocking,but it's true.The real thing is I've never been a big fan of Transformers,mostly because because of my unfamiliarity with them.I just didn't know about anything about their existence until i saw first transformers film,which i enjoyed thoroughly(though i still think it could be a lo better film,given the idea)but just stopped caring about the franchise after that s**t named 'Revenge of the Fallen' came out.I thought nothing could be done now,nothing can set things right now,that except and of course,the replacement of great Michael Bay.(no extra points for it) and then i saw the first trailer of this film Dark of the moon and my reaction was,Okay,it's cool.no sneak of Shia Labeouf, no Megan Fox,err,sorry,no glimpse of any latest lingerie model,blah blah.Cool.Things are looking right as of now and who is this giant transformers.I don't know who is this.Let's check.Google open.Someone told me it's a monster named Unicron,other one told it's Shockwave or maybe Soundwave and someone special for whom i'm now looking out for now,gave me his genuine advice of watching this terrific film.where re you moron??I'm looking for you,man!!you are a you tuber!!i know,i know!!

Let's begin with ,huh,where to begin?First 20 minutes-Autobots fighting Decepticons with a stupid rock song 'we are the transformersssssss,oh yeah yeah yeah yeah' playing in the behind.Hmm.Okay.next 40 minutes-Autobots are still fighting with Decepticons.Another stupid rock song(i forget that) still playing in the behind.Next 25 minutes-Autobots again fighting with Decepticons, with 'OMG,now what's this' type rock song playing in the behind.Film ends.The End.Pain is over.HuH,finally.

Cartoonish unbearable animation,painfully non inspiring rock score(baddest choice for such a film),disgusting plot,it has it all.Orson Welles was in it.Sad.It failed to got any sequel,despite a stupid hint of a sequel.Not really surprising now.I thought Mr.Bay was doing bad to the franchise,as fans were complaining.OK,i admit,his films are not very commendable either,but his nonsense is far far more superior and tolerable than this nonsense.

Stay away all those with an IQ more then 70. .A strict no no for adults."Here comes my Megatron.Zooooommm".'"Stay away from my Optimus Prime".Well,you are welcome guys.
Hoping for the best.What else we can do.Huh.Still can't believe it came out of the same year as of 'Castle in the sky' and just a year before great 'Akira'.

Ignore it.

My rating 0 out of *****

Vuk (Vuk: The Little Fox)

There were days of watching those 'strange' dancing,singing ants,shaking legs with grasshoppers.Interesting??Naah,not really,but they still made all of us(me,my brother,my sister), hooked for them.A consequence of limited options.(Well,Indian TV,not long ago,a mere mere 15 years back,was still in his childhood with a mere 2-3 channels).A few bunch of episodes,each got repeated zillions of times,ultimately made us to start synchronizing lines with ants,with bees,with grasshoppers(???).So exciting,so much fun,suddenly all gone.Ants got replaced by Aladdin,by Ariel."Huh,now what's this s***t,"Where are are our grasshoppers?Where are our ants?",we said that time."Huh,forget,that's over now,let's enjoy this",we said that time.Again,a few bunch of episodes,zillions of repeating.Synchronization got started for Ariel,for Aladdin,for Iago Abu,etc etc etc.Happy Days.Funny days.time has changed now.Scene has changed now.Indian TV has just entered in his teenage.Countless channels.All loaded with extreme of creepiness.Hmm,even TV's childhood is finest span of his life.Well,at least till now..and why i blaaah blaaah those 'silly' things because this film i just saw,Vuk,re freshened my those 'dancing ants' memory.I really don't know why but the instant i looked over it that 'ants memories' came back.I still don't have any specific answer for the 'why'.True.

Okay,film is Vuk.Kids film?Not really.Film is about a cute,okay,very cute Fox kit,Vuk.It's a 1981 Hungarian animation film,based on a very popular novel(at least in Hungary,of course) of the same name,by author 'Istvan Fekete' and along with 'Cat City' is considered as classics of Hungarian 'animation' cinema.Very well.

So,our film,Vuk is about a cute,very cute Fox kit named Vuk.Vuk is wandering from his home and upon his return only came to know that his whole family has been shot dead by a 'Human',i mean a 'Farmer'.So now abandoned,little Vuk got adopted by his 'one time alpha male' Uncle,Karake.Uncle start to raise Vuk.Vuk came to learn lessons about hunting,lessons about life(obviously).'Cute' Vuk meets his omega female' Foxy'.Finally,Uncle also got murdered by 'Human' and Vuk goes on for a revenge(finally) against that 'Human'.Okay,full stop.Enough spoilers.

Well,I really didn't enjoyed 'Vuk' that much but one thing i would like to mention is its simplicity.A term that films nowadays have nothing to do with.Almost,not every film.Over packaging sells big.Huh.Who cares.It was also strange to see how much strange i felt watching animals behaving like animals(what??) like walking on four feet,not desperately trying to deliver any punchline,to be funny.A result of heavy dose of 'Two-feet animal' films.Not my fault.Doubtful,whether kids today,feeding on Madagascar's,Kung Fu Panda's,and many other 'Two-feet animals' would rightly appreciate it.Not their fault.

Even though i didn't enjoyed as much as i expected,it's definitely worth a look.I think it deserves to be seen.I know why it got made,for whom it was belonged to,and why it's still considered as a classic,and of course,why it looked strange today,despite being only a 'sweet and simple'' film.Recommended.

No pic available on RT.No problem.Here it is.A big one.


A big cute Fox family.Really.

My rating ***1/2 out of *****.

Salaam Bombay!

Krishna,a street boy,abandoned from home and fed off from being bullied,once again get abandoned when by his workplace travelling Circus 'Apollo'.With only enough money in pocket to buy a local railway ticket,he found himself into the station of the next nearest big city Bombay and Salaam Bombay deals with this boy's life throughout in the cruel streets of this huge city.

Well,it's the tale of not only Krishna or Chaipu(the name he got later in the film as the boy who delivers Chai(Tea).It is about those thousands or millions of kids who after got abandoned from their home trying to survive for each day of their life not only in Bombay but in every big and many small cities all over India.

Many films have came on this very topic giving an inside view of this another unseen world.Some have succeeded,many have failed and what makes Salaam Bombay different from them is the 'presence of positivity'.No matter how cruel conditions are to them,no matter if they are living with a hopeless future,it doesn't stop them from enjoying every moment of their present.They do not have or make plans to make for months,they try to live the next day though without any regret and a smile on the face.'Don't bother about what is gonna come,just live and enjoy the present'.This can be learnt both from their lives as well as the film.

Another aspect that takes this film much higher is the performances.Actually,there is an interesting story behind making of the film and selection for the actors.Filmmakers gathered a group of the street children of Bombay and talked with them about their experiences, visiting the streets and train stations, markets and red-light districts where many of them lived.Then many of the children were enlisted for weeks in a daily workshop, not to teach them acting but to teach them how to behave naturally in front of the camera.From these workshops one of the child selected was Shafiq Syed,the lead actor of the film who has given such an natural performance that can put many professional actors to shame.(aah,lack of words).Same for the rest of cast that includes then unknown Raghubir Yadav and Irfan Khan.Special mention to Anita Kanvar who portrays the role of a 'prostitute mother' living only for her child with such deepness and Nair has treats her character with such sensitivity,that no one can prevent himself from falling in love with her.She loves her child and want to remain her hidden from outside world because she is well aware that system will take her child away from her because the way she lives her life will be unacceptable to them.

Nair has also shown the more miserable and pathetic life of these children in government institutions where future seems more hopeless then in those cruel streets and she correctly left Krishna's life unsolved at the end because and not answering any questions of his life.These are the questions asked from us that what can we do for these children?Still relevant even now in 2010(hmm).

You almost feel and smell Bombay watching it,so real is it's cinematography.It's shot totally at real locations and no colour technique has been used to make locations or scenes better then they actually are.It's just takes it forward along with a haunting original score.

Salaam Bombay works excellently both as part documentary and a powerful unique drama showing deepness of 'an unseen extra-ordinary world' some traces of which many have seen in the over the top Slumdog Millionaire.It's way way better than it.A deserving winner.(It's sad that it loses to 'Pelle erobreren' at Oscars).It was surprising that why was all that hoopla about Slumdog Millionaire when it was there from past twenty years.Maybe they haven't seen it yet.
(Checking RT,12 reviews total,,hmm,i'm right).That is also good but far behind from it.It will be enjoyed by those also which only watches films to get entertained and nothing else but i want those to be remain clear from it.

So,even if this is not the best film ever made nor the best i have seen but it's one of the most powerful,most convincing,most honest and most haunting films i have ever seen till date.A genuine tribute to all peoples living in that 'another world'.Salaam(Salute) Bombay.One of the best Indian films ever made.

Highly recommended.Those who haven't seen it yet,what are you doing guys?Watch it now.

My rating ****1/2 out of *****.

The Forbidden Kingdom

Jason(Michael Angarano) is an American teenager obsessed by Kung-fu classics and Hong Kong cinema accidentally make a discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop- the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King.He found himself back in time in ancient China where he befriends the drunken immortal Lu Yan( Jackie Chan) that tells him the story of the Monkey King,who was lured by the evil Jade Warlord( Collin Chou)and turned into stone.Later,it?s found that Jason is the seeker and the one who can free the Monkey King and therefore starts a journey to free the same. Joining him are Lu Yan, who teaches him Kung-fu so that he will be able to take on the Jade Army,The Silent Monk (Jet Li) and the orphan assassin Sparrow (Yifei Liu).

This film is a visual treat.Fast-paced action,good humour and most of all,presence of both the stars together first time makes this one special.Special mention to it?s cinematography.An absolute pleasure to eyes.I don?t know where they have filmed it but wherever is that place,it?s really like paradise on earth.CGI?s are good and use of them in Kung-fu sequences(slightly long) is commendable.Story goes right till the end where it also suffers from a really predictable end,which is it?s only negative point.Direction is good by ?The Lion King? fame Rob Minkoff but it could be a lot better. Acting is done decently by all the actors.Jackie Chan is good as always and is really funny most of times.Jet Li is good in his double role.This is the first time i have seen Michael Angarano and he has done nice job.Yifei Liu is also nice playing a revenge sackful orphan.Juana Collignon as the southie girl looks stunningly beautiful(hmmm,Google searching her after this).

Only problem is the much of the preference is given to Jason?s character and hence both the stars,although have strong roles are looking in (painfully)secondary lead.So,the fans of these two are surely gonna to be left disappointed.
It just doesn't uses the 'Hugh' potential of the 'two' properly.It would be good enough for a normal 'Kung-fu' film but how can some one get passed with the fact that this is the film that has got two of the Chinese cinema's biggest stars working first time together.simply,that 'magical' experience is absent here which makes it an opportunity got wasted.
This is a not a bad film but 'they' certainly deserves something better than this.Something that would become some sort of 'epic' and this film fails clearly on that level.

Overall,this is an funny and entertaining film that got most of the things right but suffers from a predictable end and short narrative but 'rare' presence of two biggest stars of China in the last two decades in a single film makes it a must for the fans.Both adults and kids will enjoy it but those who wants more than just entertainment in a film,this is not for them.
So watch it,enjoy it,forget it and wait for some other film that can do justice to this deadly 'Combo'.

My rating **1/2 out of *****.

Peepli Live
Peepli Live(2010)

Peepli Live is set in Peepli,which is one of the many villages of India where farmers takes their lives due to poverty,debts and other problems.Nattha is one of them who decides to suicide after learning that government's new policy assures at least Rs 1 lack to his family after his death.A journalist hears this after which a media frenzy ignites around whether Nattha will die or not irrespective of he really thought.

I gave it a shot because it is creating a lot of buzz here from sometime now.It has won many prizes at some prestigious film festivals and has garnered some of the best reviews of the year so far.I was expecting something really special from it but in simple words, it left me disappointed.

The problem of farmer?s suicide is a very serious and big issue.Everyone knows about it still don?t know enough and this film simply makes ?mockery? of such a serious subject.This starts well but after Media comes in scene,things starts to turn horribly wrong from which it never recovers and loses completely at end.Labeling it as a ?Black-comedy' film for special ones? just can?t save it.Insight fullness on topic is nowhere to be seen.Does a farmer really takes his life for just to get some money.No way.At least they should have done done some homework on this.
Yes,now days media loses things and directions many times but covering even ?potty? of a farmer is just beyond any one's imagination.Yes,many ministers today are bizarre and often pass crazy comments but an Agriculture minister claiming solution of farmer?s suicides to be industrialisation is just unthinkable.It is good in parts but overall it?s just not enough.

Direction is decent by debutant Anush Rizvi but after watching this i?m not expecting just anything from her.Acting wise,main lead Omkar Das (Nattha) is just Ok.Raghubir Yadav (Budhiya) is as usual.But the best act here came from Malaika Shenoy.She is just too good playing sharp minded journalist Nandita.Nowaz as Rakesh is also good.The man playing Deepak is just annoying and many times go over the top.Music is just Ok.Not that bad actually.

Now,if letting everything else like message,socialism,importance etc etc in sideways,as a film only,it also fails there miserably.Boring,dull pace,over the top humour,bad acting makes it just disgusting piece of cinema.if you really want to see a film depicting problems Indian farmers facing today,just go and watch Swades.It?s just brilllant and even it?s one scene where Mohan (Shah Rukh Khan) goes to a farmer?s house is much more powerful than this hole piece of s**t.Critics here are blind now days and its proved now.How they are going GaGa over this is just beyond me.It?s getting such strong reviews because the name of legendary WTF superstar Amir Khan is attached to it and it?s not surprising now seeing his list of goddamn over-rated films.

Ignore it.

My rating ** out of *****