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Jake's Review of Terminator Salvation

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation(2009)

This movie was a huge let down, filled with pathetic throwbacks to the first two films. The throwbacks were meant to try to fool us into thinking that this movie was as good as the original films, epic fail. The director McG made a movie that comes across like a resume for mindless big budget Hollywood films, instead of taking the fans into account. If you grew up with the franchise (as I did) he completely left us out in the cold. The most exciting part of the whole movie was when Alice In Chains's Rooster came on a truck radio. Christian Bale overacted to a new degree of terrible. Not to mention the continuity was off, this movie (outside of some certain names and the appearance of Terminators on screen) barely counts as a Terminator film. All in all, if your a true fan of the franchise you would be better off skipping this one and pretending the franchise ended with T3: Rise of the Machines. Damn you hollywood and McG for perpetuating these mindless films that shovel crap on our favorite stories, for a buck. We demand quality stories, not flashy special effects.