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Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two(2011)

March 23, 2012

Today, I saw the cover for Happy Feet Two on my Teacher's desk. I remember seeing the original Happy Feet when I was 14 years old, seeing it on the big screen at my local AMC Promenade Theater, and I enjoyed the living hell out of it. And I gotta admit that George Miller is at the helm and he is one of the film's 4 screenwriters. I can also add that some of the voice cast from the original has returned, such as Elijah Wood, Hugo Weaving, Robin Williams, as well as new members, like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, P!nk and Sofia Vergara. And John Powell returns to compose the score, too. I've been through these kind of movies before, so sitting through this one may just be a breeze, and as a sequel to the original, this should be at the very least different. That should be it.

Later, on March 23, 2012

Okay, what the fuck did I just watch? This is more like of a episodic movie than a real movie. What's the point of having a new baby penguin named Erik in place of the original's main character, Mumble? It's altering the original storyline! Also, why did the Mighty Sven appear in the first place? He appears in the movie for no goddamn reason!! And I didn't even see a sliver of story in this sequel. Why do these two orange krill, Will and Bill, pop up from time to time? No goddamn reason! Is there a reason to have the penguins trapped in an iceberg? What?! NO?!!? Yep, this is more like randomness than a real movie told by good storytelling. Mumble has to save a Elephant Seal? Come on, why doesn't this movie have a storyline? Because it's nonexistant, that's why. Oh, and LIVE-ACTION, REAL-LIFE HUMANS appear in this animated film. I AM NOT MAKING IT UP! I really, really, REALLY didn't laugh so much through the first half of the film that I watched. Next week, the attack will continue with the second half of the movie...

March 28, 2012

It's Wednesday and I have to suffer through the last few minutes of this lackluster sequel. Part two of the movie began with the penguins tap-dancing on ice and Will being thrown back into the water. And then, Mumble and Erik have to see the elephant seals ONCE AGAIN...this time, to reunite the trapped penguins. And WHY DOES ERIK START SINGING ALL OF THE SUDDEN?! Does he have a URGE TO LET OUT SOME LYRICS OR SOMETHING?! Afterwards, Mumble, Erik and the elephant seals all join together to save the group of penguins that are trapped. And how do they do that? By doing a rendition of Ice Ice Baby, of course. And Will, Bill and all of the other millions of Krill join in the tap dancing as they fill up all the broken ice to fix the problem. And once the problem is solved, Mumble thanks all of the elephant seals for helping him out. And so, Gloria, Mumble and Erik all huddle together. And that is where the movie ends, everyone. I'm glad this 100-minute piece of random occurences is finally over, but why did I have
to sit through this movie?? There are still many questions left UNANSWERED!! Why did Miller, Eck, Warren Coleman and Livingston all trade in a thoughtful storyline like the one found in the original Happy Feet and in Toy Story 3 for a mash-up of random occurences in order to make a story for the movie? It's like watching a YouTube Poop, only not as fun!! Yes, there is energy in the movie, but it's all bogged down by those f**King worthless occurences that make up the story, which is sadly not here in the sequel! Come on, Miller, you can do much better and much more than this!! YOU WON AN AWARD FOR DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB ON THE ORIGINAL HAPPY FEET, AND YOU DEMOLISHED YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING THOSE AWARDS WITH THE SEQUEL! If you're gonna make another animated film other than the two Happy Feet films, just write a GOOD script this time instead of a messed-up one like the one for the second Happy Feet Film!! GOD!!!!!!!!!! And, is Miller's animated film career going to move on or will it, sadly, be left behind??
Please, for Pete's sake, TELL ME! And if this movie is goin gto stay around much longer, I'll quickly change the channel even before it comes up! GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I'M HAVING A HEADACHE OVER THE MOVIE'S NONSENSE!!! URGH!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! PLEASE! NO MORE!!!

April 6, 2012

Ugh...It's thankfully all over now. But, seriously, Happy Feet Two, although the animation looks great, is a big mess in terms of storytelling. The Box Office returns for the first film is what caused Miller and Co. to greenlight a sequel. Yes, the film is at 100 minutes long, but almost nothing happens. Yes, it's nothing but an episodic movie.

You have the scenes when the iceberg traps the penguins, the part when The Mighty Sven (voice of Hank Azaria) comes in and starts singing, the live-action part when th ehumans come in to rescue th epenguins, Mumble helping out the Beachmaster and all. made me feel empty inside. I felt dead inside after its 100 minutes of its noisily incoherent narrative.

Yes, many children, teens and adults can definatley learn from many movies, but even Happy Feet Two can insult its target audience!! In fact, it gives out a very huge "FUCK YOU" to the young children that watch it. The side story of Will and Bill (voiced by both Matt Damon and Brad Pitt) is impressively animated, but even then, it doesn't make any sense here, also.

Mumble returns as the lead penguin, and is now married to Gloria. Mumble and Gloria's son, Erik, is shy and reserved, and the other penguins tease him when he tries to dance. Erik and his buddies leave the colony in search of adventure and run into Ramon, who simultaneously channels a Rastafarian and a sex addict. Ramon leads the runways to the Mighty Sven, who claims to have been saved by humans and enjoys dispensing nuggets of knowledge to the other birds. Mumble eventually catches up to Erik to bring him home, but a large iceberg breaks free from the ice shelf and traps the rest of the Emperor Penguins in a large canyon.

Don't let my synopysis of the film trick you. Happy Feet Two has no cohesive story to speak of, and instead assaults the viewer with scene after pointless scene of rapping baby penguins, poop geysers and cloying single servings of virtue. Happy Feet Two is a mess, I say! It's not really a movie at all, but a poorly concocted cash grab full of random cutesy images, a ton of characters and pop songs. George Miller was one of three directors on dancing-penguin hit Happy Feet, but takes the reins solo for Happy Feet Two. The opening scene provides a medley of Kidz Bop-quality recreations of various pop songs, including LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" and Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack," which is re-written as "bringing fluffy back." It feels like the filmmakers wanted to assault viewers with as much stimuli as possible. Penguins dance, jump, and swim for your attention during the obnoxious medley, which is only the first of many groan-inducing songs.

The lessons in the film are so trite and their onslaught so pervasive that they completely overwhelm the movie. And, for the voice actors? Happy Feet Two is one of those movies that features so many stars that the voices become distracting. Aside from Wood as Mumble, almost every other voice actor is overly recognizable. From Williams to Azaria and Sofía Vergara, the film is full of recognizable voices. Instead of characters you get these voices, and random celebrities and a nonexistent story do not make a good movie.


I wanted to love Happy Feet Two as much as the original. I really did. If only it had the same type of storytelling as Toy Story 3 had, then it would have been a decent sequel. But I was wrong. Instead, it's unfunny, unfocused and grating. Happy Feet Two is an inferior sequel hell-bent on assaulting viewers with cute, merchandising-ready images and generic life lessons. There is no storyline, the big number of voice actors can get distracting, and those looking for a complex story should move along. There is no reason for paint-by-numbers clunkers like Happy Feet Two to be released when animated movies like Kung Fu Panda 2, Toy Story 3 and The Princess And The Frog exist.

During the last few minutes of Happy Feet Two, I just wanted the commotion and the cacophony to stop. The film flopped hard at the box office, which should send the message that moviegoers are smarter and more branier than the studio anticipated. Happy Feet Two gets a 3.2 out of 100. See why I only gave it a 3.2 and not a lower score? It's because of the excellent animation, the cute penguins and John Powell's score (GOD, I really love his music sometimes). Those are the only three Pros that this movie has. But there are too much cons for this movie, like no story, no plot, too much nonsense and little rewatching value. As it stands out, I don't want to sit through this movie again. The lack of creativity in this movie baffles me -- I can do better by creating original traditional and digital artwork and posting them up to my DeviantART or Furaffinity account. Happy Feet Two is the most annoying animated film from a major movie studio that I have seen in a while right now. Not recommended.