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James' Review of Salt

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Evelyn Salt is my favourite movie spy of the decade, she's better than Bourne and bigger than Bond. Salt fights, shoots and blasts her way onto the screen with extreme force, and there are so many exceptional action scenes to show this, starting with the stealthy CIA escape, then the apartment escape, the jaw dropping highway chase followed by an explosive church assault, a carnage filled car chase, a violent barge shootout, the insanely over the top White House fight and Salt's final attack on the Russian spy facility which is the icing on the fucking cake! This is just non stop and once it's all over you'll be exhausted in the good way, you've just been served proper action alongside a mind blowing story about betrayal, identity and loyalty to country packed with totally convincing cast performances, this is no ordinary spy thriller. Angelina Jolie proves she has the skills and style to lead an action movie, you simply can't go wrong with Salt. Final Score: 97%