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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
You're Next

You're Next(2013)

Sharni Vinson is my new movie hero, she is undoubtedly the best horror movie lead since Shauna McDonald's Sarah in The Descent, a true and total tour de force performance with energy and drive. You're Next is utter horror movie perfection, I hail this movie, what a masterpiece in terror. This is hands down the best home invasion movie too, with fine direction from Adam Wingard and smart writing from Simon Barrett. This slasher focuses on one big wealthy family whose kids reunite for their parents anniversary in the new family home. As the evening goes on old tensions rise and arguments start, but the bickering is shattered as they are attacked by a gang of truly ruthless and bloodthirsty attackers wearing animal masks.

As soon as the first bolt is fired panic sets in and the family run amok the house, making it easier for the attackers to hit their targets. The invaders behaviour is very animalistic and brutal which proves great opposition against the the family, but the greatest aspect of the whole film has to be Erin, a girlfriend of one of the sons who is a survival expert and a brilliant killer, she snaps and starts to react to the attack and the results are fantastic. Erin, the main character, who fights back is amazing, she has a whole arsenal of weapons from knives, machetes, nails, anything she finds is used as a way to fight back and the inventive kills in this movie are awesome, from blenders used to sever heads and string traps attached with hammers! The intensity in her face and the determination to survive is what drives the movie. Sharni Vinson is proper Australian talent and one to watch, I hope the future sees great things for her, I'm already a big fan.

Blood spills in the gallons and the brutal gore is something to behold, I was jaw dropped every time violence occurred especially when necks are sliced open which must be a favourite for the writer as throats are slit almost all the time. The camerawork is so tightly focused on the characters face you have no idea what is around them making the suspense unbearable. Horror films cannot just rely on empty jump scares, they need tension and a reason to be there, luckily this slasher offers scares and suspense all the time and all for sheer entertainment, the conventions of horror are perfectly executed.