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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

First off I just want to say RIP to the people who were murdered for no apparent reason just sad to hear that that has happen.

Now for this film... I loved it I have seen it twice now first time I saw it I was gonna give it a 4.5 but after watching it again its a definite 5/5 I have some small problems with the film like litterally 1 or 2 other than that I loved it. I believe that if the tragedy that was Heath ledgers death did not happen then this wouldn't have been the finale but it wraps the series up nicely. I love all the call backs to the over looked Batman Begins and all the great action. To be short everybody in the film was great.Now some spoilers right here about the ending. The ending did what Bruce Wayne wanted to do in begins and that is make batman a symbol of hope, incorruptible and everlasting so Blake taking up the mantle is just perfect ending now Bruce Wayne can live in peace that's the best way to give Bruce Wayne and this series closure .