JakeBenedict's Rating of Daybreakers

Jake's Review of Daybreakers

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I was really hoping this movie would rule, hoping it could remind me of Ethan Hawke in Gattaca. As it turns out the movies was barely good enough for me to give it a positive 60%. It starts with a great ides and begins to execute it well but tapers off somewhere toward the end. The whole movie is a Sci-Fi flick with horror undertones, and it ends abruptly. The only scene which contained any fear or anxiety was when there was an intruding party in the apratment. I would have enjoyed seeing the ramifications of the final revelation to the mostly vampiric society. Instead it just seems to dead end and the end credits roll. The directors also managed to make Willem Dafoe come across as a campy redneck with a terrible southern accent, which to me is a hard task, usually Dafoe is an amzing actor. Leaving me to think the directors just had a skewed idea of how he should play the part. I say watch this movie for free on cable.