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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens(2011)

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde - James Bond, Indiana Jones, Quorra vs. aliens? Hell yes I'm in! This is one hell of a showdown! Cowboys & Aliens is a spectacular action adventure thrill ride, Jon Favreau truly knows how to keep the action flowing. When the aliens first attack the town of Absolution, I got chills, the special effects and action were bloody amazing, 5 minutes of excitement. The cast are just superb, Olivia Wilde is ridiculously hot so I was more focused on her character, and it's great to see Craig play something so different to Bond, and Ford is excellent, a much darker role for him. The story is so fun, mixing western and sci-fi is daring but Cowboys and Aliens works, plus there are some surprising twists. You do also get quite a bit of humour in this, not to make it a comedy but to lighten the mood in preparation for CGI action which blew my mind. To top it all the off, the finale is epic. For about 25 minutes a battlefield of horses, gunfire, lasso's, bloody gore, huge explosions, alien weaponry and a whole tribe of Indian's unleash their forces into one face-off. Ignore all the negative reviews, Cowboys & Aliens blasts onto the screen. This is definitely a contender for the best Sci-Fi of 2011.