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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes(2009)

Saw this Sat night in NYC, where we got 20 minutes of trailers just before the movie, some guy in the audience stood up and said, Stop the commercials, run the **** movie - and they did! Are other cities getting killed with an endless stream of trailers before this movie? The biggest cheer of the night went to the first trailer - for Iron Man 2, with Downey and Mickey Rourke. Hey, how about Mickey Rourke as Moriarity in the next Holmes film? He would just be amazing! The greatest thing in this Sherlock Holmes movie is Robert Downey Jr, who in time will give Jeremy Brett a run for the money as the best Holmes ever. The weak links are the messy story and the sadly usual Guy Ritchie directing tics (slow-mo fights, Celtic music underscoring fights, weird use of Irish accents in the mouths of London poor people - what's up with that nonsense? Hey Guy, afraid to admit that the English are more brutal than the Irish or the Yanks? Cause they were and are, and you need a director that at least cares about the truth to make a film work). I vote for an all-American cast and an American director next time for a really good film, enough with the slow, second rate Brits and the messy, boring story in this one. Jude Law was a disappointment, it was just got dull every time he was on camera, but Robert Downey rocked it. Hope the next one has a plot that works throughout and is not rushing through a plot summary in the last 20 minutes, and a great Prof Moriarity to combat Holmes, and that a good American actor takes that role, wow that would really rock.