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Up in the Air
Up in the Air (2009)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a dark cynical disaster of a movie that has current airheads believing it is a great film with comedic appeal that is worthy of any kind of awards. Rest assured, A movie that is released during an era of economic disaster that solely revolves around the pleasures one man receives from having a position of releasing people from their prospective places of employment is in no way any form of a masterpiece, good story, or commendable achievement in film making especially in the manner and way that reitman has created this airport nuisance and disaster of a film. While it is crafted directed and acted well, with Clooney and other supporting cast members giving stellar performances for their roles, those cast for the roles were mismatched as well as the characters being portrayed for the empty shells they were, further leading to the dismal feel and bleak essence of the film, the theme and every other aspect of it. The fact that people are giving this film raving reviews, further and ironically portrays and gives support to everything the film represented--the cold detached nature of this current society and so many people, the love for empty meaningless relationships, lies, scandal, cheating, betrayal, two timing, lack of depth, lack of caring of others and the list goes on and on. If you haven't seen this film, and do go and endure the gruesome almost two hours of this depressing creation, let it be further testimony to the truthfulness of the film that there are those calling this monstrosity one of the best film's of 2009, simply because Clooney is good looking and can carry on an empty suave detached jerk with such skill and charisma, and because of the few minor comedic moments involved which cannot by any means overshadow the dreary storyline plot and theme involved. This is definitely one of the few films out right now that you should not go and waste 10.00 of your money on especially if you have been laid off from your job so you can further be reminded of how much money you are giving to a movie that characterizes that terrible loss as well as the empty people who delivered the news to you. It is a very accurate yet awful testament to the kind of society we live in today and the people present, and not one that we need to be reminded of in this manner and movie, when it is already presented to us in everyday life. We do not need up in the air to remind us of the dreadful current state of conditions we are dealing with today and with people as well. We go to the movies to escape reality not have it thrust at us on a big screen and reminded by being force fed exaggerations and stereotypes done by famous and rich hollywood actors and actresses. We want fantasy, reality, we want great stories plots with at least decent believable sad bitter happy endings. We don't need up in the air as it hits too close to home, a little too close with no real fantasy no real plot just the reality of what most people are having to live everyday of their lives, only exponentiated on a big screen with empty cold strange characters that we can't erase or who don't really change during the course of the terrible almost two hours this film leaves you to endure. Stay away if you don't want to escape life to go to an entertaining film and only want to be reminded in an overwhelming and overbearing way, of the current world we live in.