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Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Its not often I see a movie twice in one week, once in 3D and then last night Imax 3 D. Cameron brings the underwater world to this movie to my absolute delight. Many of the creatures remind me of feather duster worms, found in warm ocean water. Visually exciting and a sensual delight of color and magical forest life. I love the spirituality, seeing how we are connected energetically. Moved by the understanding that all life is sacred, loved the sensitivity and care given to all the forest creatures. Its a magical journey, a sumptuous feast, heart tearing, visually orgasmic, a sci fi fairytale, a lefty political attack on the USA military. hehe. Good one James, bring it on and bring it on big. I loved it, and yes it is the same elated feeling I got after seeing Star Wars.