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It's Complicated
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's complicated sure sums it up!

I went to see this last night with my sister and honestly though I ADORE Meryl Streep I really did not have high expectations for this for some reason. Actually, the reason is probably that I am in my mid 20's and this film just didn't seem targeted towards my age group. Was I ever wrong! We could not stop laughing and honestly it was mostly due to the acting by Alec Baldwin.

The cast was fantastic, great chemistry, hilarious dialogue, and Meryl Streep was her perfectly charming self as always. How refreshing to see a comedy full of adult wit. It was truly a wonderful blend of all the ingredients that make a movie of this kind exceptional. So yeah some of the plot is pretty predictable but who cares! The acting is so brilliant you probably won't even notice unless you are purposely looking for something to be negative about.

For those men out there don't think for one second that it is a "chick flick". There were just as many men roaring with laughter as women and I for one know my own Dad is going to get a real kick out of Alec Baldwin whenever he gets a chance to see this movie. He truly stole the show and I don't think I have ever seen him give a performance this uproarious. The charisma between Meryl and Alec was unmatched and I hope to see more of them together in the future.

So if you are looking for a fun, smart, well written and acted movie to see with friends or family this is definitely one that should be on your list. Divorce, children, affairs, well.... it's all complicated!

The Young Victoria
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I really am a sucker for period pieces that combine a little education along with magical love. Movies and books that take place in the 1800's and 1900's particularly grab me. It is the lavish style, the beautiful spoken word, and perhaps a certain romanticism for how people lived that lure me in.

I have to admit that I don't know nearly enough about history to be able to pick apart the facts, though I will say that from watching this movie I have developed an intense interest in learning much more about Victoria and her 63 year reign as Queen. What I did enjoy about this movie was the fact that instead of focusing on her as an older woman when she had many years already under her belt, I was able to see how it all began. It was clear that although young, she was full of ideas and ideals that would prove valuable. She was a strong woman and I respect that.

The other focus of the movie I particularly enjoyed was the relationship between Victoria and Albert. How refreshing to see a couple that truly loved one another and were not out to cut off each others heads. Imagining the two of them ruling the people together side by side is so sweet to me. Even though it was an arranged marriage, the fact that Victoria would lay out her dead husbands clothes for years after his passing shows what a loyalty and love she had for him. In a time that can be so often portrayed cynical and cold, especially among Kings and Queens, this was invigorating to me.

I would not say that this is a must see movie, but if you are a fan of period pieces and are looking for a sweet romantic film with some great acting, then give this a try.

Boxing Helena
Boxing Helena (1993)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Obviously I am in the minority here on this particular movie. It is bizarre, sick, disturbing, and I like it.

I am pretty sure when I first saw this movie I was much to young to be watching something this dark, but I will never forget how I felt the moment I realized that he had removed her limbs. The moment I realized the sadistic obsession this man had for this woman. I did not realize just how far he really would go to feel that she needed him. It was this reason that I could not turn away. Not because I wanted to see this woman harmed, and not because the film itself was necessarily well put together, but because it was fascinating to be inside the head of someone like Dr. Nick Cavanaugh. He did not want to amputate her for some fetish of his (and believe me there are people out there with a sexual fetish for amputation), it was a way for his mind to gain control over a woman who taunted him. Not only Helena but his Mommy as well.

Even with her limbs removed and completely helpless she still had control over him simply with her words. From a enigmatic stand point this film is interesting to me. Interesting on a lot of levels I most likely do not want to explore too deeply. At the end when I realized it had all been a dream it really makes me wonder what morbid thoughts people truly have, especially when they are pushed to the point of no return.

This movie is not for everyone but I can say with absolute certainty that there is nothing out there like it and that makes it a unique piece of art in it's own way. I only wish that it could have been just simply made better so that the complex psychology could have been more the focus. I believe that was the real "character" of the movie.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I have to admit that a lot of my high rating goes towards the fact that I grew up watching this movie and it is just utter sentimentality and well.... fun!

I can literally remember a time when for about a month straight I watched this movie after school every single night. Oh the dreams I had of being on a t.v dance show, falling in love with the hottest guy around, and of course wearing all that 80's sparkle, leg warmers and all! It's full of cheese from the dialogue to the music, but it really is one of my favorite child hood movies and probably always will be.

It's your classic "teens against parents" story where in the end the parents always realize how totally awesome their kid is. I wonder whatever happened to that hunk that played Jeff Malene....?

"Getting into trouble is easy but getting out of it is all the fun!"