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How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People(2008)

Wow...what a waste of time. When this movie hit the theater's I had wanted to see it but I missed it during it's run. I'm glad that I didn't pay to see this one....

The movie follows independent journalist Sidney Young (Simon Pegg) as he leaves his small English based paper for a larger magazine run by Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges). He is assigned to work with Alison Olsen (Kirsten Dunst) on a gossip column. He quickly meets up and coming starlet Sophie Maes (Megan Fox) who is managed by Eleanor Johnson (Gillian Anderson) and quickly determines that he wants to "sleep with her". Sidney starts off his career thinking with the magazine thinking that he will do things his way and eventually learns that he has to "play by the rules" to advance, does so effectively and eventually enters the inner circle of the showbiz elite. Along the way, his relationship with Alison is on again/off again as she is having an affair with the gossip columns head writer Lawrence Maddox (Danny Huston). Yep, this movie is a mess and I will bore you no longer with the details.

Now, I normally really like Simon Pegg and thought this his roles in Shawn Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc were brillant, but in this film, he plays the bumbling Englishman that is completely out of his element and relies heavily on stupid pratt falls and just plain dumb humor.

The movies just doesn't seem to go anyplace with cobbled together storyline that doesn't seem to want to fit together.

Jeff Bridges is nowhere to be found in this film and looks like his is walking thru it just for the sake of a paycheck.

Gillian Anderson (loved her as Scully in the X-Files) looks very old and tired and is miscast as an agent for the up and coming starlet. Yuck....

Megan Fox is OK as the ditzy up and coming starlet but the role probably wasn't much of a stretch for her as this is who she probably really is.

The editing was bad as you could plainly see in several cases that there were lips moving but nothing coming out of their the actors mouth's. Just bad stringing together of different shots.

Some brief nudity that involved a transvestite that strips for one of the column writers.

Lot's of good cameo's from parts of Hollywood thru the movie. Some of these were fun.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Lot's of good looking women thru this movie as background "stuff". Megan Fox is probably one of the hottest gals in film today but she really doesn't showcase herself too well in this movie with the exception of a good scene with her in a black bra and panty outfit. Oh, and what the hell happened to Gillain Anderson. She was once a real looker for this X-Files fan.

So...2 out of 10...and the only reason it got 2 was because of Megan Fox and her scenes. I would suggest you skip it....