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Flight (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You have now boarded. This is not a film but an exercise in script writing. Insure a plot that "flies" from no where, entertains and exceeds your expectations not because it's a genre film but because it is just plain good narrative story telling turned upside down, or inverted.

"Whip" is a character born of reality. Not a character you look up too but a character you enjoy because of his honesty even in lies. The crash sequence of this movie is first rate. Not CGI over kill just plain set design and flipping people over. The old fashion way. Watch any of the Airport movies for reference. When we all board a plane, a of sense of fun and scary fills us. This experience happens when you buy ticket and board this screen writers journey.

The difference from a good movie that gets a 90+ on Tomatoes and one that gets a 77, is one was expected to be good and no one at Rotten-tomatoes can admit when they are wrong. Then when one you watch is which unexpectedly entertains you give a "fresh" rating. This movie deserves at a full throttle rating of 90+ and never, never lets up. Not that "Bond" film which is average at best.

Take your seat, buckle up and the director will turn off your safety belt light and let the unexpected to dare to enter a main stream movie.

Atrocity loves those little whisky bottles - Two more 'stewardess', ahh I mean flight attendant that is so hot she burns your retinas off your movie going heads and your "stupid" I-phones and pads and other I-shitty Apple products.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Girl and some very "evf-uped" people!

This is the original working title. When reading elements in a book and thinking about translating it, to the screen. There is a problem. All things written in a book, need not be on the screen and better left off the screen.
This is the 'real-casting' problem with the movie made from a book. Who cares if it is "real" to the book. It should have been adapted not tried to be "real." This is the one of the greatest errors of cinema. Being "real" to a fictional novel in the first place.

Good directors, see it and change it where it needs to be changed, to make it their own work. This is not a David Fincher movie but a person lost in a series of scenes he "tried" to stitch together to make some coherent sense.

Why? Because the novel is good? No? Pleasing readers is not what film is about. Who cares if you, David Fincher, wanted to direct a 'James Bond' movie all your life and thought this is the way. David, why did you do a very 'James Bond' credits, after doing a very bad opening shot??

The rape scene is a waste of time not because rape shouldn't be on screen. Go see the Jodie Foster movie on this subject ...well made. But because it shows and relates nothing to the overall arc of the movie? The character is wanting bad things to happen because she is so 'smart' but only when 'terrible men' happen to enter her life?
Go see, La Femme Nikita for a better female role.

Nothing made sense on the screen. It was transparent that something bad was going to happen but not to the "Harriet" person. I never thought she was the focus of the movie?
Why do we see Daniel Craig so much? Did he have a dragon tattoo, also?
I can't believe I am saying this but the 'Broccoli' people who brought James Bond to the screen could have bought the rights to these novels. would have been much better.

"The worst and corrupt people, my family." -Grandpa-Atrocity still 'squeamish' about rape.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well Brad Bird got his shot at live action and he did not disappoint. But he was not ready for the emotional content he tried to present in the short time to bring this movie to the screen. Animated films have a great deal of post time to fix emotional content. And watch for errors. Live action is just not that way.

Tom Cruise allowed himself to be directed. And it was obvious that characters or actors were allowed to create a good amount of their own emotions. There is a long scene that makes no sense at all. A fake emotional and overly long dialog scene to create human feelings in the story. Not necessary and mostly a waste. And it's not the sex with the hot IMF agent. The villain is not well created but I really did not go for the bad guy.

It's a good time and funny. The IMAX is not necessary but it is not entirely a waste of time.

But I did expect more from Brad Bird and the screenwriter from the Usual Suspects.

"Blue is glue and Red is dead." -'Scotty' helping Tom Cruise.


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Jesus Christ couldn't made a more perfect movie, if he tried! Tony Stark as Sherlock is the greatest casting move this side of the River Thames and my own personal--
"Jesus Christ!" -Hacker friend of Neo's from Matrix One.

Wow! Wow! Double Woe! This movie is being downgraded because our society has become stupid and inbred (Cinema-wise).
We rate the MI4 a 93? But this movie gets a 59?

Please Jesus save me from your "bad movie critics." Atrocity gazes his eyes to the heavens as a kneels in utter respect to this accomplished director. I did not give the director or the DP any credit on the last Holmes movie. Not anymore! Two makes a trend and a trend is all you need to create a Trilogy! The next movie must be called simply..."?" Question Mark.

Watch out, Tony Stark aka RDJr is not done. Now I must gaze upon Iron Man 2 again...maybe I was too harsh?? I would love to see RDjr as a villian is some other movie.

This movie is a 'thinking man's" action film. The Matrix style action works within the CGI slow-mo. David Fincher probably inspired it in the 'modern times' but the Wild Bunch director of many moons ago is the real beginner of the slo-mo as an Art form. Sam Peckinpah!

I can go on and on about this film! Saw it twice already. Too bad the audiences are flocking but the tomato critics are "cold and dank" with hatred of 'high-bar' expectations. Maybe they need to review the first movie because this one mentally eclipses it. When viewing it the second and most recommended time, look for Holmes. He is everywhere. Like a where's Waldo...set in the 19th Century.

"It's so overt it's covert?" -Sherlock 'Stark' Holmes