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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Fun, Fabulous and Ridiculous

This is a film worth paying to see if you were a fan of the cult show. If you're not familiar with the series or shows like 2 broke girls offend you turn away. If you love fashion and seeing horrible people do fabulous things you'll enjoy yourself. The film has cameos from all our favorite people including all the regulars from the series (minus some ex-husbands) + supermodels <3 It was a fantastic goodbye for a great show and I left the theater with a smile on my face.

Suicide Squad

Fun but not very smart

This movie was fun but the gaping plot holes made it hard for me to really enjoy myself. Spoilers?
With the death of Superman, the government is concerned about evil metahumans taking over and decide to enlist the help of some of the greatest villains in captivity. These villains go on missions so dangerous they are classified as suicide missions but the only threat they fight for the entire film is one brought by an escaped villain that was recruited for the suicide squad.

Also the Asian chick has samurai swords, the white chick is a sexy blonde and the black chick in the film is the scariest person in the movie (and the only one not conventionally attractive or young). Will Smith and the actress who plays Harley Quinn take up most of the film. The acting is decent and I love Viola Davis but I'm really sick of these stupid tropes Hollywood. Minus the subtle? racism the film would be 3 stars.


This movie far exceeded my expectations, there were lots of familiar faces and every original ghostbuster made a cameo except for one. Leslie Jones, Kate. and Chris were hilarious. I had a permanent smile on my face the entire movie and Chris's ditzy character Kevin will go down in history for being one of the best dumb blondes ever! I saw this movie on opening night and I know many who saw it simply because of the intense sexist backlash the film recieved. It's probably going to get a sequel and its probably going to get a lot of fake negative reviews. It's a good movie period, the kind you should see with friends in the theature. A tiny screen doesn't do it justice, it's funny and a great reboot that had me and my friends wanting to watch the originals. Do yourself a favor and call yourself over to the movies to see Ghostbusters.

Sleeping Beauty

More sleepy than sensual; this film was as pointless as Lucy's pointy nipples.

Final Destination 5

Perhaps I'm biased because I actually love the franchise but I must say this is one of the better films. The story line was solid, there is a plot twist & the actors are pretty good looking. The best looking cast since Final Destination 1. This movie was similar to the first in that the death scenes weren't very grisly. People still die in a similar fashion but unlike the 2 and 3rd films its not horrific (the last one was just a lot of pink slush). It wasn't as scary as I anticipated but it didn't fail at giving me chills.

The Birth of a Nation

I saw this movie in a cinema class I was the only minority in the class including the absent professor and I found this movie incredibly offensive. It made me cry and I have never had a movie make me cry because of the way it made me feel. I would have walked out but I needed a good grade and the teacher was not present for the viewing of this "film". think it also discredits the KKK who at the time were a legitimate Christian group.
One of the main characters in this film leaps to her death after being emotionally harassed by a black man. The man was not going to rape her and she could have easily gotten away but her disgust towards him and his marriage proposal left her so distraught that she killed herself.
Later when my class discussed this movie everyone said they felt sorry for her and I was dumbfounded. I'm all for women but she was an idiot and just about everyone in this movie is stupid not just the racist depictions of blacks (most are whites in black face).
I'm sure that there must be beautiful scenes, settings and choreography since its on so many movie lists but I was to distracted by the actual story to notice. How a movie this full of hatred and malice was accepted to make it on a list like that is beyond me. I hated this film and believe that I would be equally offended if I werent black since black face alone is so hurtful. It disturbs me that critics who admit the film is racist yet give it a good rating. WTF? I've seen some good silent films and I would never put this on that list but will say it certainly wasnt borring. Apparently its loosely based on facts but I'm not entirely sure and am only going on my memory of when I first saw this 6 years ago. 100% seems weird for a rating when the average audience gives it 3.5% but maybe they are talking about the critics? You couldnt pay me to watch this movie again and I would give it a negative rating if possible. This movie was just mean spirited KKK propaganda.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

How do you make a movie without actors? With dolls silly! This movie is informative and creative. I know it was not intended to be a mean spirited joke but at times I found myself laughing. In the end her story is too great for you to notice the dolls. Its a heartbreaking end and the least heartbreaking way to hear it. A cult classic that everyone should see.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Natalie Portman's performance as a timid perfectionist ballerina is spot on and by far the best thing about this haphazard Polanski knock-off. Black Swan is a difficult movie much like Jacob's Ladder. It is also a study of Madness similar to Repulsion but not nearly as griping. This movie was better than average mostly because of its fantastic ending. It was refreshing to see a film of this depth in a mainstream theater but slighty disappointing.

Leaves of Grass

While Edward Norton's acting is solid its the only decent thing about this movie. Leaves of Grass is unsure of whether its a comedy or a drama and misses the mark on both.

Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon(1975)

Best movie based on the stupidest fictional historical figure since Angel. You will hate this idiotic bloke for his blinding arrogance and stupidity but...
you will empathize
and of course it looks great because the director is GREAT. I think this film gets overlooked and it shouldn't. Better that Clockwork (yeah I said it).

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

Cheesy B rated Horror at its finest. This movie is more T & A than death and gore. Its been a long time since I've seen a B movie and this has inspired me to watch the original 1978 version that you can watch here


Great movie with a movie ending that will probably upset you at first. Please watch the extended movie ending here.

The Killer Inside Me

If senseless violence, bare bottom spanking and Casey aflack voice overs are things you enjoy this movie is sure to please.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This is the most gender friendly action packed film possibly ever. The movie is cute and clever and has the most incredibly cool video game inspired graphics I've ever seen. I think anyone who played video games from the 80's and 90's will appreciate the references made. Scott is fighting for the distant and aloof Ramona. She is the female version of every self deprecating girls dream guy. This makes her a perfect match for conflicted and uncertain Scott. She's not really worth fighting for but is fun to watch fighting. Even with little to go on the acting is awesome! This obviously isn't like a David Lynch film that will inspire endless discussions. This is the perfect end of summer flick to take your friends to. If you like what you see in the trailer then you should watch the movie if you hated the trailer stay at home and spend your $ on batteries for your sex toy loser. jk

Dinner for Schmucks

Tube is the name of a hipster bar in Portland Oregon that I use to frequent on a regular basis. The last time I went I brought my friend Benton and a attractive stranger approached us and asked us to play the cool person game. Apparently we were to pick the coolest person in the bar. Having to rule myself out I decided on this pixie haired punk girl. When I reported this I was informed that we were supposed to pick the biggest loser in the room. At that moment there was a crazy man in his 50's wearing tattered clothes and rambling. I was then informed that he was the coolest person. I felt that the game was cruel, guilty that I agreed and conflicted because I was picked to play. This movie will make you feel the same way I felt at Tube that night. You will also feel unamused because most of the humor is too over the top. There are some good laughs here but overall the subject matter is a bit serious if you want something lol enjoyable. The movie is entertaining, I wouldn't blow $10 on a ticket again but its got a good message and is very creative.


A crucial fact about this film that many have missed is that the main character Carol is not sexually repressed, but rather sexually traumatized. Hints of the sexual abuse are found in the films opening and closing credits (look at the childhood picture). Unfortunately for Carol the everyone around her is obsessed with the one thing she fears intimacy and it is further fueling her insanity. This is Polanski's masterpiece. He did a brilliant job of portraying the mind of a schizophrenic in a way that movies like Julian Donkey Boy weren't. It makes you feel as frightened and confused as the main character while still keeping a straightforward story line. Its sad however that Polanski who is a child molester would make a film about an abused child (all grown up). Perhaps his own disturbing passions lead him to have a greater insight on the characters.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

This movie is based on a true story and one of the most inspirational stories ever. It is also the best lifetime movie Ive ever seen. The actual movie isn't anything extraordinary but the story is so engrossing I had to give it 80. Surprised I was the first to rate this. I recommend it and I'm sure you could watch it online somewhere.


This is a great film. It is realistic in basically every aspect and is about two people finding each other, collaborating and forming a friendship. The music is great (got the soundtrack)and the story is great except most of the movie felt like a music video. There are huge chunks with no dialogue but music playing and montages of a day spent together or someone reminiscing. It didnt feel like a musical more like a movie with two of the main characters singing a lot.

The Karate Kid

The most refreshing thing about this movie is that its not the exact same story for the 1980's. I respect that a new script was written and that this film is set in China. Unfortunately the story doesn't flow as well as the original. Most of the characters lack depth and this kid can only show one emotion throughout the movie. The acting is abysmal. There is a dramatic scene with Jackie Chans character which was so brief and detached I couldn't feel anything but lack of interest. The selling points of this movie are the cool set and some decent action scenes. Its flat and absurdly predictable but still worth watching.. best to save your $10 movie ticket $ on a $5 rental and some snacks.

The Back-up Plan

I have seen ever major rom com this year and sadly this is the best. The acting is mediocre, but the characters are somewhat likable and have realistic reactions. If your a jo lo fan you wont be disappointed in her lack of acting ability. i recommend this movie to those who like romantic comedy's in general. Try to ignore the lack of chemistry between all cast members and Alex O louglins awkwardness and just focus on his sexy, sexy body. Ladies dont drag your man to this film unless you intend to repay him with hours of apology fellatio because he will be really pissed if you bring him to this.

Some Kind of Wonderful

This is another 80s movie about popular teens and outcasts, a tomboy and a love triangle. The characters in this movie are more likable than most stereotypical teen cliches and the fashion doesnt hurt your eyes. The main character is also an idiot who doesn't realize that he's chasing the wrong girl. The best friend in this movie is also an idiot, but she is blond :P
The main characters actions are somewhat creppy but there is an innocence behind them that made my heart melt. The movie plays out just like you expected except it takes a long time to come to a conclusion and when it does it happens to fast.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

From what I can tell this movie was pretty acurate, but it doesn't really matter. This guy inspired Leatherface and Norman Bates. Serial Killer movies are the only ones to effectively scare me and this left me up all night. He killed 3 people, but the things he did to corpses is so sadistic....
The acting is amazing and the story is great from the beginning. The only inaccurate parts I could find were the cleanliness of the movie home, some items from the future and some horrific things missing. I will note that I unfortunately saw the real crime scene photos (on accident) of his last victim and thats what kept me up all night. The movie did an immaculate job of showcasing the crime scene. If you have to watch 1 serial killer movie in your life it should be this one.

Up in the Air

I just finished the movie and although it left a melancholy taste in my mouth I enjoyed the ride thoroughly.

Facing the Giants

This is yet another feel good sports movie about a failing football team that improves drastically over the course of the season. What sets this movie apart from other films is its emphasis on the personal life of the coach Grant Taylor. Shannen Fields plays Brooke Taylor and is honestly the worst acting I have ever seen in my life but I would recommend this movie to any Christian who wanted to see something moving and inspirational.

The Orphanage

This movie is more about suspense than horrpr which makes it seem more like a thriller. With that said the story is moving and better than most traditional horror films. The R rating seems unnecessary A 13 y/o could watch this because it lacks horrific images.

Fish Tank
Fish Tank(2010)

This movie is awkward and somewhat dull. If you liked the brown bunny then you should like this one. Its nothing more than a modern day Lolita except this time Lolita has a conscious and a desire to dance.

Year of the Dog

In real life everybody falls into a category and weather we like it or not we are all labeled. Hipster, over achiever, slacker etc, etc. Characters are the same way for example love-able fat guy, nerdy but secretly hot girl and of course the middle aged, single, loner female. In most cases these characters act exactly the same way and do exactly the same things but thats in stories. In real life we are very much aware that our labels don't define us the over achiever can so easily be the speed addict junkie. The main character in this movie evolves in a way that only real humans do. She doesn't get a makeover, win the lottery, fall in love, join a cult or go on vacation to find herself. If you like movies like eagle vs shark, juno and 500 days of summer you should like this movie.

No Impact Man: The Documentary

The best documentary I seen in a long time. most eco conscious documentary's tend to be highly informative yet somewhat sterile. this documentary doesn't educate very much but is more about the relationship between no impact man and his wife, its not romantic or bitter but very normal. For the most part the family slowly puts the project into action over the course of a year. The more extreme things like shutting off the electricity doesn't happen until 6 months. I enjoyed the benefit of watching someone live a theory instead of simply discussing it in technical terms. I wanted to know more about the details of the project but couldn't easily find the information on the blog. Maybe I will have to get the book and if its anywhere as good as the movie I have no problem doing that.


This is certainly better than average but no comparison to Sean of the Dead. I was surprised at the lack of action sequences in this movie but it was still entertaining. Great cameo from Bill Murray.

Mighty Boosh - The Complete Season 2

This stupid show is quirky, imaginative and visually astonishing. Now people are comparing The Mighty Boosh to Flight of the Concords. Both shows are about 2 European boys who are musicians. The only difference is that the concords are hipsters and the boosh boys are sailors from the future. If you think the concords lacks puppetry and bizarreness this is your show. Also keep in mind that the concords came a little after boosh. If these shows were drugs the mighty boosh would be acid, xtc and mushrooms while flight of the Concords would be Oxycontin, xtc and marijuana. See the difference? If you like random absurdity you will be greatly pleased at this unique show and this is the best season so far (might add one more).

The Brown Bunny

this movie wasn't all that bad as far as story but it should have been 20 minutes long and part of another movie. A movie like Go with different stories that all connect, this would have worked well for that.


Vincent Gallo is driving away from something, lots of driving and pretty pictures of the highway and sky. He is an emotional wreck he cries a lot. He picks up a whore and buys her lunch but doesn't want to have sex with her. then he drives to a hotel where chloe his girlfriend is waiting and they have oral sex, its not very sexy but just really weird and tmi. then vince pushes chloe and calls her a whore and she reminds him that she id dead and she died at a party because these guys raped and drugged her when he left. then she disappears and he breaks down. See reading this was more entertaining than watching the movie because if you actually watched the movie it would have taken you like 92 minutes to find this out and 80 of those minutes are just driving scenes. silent not pretty enough to be cool background driving scenes. your welcome.


I hate how the media focused on the sexual aspects of this film, this movie is about love not sex. Its an unconventional love story that is truly unconventional. More mentally shocking than sexually stimulating, this is the love story for the unconventional but more dramatic than date material.

Little Miss Sunshine

This is the smartest and most hilarious comedy I have seen in the last decade. One of the reasons this film works is its innovative nature, unlike most comedys that star two single men this film stars a little girl. The cliche comedy staples (fight at bar, topless girls, vomiting) are absent but its better that way.

He's Just Not That Into You

I read the book years ago, very good self help book for ladies who want to have better decoding skills. The movie much like Fast Food Nation has little to do with the book which works cus I wouldn't have read it. Basically you will see a bunch of movie cliches but with a twist
the behavior of the characters here is a little more realistic than in most romantic scenarios. This is a chick flick to watch with your gay friends and girlfriends but not your boyfriend. While there are some happy moments here its little more than a reminder that love sucks.


Obviously this is a really bad movie but what do you expect when the trailer shows the main characters spitting in a customers food? This movie is mildly entertaining so if you have nothing better to do this will alleviate your boredom. It stars Ryan Renolyds, Anna Farris the dude from Drag me To Hell. The acting is decent even if the writing is stale. The dvd saves the best for last so check out that mad rap and word to your mother

Valley Girl
Valley Girl(1983)

This was the first smart teen romance movie and is worth watching because

Nicolas Cage is so very young and cute
the wardrobes are awe inspiring
great music

Other than that the film is full of steryptypical teenage behavior.
The plot

Shes a valley girl and hes a punk; Will this romance work?

You know what will happen so watch it if you like girly movies. You will love this if you liked Clueless.

The Breakfast Club

No little ol ladies with tea but there is a spoiled brat in pearls. This movie is entertaining and might have been innovative upon its release but is nothing special now. I didn't get to know any of my stereotypical teen cliche characters for they spent most of that screen time pouting. if we reshoot heathers and make it so that all of these kids are killed then it would be a better movie.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

There are few truths in life
1. You will die
2. I'm awesome
3. Citizen Kane is the best film ever made EVER!!!

With all of the advancements today in special effects and sex appeal nothing has EVER come close to this movie.

The film pulls the viewer in right away with an intriguing introduction to Kane. Although you spend most of the time in flashback sequences (stay present) it isn't pretentious or dull. Its not funny or familiar either. This movie is like the teacher who was hard on you and pushed you to be a greater person. Seeing this movie altered my perception of what art could achieve, then again Wells was a master of evoking emotions from people (radio aghhhh) so I shouldn't be shocked.

This movie is appropriate for anyone who can have an intelligent conversation with you and will not offend prudish people. Basically its a great movie to show your racist mother in law if she hasn't already seen it.

I have only given 2 movies 100% and I don't plan to give any more anytime soon. It saddens me that this is the most recent of the pair.


I saw this movie once back in 2004 or 2005, my roommates had rented it and gotta say it was one of the best nights I ever spent with those stupid pricks. I am sure that I wouldn't like it as much if I saw it again but it left me in stitches, it was sexy, gross and family friendly the 3 necessary ingredients for making a funny movie. Truth be told I never laughed so much in my life.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Like most sequals this one sucks, there are no burgers! The star of the first movie is white Castle so I want to see him. It was unique and had a totally different premise but I wish it had take location in Amsterdam. The biggest fault is they try to make Bush seem cool. There is a happy ending but before that we lose an important character. If you refrain from watching you wont get your heart broken


Jonah Hill and Micheal Cera in sleeping bags is so smokin hot!!! This movie is better than porno, you will see many 2D
penises, girls in bras and boy in there bloomers. This movie was able to succeed without succumbing to the knarly high school cliches

1. teenage rebellion
2. lying to teachers
3. nudity

it uses most of the cliches but because it didnt use em all it gets brownie points. It added cops which I have never seen before. My BFF and I saw this when it first came out. I am a massive Micheal Cera fan (still I refuse to watch Year One) and I wanted to see his 1st big score. It is a lighthearted gem with lots of laughs. If I ever go Puma Lite I will take my 18 year old boyfriend to see this :)

The Invention of Lying

This movie is a romantic comedy staring some white chick and some British black guy. The lead character played by Ricky Gervais (my favorite funny man). He alone makes this movie worth watching. I don't know why Jennifer Garner was cast as the love interest, shes not convincing and she looks kinda like she could be his cousin (keep it in the family question mark). The movie is funny and the first 20 minutes were highly entertaining but Jens characters behavior was odd and annoying. Her birthday present idea is a great example! If not for the annoying little romance thing this movie would have been more tolerable and funny. If not for ricky the movie would have been as epic as Leap Year. Jonah Hill has a nice supporting roll but would have been better cast by someone else, I wanted him to be funny and sadly it was impossible. Worth watching but not owning.

I Heart Huckabees

The most intelligent and odd movie of 2004. If you liked Election but want something completely different then this movie is something you may or may not enjoy.

500 Days of Summer

While it is often said all romantic comedy's are alike its not an absolute truth and here lies one of the few exceptions. Commercials hyped up the dance scenes but you will rarely see dancing, the movie is like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind but not as good. This is a hip movie staring attractive hipsters and should be watched only by attractive hipsters. Not exactly a date movie but not your typical chick flick either. Blokes wont mind seeing this.

The Stepford Wives

The script would have carried itself but thanks to Katharine Ross the movie soared like a plastic bag floating in the wind. 2 reasons this movie gets 90 and not 100

1. Ira Levin
she wrote this and Rosemarys baby
both great movies but very anti man, sexist people SUCK!

2. Notice how all the women were strong minded, confident and kinda bitchy? There is a double standard that a women cant act like Lisa Simpson but also enjoy the same things that Jessica Simpson likes
makeup, tight sexy clothes, GIRLY things

implies no women really are that vainglorious and eager to please and some of my very close friends are mail order brides and pods from the 1950s.

This movie was so creepy that I had difficulty sleeping that night and I was very much sober.. Impressive!

Meeting People Is Easy

It was entertaining but did not give me the complete details I wanted regarding my FAV band. It could have been personal but instead it showed the usual crap like clips from tours and some shots from the hotel suite. Pavement said that when they toured with Radiohead the band mates were really interested in hanging out with them. Stephen Malkmus said they seemed lonely. According to my musician friends touring is lonely but its hard to imagine Ed O Brian was ever lonely with that smokin bod. Considering this is a rock group that reported to turn down really hot groupies due to doubts of their hygiene I am not surprised. Anyway like most band movies this really should be left for the fans

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

Jack Nicholson made this movie work with fine acting and downright scariness. Shelly Duval shouldnt have been his wife, I found her performance unbelivable, she always looked frightned even before she had reason to suspect anything suspicious. The visuals are seamless but I couldn't help but worry about the hotel, it was bleeding but no medical assistance was provided. I must be the only person in America to not be afraid of this movie but oh well
Please watch the special trailer here


You have to be brilliant in order to make a perverted man dating a jailbait teen funny (woody allen) but here it is. This movie is also really cool to look at and think about. I love cherry pie too! The ending sucked, it was like getting a 50% promotion from work and a paid 2 weeks vacation just to find out upon returning that the company went Bankrupt.

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

This is not a movie for children! During certain moments it is coarse and gritty but overwhelmingly endearing. For the entirety of the film you are learning about the main characters, there are no dull parts and little silence, most of the characters are remembrance. The movie is cleaver and nice to look at. If your open minded and like...
claymation and
getting teary eyed at movies

then Mary and Max are for you

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I just wrote a review and due to a pc glitch it was lost forever so to cliff note it
Great Visuals (given)
Wonderful acting
non annoying musical numbers
light core gore
fun for everybody!!!

Paranormal Activity

This movie was full of a few of my favorite things
low budget
new faces
few settings
wonderful and creAtive plot

sad thing is there was so much hype and I had high expectations but felt really bored throughout it. Those audience members in the commercials were wimps. It didn't scare me at all. I should add that I thought The Shining was BORING and the exorcist failed to make me cry. The original stepford wives however made it hard for me to sleep. Maybe I am a feminist and I don't scare easily to conventional methods.

Lars and the Real Girl

I waited in anticipation for ages to wait for this movie to be released and when I finally came out of the coma I was delighted to watch it. Sexy hot Ryan Gosling looked less sexy and hot but it was still fin to watch because of the believable performance. This was a surprisingly Christian friendly (GO Jesus) movie that would be appropriate for any mature kid over age 11. Its heartwarming and predicable although completely unbelievable (that service at the end would have cost thousands of dollars. Overall its a cute movie worth a watch upon waking up from a comatose state.


This movie is the best movie ever for the following activities
1. Punishing you children (thats what I plan to use it for)
2. showing at the national serial killer convention
*Glitter is getting old as we play it every year
3. Aid for girls with eating disorders because it will cause vomiting

Actually this movie is great for those who want to see exactly what there tolerance level is. The title is relevant if you can watch the movie without cringing you are the antichrist.

Gone With the Wind

How did 3% of viewers not like this movie? Where are they? I am truly concerned that they aren't getting the medical attention they need. In a nutshell YOUR A NUT if you don't like this lighthearted relic of a romantic comedy. A dress made out of curtains was funny then and it was still funny when Erika Badu did it in 97

That Obscure Object of Desire

This movie will anger you to the point that you turn into Rush Limbass. You will yell at the screen and watch all sense of reason evoporate. The acting is Oscar worthy. I checked this out years ago because I judged the dvd by its cover which I later discovered had a nipple present. Remember you cant go wrong when the nipple shows up before you even begin the movie!

World's Greatest Dad

I went into the place not knowing what to expect. I didnt know that Mr Williams was the star and assumed by the chessy title I was in for something like Home Improvement. I was delightfully surprised to discover that not only was this a dark comedy it was full of hot naked dudes.. sadly not really but it is full of complex characters including a foul mouthed little demon that made even me cringe. I would have given it an 87 but I lack the magical powers to do so :(

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

Aside from the somewhat annoying fantasy sequences and the out of place drop animation this movie was perfect. Lee Pace had me in tears throughout the film and just about every frame was begging to be put in a picture and hung in my living room.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie is purely for horrific entertainment. Most scary movies try to make you squirm but this movie wants to entertain you and that makes it the perfect gore film for a scary film virgin. The kill scenes are so creative and often filled with Freddys carefree humor you will find it hard to be afraid. For years I avoided watching graphic horror films because of this one here. I was 1 when this movie came out which means I was a young child when the sequels started to pour in. Children at my elementary school sang Freddie songs to scare wimps like me. I had dreadful nightmares but knew one day I would concur my fears. I went to blockbuster one night and rented the first 4 movies and stayed up til 3 watching them. Cant say that I was afraid or disappointed. Freddy is beyond evil but unlike all the other evil characters I can think of he is funny and imaginative. Those kids are very boring and we don't see anyone put up a real fight until the dream child. With that said this movie has one of the best horror movie endings ever.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Oh Precious I really wanted to enjoy spending time with you but I didn't. This movie started off really great but didn't seem to take off as far as character development. The acting was top notch but the movie had holes in it. It felt like it was adapted from a book. Precious looks in the mirror and sees herself as a skinny blond haired girl in one scene and has a fantasy sequence or two in the beginning and then the movie changes directions completely and I no longer feel that I know what Precious is going through. Too much happened and not enough detail some things should have been left out like that monologue from Precious mom.

The House of the Devil

I really loved this film for the first 25 minutes but after that it was simply a classic horror cliche with an even worse story line. First never babysit for someone when you never meet the person you are to be watching especially when they are self sufficient. It was really boring and when the frighting parts finally came I didn't care. The ending was just as mediocre as the rest. The film succeeds with great cinematography, great costumes and decent acting. If I could take back those 95 minutes I would.

Jacob's Ladder

This movie is like that annoying friend that you keep around because you know they have potential to be great. If your patient you will be greatly rewarded.