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Funny People

Funny People(2009)

Didn't have anything to do last night and saw that Funny People was on. My wife and I thought it might be a good flick after seeing the trailers when in the theater so figured what the heck...

Funny People tells the story of George Simmons (Adam Sandler) who is a successful comedian with many film's to his credit (we get to see bits and pieces of many of them). He seems to have it all, the big house, money, fame, material possessions, etc... George learns that he is ill with "ALS" (is this a real disease?) and has a slim chance of survival. He undertakes expermental treatment in an attempt to beat ALS and decides to return to standup comedy. He also realizes that many of his friends are just "Hollywood" friends, not real friends.

Ira is an under achieving wanna be comedian that is working behind a deli counter and sleeping on the couch at Mark's (Jason Schwartzman)house. Mark is a successful actor with a television show. Oh...and Leo (Jonah Hill) is also living at Mark's house and he is also a wanna be standup comic.

George see's Ira and Leo's standup act at a comedy club. George calls Ira and asks if he and Leo would like to help write jokes for an upcoming gig at Myspace that he has. Ira doesn't share this news with Leo and enters a relationship with George that has him writing jokes and performing the duties of an assistant. This relationship develops into a "real" friendship.

Also going on in the story line is a thread that has George regreting screwing up his relationship with his ex-fiancee Laura (Leslie Mann) that is now married with children.

Oh...and Leo finally finds out that George called and asked both him and Ira to help write jokes for him and Leo is now mad at Ira...

Oh..Oh...and there is this plot line that has Ira lusting after the new girl comedian Daisy (Aubrey Plaza). Mark gives Ira 10 days to "get with" Daisy before he is going to move in on her and score...and you can probably figure out by now that Ira doesn't make the move and Ira ends up getting Daisy.

In between all of this, you have George seeing and visiting with all of his Hollywood "friends". These range from Ray Ramano to Andy Dick...from Paul Reiser to Eminem...Oh, and did I mention that James Taylor even makes an appearance in this flick?

Oh...Oh...Oh....and in the end, George ends up beating ALS and gets back together with his old flame and patches up his relationship with his parents and family.

Overall, I think that this movie was nothing more then a ego trip for Adam Sandler...a movie where he called in all of the favors he was owed by his Hollywood friends and asked them to play a cameo role for him in the movie.

The movie was about 40 minutes too long (about 2.5 hour running time) and parts of it were very slow. The movie went down way too many plot lines that really just made the movie too long. The movie is not a comedy through out the film, with a couple of fairly down moments with George dealing with his illness.

Adam Sandler basically walks thru the film making funny voices and sounds and too many jokes about the size of Ira's "unit". I have never really been much of a fan of Adam Sandler's and this movie didn't change anything for me.

Normally I do like Seth Rogan but he really didn't deliver in this film. He seemed to be over acting a little bit (IMHO).

I thought that Jason Schwartzman did a nice job with the few lines he was able to deliver. Aubrey Plaza also was a standout as an independent, up and coming comic.

There was some good music in the sound track, specifically Warren Zevon's "Keep Me In Your Heart", a beautiful song about being remembered after you are dead..and if you know anything about Warren Zevon or are a fan, the song is even more touching. Other acts such as Wilco are featured as well.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Aubrey Plaza was a super cute girl that I would love to see more of...really hot...Leslie Mann does a nice little hip shake routine when trying on a pair of jeans that George has kept...Nice moves...And there is a quick scene where Nydia McFadden is topless having sex with Adam Sandlers character.

So....2 out of 10...a pretty bad movie that showed most of the funny parts in the trailer. Wasn't an Adam Sandler fan going into it and I'm not a fan after watching it. I would suggest skipping it.