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DC's Review of Prometheus

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Prometheus" 10 Scale Rating: 6.5 (Solid) ...

The Good: As expected, the visuals were spectacular. Micheal Fassbender was hands down the best part of the film. I am starting to expect that from him. Charlize Theron and Idris Elba were excellent as well and while the three of them were supporting characters, they were easily the most interesting. The concept is a good one and for stretches, I really got into it. The last 30 minutes or so were exceptionally captivating.

The Bad: Unfortunately, it is a very uneven movie. At times it seemed to move at a snail's pace and was difficult to follow. On top of that, the lead characters were not all that interesting at all. Noomi Rpaace does an admirable job in the lead role, but her character was boring and I didn't care much about her. I cared even less about her love interest who came across as a jerk that you wanted to see eaten by an alien. There were a couple of scenes that were too nonsensical for words that prevent the movie from being great. Instead it will settle for decent or pretty good and I can't help but be let down due to the vast potential the film had.