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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Don't believe the nay-sayers, this movie is excellent. There are a few people who seem to want to write a rotten review just for the attention or because they despise sci-fi action flicks. If you're a hater, just go away and write a review about some drama or chick flick, instead.

I just watched it at lunch on opening Friday and there are only a few small issues with this movie that keep it from a perfect score.

First, the story is not very unique. When considering the grand-scheme of things, it's pretty obvious what was going to happen scene by scene. It follows the same formula of many movies before it. Not a big deal, because the characters have depth, the scenes are all beautiful, and the action is intense and amazing.

The other issue, and these things irk me (being in the Quality Assurance and software testing industry), are the basic logic plot holes, here and there. Without spoiling the movie, there are two main plot holes that would have changed the outcome of the story big time, in two separate scenes: We have GPS tracking and the ability to remotely deactivate vehicles here in present day. So, why, 200 years in the future, could a valuable item go missing AND a high-priority vehicle be stolen, with NO way to find said item or shut down said vehicle? Kinda rolled my eyes at those issues. At least they could have written some logical reason why the item could have gone missing and vehicle stolen. But no.

So that's it. Those are my "complaints". Otherwise, this is an awesome movie and definitely SEE IT IN 3-D! Worth every penny. I'm going to IMAX this weekend to see it again in 3-D on the BIG SCREEN.