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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy(2012)

At first, I was confused. And then, I got confused again, and again, and again till the point I said screw it. What I meant to by "screw it" was I can't just let the beginning of a movie ruin my experience tonight. It has been four years since I saw the last Bourne movie, and now the series has come back to the theaters. Now is "The Bourne Legacy" better than "The Bourne Ultimatum?" Well whoever is reading this, your out of your mind if you think this installment is better than "Ultimatum." But, that doesn't mean the film is bad. I enjoyed myself tonight after seeing "The Bourne Legacy," it was fun. That's really all I can say, I am giving this movie a 75% out of 100%. But that does not mean I'm done with my review. Now, I'll give you a synopsis of the film. Basically, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner" is our new Bourne. So what is our hero trying to do here? Well, he is searching for pills so he can live. Yeah, that's a little weak, but that doesn't mean that kind of story is weak though. While Cross is trying to get these pills, Eric Byer (Edward Norton) is sent out to take out the assets other than Cross. Cross is out of one of the pills and tries to get more. Cross eventually needs help from Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) to receive the pills he is in search for. The plot I just explained may not be correct 100% in the way I explained it, but I tried. But that's one of the problems with this film. The story is ok, but it's kind of hard to tell. If one havs never seen any of The Bourne movies and one is about to see this one, just hold that $8 to $12 until you see the entire series. It is required that one must see the series to understand what is happening, otherwise, the viewer of "Legacy" is like a puppy dog lost out in the streets, doesn't know the what's going on and wants to go home. "The Bourne Legacy" is long but does offer good scenes, acting, action when necessary, and references to Jason Bourne including a picture of him. The film is flawed, but not entirely, it's worth seeing, but it is recommended to watch the previous entries again before seeing "The Bourne Legacy". The movie is good, but it's not the best "Bourne" in the series.