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James' Review of Safe

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This is Statham like never before. He is not Frank the Transporter or Lee Christmas, he is Luke Wright, an ex-cop turned mixed martial arts fighter who is left on the streets with nothing. He is fragile, broken, slowly loosing the plot and on the brink of suicide, and when everything he loves is taken from him he has nothing to live for. This is definitely one of his best performances, bringing out some tough emotional moments in the first act. I love the story and how it brings together and clashes dirty cops, rival gangs and head honchos who are all looking to capture young Mei, played the brilliant Catherine Chan, a seriously smart girl who has memorised the code to the "Safe". Statham and Chan work together superbly, they are two generally well melded together leads. As well as a strong narrative and solid performances, the fight scenes and shootouts are loud, loaded and come in the dozens, meaning there are never any dull moments, just a relentless pace that spans across New York. This is one Statham's best movies in a long time, it's up there with Transporter, and certainly better than Killer Elite and some of his other bad titles.