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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter(2012)

Vampire Hunter is a stunningly bonkers movie, but hugely entertaining and wild, and it's great that it doesn't take itself too seriously and aims for all out fun and adventure. Benjamin Walker is great to watch as he swings axes chopping up Vampires into pieces with explosive results, and all this is epic 3D! Visually impressive, it looks a lot like Sucker Punch with the slow motion fight sequences which by the way are remarkable, I like to call them slow-mo-woah moments! Surprisingly there are plenty of jumpy moments too with a sinister atmosphere, that usually creeps up when Rufus Sewell appears on screen. Despite some cheesy lines and a totally random premise, this film is really good fun and let's face it, it's not everyday you get to see a historical figure take on blood-thirsty enemies. I wonder what will be next, we've got Abraham Lincoln and Hansel and Gretel, any guesses? Goldilocks: Werewolf Slayer and Barack Obama: Ghost Fighter?