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The Devil Inside

I have to say that I was really looking forward to this movie. I had hoped that it would be a good horror movie to start 2012 with. Well, this one missed the mark with me.

20 Something Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade) travels to Vatican City in Italy to visit with her mother, Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) who was found not guilty of the murder of three victims and was sent to an asylum for the criminally insane in Rome. Turns out, Isabella's mother killed the three people during an exorcisim in which she was the subject (ohhhh...spooky). While in Rome, Isabella with her camera man Michael(Ionut Grama)...Oh sorry...did I mention that she was making a documentary of this. They visit her mother at the asylum but her mother does not remember her but knows that she ended a pregnancy, speaks in funny languages and cuts herself. Yep, you can guess it, she must be possesed.

Isabella meets two young priests at an exorcisim class that the Vatican sponsers (sounds like fun, I must just drop in on one of these next time I'm in the area). These two priests, David (Evan Helmuth) and Ben (Simon Quarterman) it turns out are performing exorcisims for people that the Vatican will not. Isabella wants to learn more about exercisims so attends an exorcisim that David and Ben are performing for Rosa (Bonnie Morgan), a young girl that is possesed. Well the exorcicim of Rosa goes a bit off the tracks but in the end, David and Ben vanquish the demons. With this under her belt, Isabella decides that she must convince David and Ben to help with her obviously possesed mother.

At about this point in the movie, things actually start to pick up...They decide to perform an exorcism on Isabella's mother, a priest tries to kill a baby during a baptism and eventually shoots himself in the head, demon jumps to Isabella's body, she goes to the hospital and she inflicts all sorts of pain on the hospital staff. Those still alive take Isabella out of the hospital and suffer one of the worst endings to a movie...ever...

Yep, not a big fan of this flick. I'm am getting a bit tired of the "lost footage/documentary" type horror films. Yeah, I knew it was that type of film going in but I went anyway. The story was pretty thin and really led the way for you, not leaving you to do too much thinking on your own.

The acting was OK, nothing too good or bad. May some better direction would have helped this cast. Actually, I was not really familar with anyone in this film so I was hopeful that someone would shine. That said, I don't believe that there is anyone that will go on to be a major draw at the box office in this film.

There was also some back story about Ben's uncle who was an exorcist that the film introduced but never developed.

There were a couple of scenes that made me jump, one was a pretty cheap scare but there was enough suspense to keep you waiting on the edge of your seat at times.

Positives...the special effects were really pretty good. The scenes during the exorcisims were well done and the controtionist that they got to play Rosa got herself all twisted up in a knot. The background of Rome was nice with the architecture and all but these things really couldn't save the film.

Fernanda Andrade playing Isabella is a pretty cute girl but she never really gets an opportunity to show us. Bonnie Morgan playing Rosa was hot in a creepy way during her exorcism, but again, not enough to really get a good look at her.

So, 4 out of 10. Not a complete waste of time but certainly not worth paying the price of admission to see in the theater. Wait and catch it on DVD when it becomes available.


Beauty and the Beast

Got an opportunity to see a sneak peak of this Disney treasure in 3D this morning, almost a week before it is released.

Won't go into the story and stuff as you should all know it by now and if you don't, shame on you, go see it this time around.

What's to be said about the movie? Well, I was a little worried about the 3D aspect of the film. I mean, what could they really do with a animated, hand drawn film with 3D? Much to my surprise, the 3D really did look good through the film. They did not resort to re-drawing anything to have it jump out and scare you, but instead just let images in the foreground stand out in front of images in the back ground. The picture was very clear and bright and just like most of the current 3D offerings, the 3D technology was outstanding.

The theater was filled to capacity with both adults revisiting their younger days as well as young parents with their kids, introducing them to some of the best that Disney has to offer. There were moments in the theater that kids and adults were signing along with portions of the sound track. Go know you want to!

So, is it worth the price of admission to see a animated film that was released over 20 years ago on the big screen. Absolutely!

Do yourself a favor and gather the kids (or borrow some if you have none) and go see this one.

So...9 out of 10 for me. Go see this one while it is on the big screen.

Red Riding Hood

First and foremost, it is not the same Little Red Riding Hood that you all remember from your childhood. This is a retelling of the story that had tremendous potential that never quite lived up to what it could have been.

This version of Red Riding Hood has Amanda Seyfried playing Valerie (Red Riding Hood), living in a far off village that is plagued by the threat of the Big Bad Wolf that returns each full moon to claim the villages sacrifice of their best livestock.

Valerie is in love with her childhood friend, who has grown up to be a woodsmen, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) but her parents have arranged for her to marry Henry (Max Irons) who is from a wealthy family. Valerie's sister (who actually does love Henry) finds out of the pending marriage, she is led out to a field during a full moon by a letter she thinks is from Henry and is killed by the Wolf (there is a reason for this but I won't spoil the movie for you). The killing of Valerie's sister spawns the village to set out to kill the Wolf. During the expedition to kill the Wolf, Henry's father is killed. The villagers return from their hunt thinking that they were successful, returning with the head of a common grey wolf.

Solomon (Gary Oldman), a holy man, arrives in the village at the request of Father Auguste (Lukas Haas) to help rid them of their Wolf problem. Solomon explains that he also once fought off a Wolf in his town that turned out to be his wife. Whatever. The movie goes on and on from there...for about hour and forty minutes.I won't spoil the movie for you here. Go ahead and see if it you want to know what happens next.

Amanda Seyfried really fit into the role of Red Riding Hood. She just sort of had that look, with her big doe eyes and long blond hair. But that was about the best of the acting. The rest of the cast was dreadful! What happened to you Gary Oldman (I loved you in The Fifth Element)? Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons has Valeries love interests were completely boring.

Now, this film had a lot of potential for me. I really like this kind of film, the retelling of a story with a different twist. Thought it might have a bit of blood and guts with some good special effects. Nope! Oh...and not to mention that fact that two of my favorites were in it. Amanda Seyfried one of my current favorites and just plain sexy and very easy on the eyes along with a girl from my 80's/90's past, Virginia Madsen (as Valeries Mother). Even these two couldn't save it for me.

Oh...and what the heck was with the dance scene in the middle of the movie as the village turns out to celebrate what they thought was the killing of the wolf. Completely unnecessary and overall out of place. Again, whatever...

Solomon's arrival in town was also almost laughable. He arrives in a carriage with his two children (who's mother he killed) and their nanny, with armed guards (looks like they tried to please the diversity crowd with these guys) trailed by a guy riding on top of a steel elephant (built by the Romans) pulled by horses. It plays a role in the story a little later but it just seemed silly and out of place. Oh...and what was with the guard that held the crossbow on the villagers the entire time? Solomon arrived in the village because he was asked to be there. Oh, and Soloman brought along a great prop to explain the "Blood Moon". Whatever...

Then you have the "silly" references with names and sayings. For example, Valerie's love in the movie is Peter (think Peter and the Wolf). You have the comical Three Little Pigs during the dance scene (I'll huff and puff and blow your house down). And then you have the dream sequence where Valerie wakes up in bed with her grandmother and utters (What big eyes you have...what big ears you have...what big teeth you have). Funny that you have Amanda Seyfried saying "What big eye's you have" to anyone (not picking on her as I love her look, especially her eye's).

The good? The costuming was good. It was visually a very pretty movie. It was filmed well and the locations were stunning. Yep, I think that is about all that I can come up with.

The dialog was bad. The acting (outside of Seyfried) was bad. The soundtrack was bad...yep, a bad movie.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Amanda Seyfried is an absolute knockout and walks thru this movie is a long frock for most of it. Some potential during a roll in the hay with Peter but nothing every really comes of it. If you want to see much more of Amanda, check out Chloe (a great movie IMHO!). Some of the other village girls are pretty hot too, specifically Kacey Rohl (playing Prudence) and Carmen Lavigne (playing Rose). A bit of "dirty dancing" during the dance scene.

So...3 out of 10 for me...A pretty bad movie that was I give a 3 to only because Amanda Seyfried walked thru it for almost 2 hours. Not a complete waste of time but I think I should have seen Battle: Los Angeles. Nothing in Red Riding Hood that needs to be seen on the big screen. Skip it until it arrives on DVD.

Have fun!

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

Big Fan tells the story of Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt) who is a "big fan" of the New York Football Giants.

Paul, a parking garage attendant, is nearing middle age, living at home with his elderly mother and in the shadow of his successful lawyer brother Jeff. He doesn't appear to have much going for him but he does have his Giants.

Paul's mom (Marcia Jean Kurtz) is wildly happy about the sucess of her lawyer son Jeff who is on his second marriage to his attractive secretary Gina (Serafina Fiore). She is very disappointed with Paul who she says never dates anyone but his own hand (very funny scene between the two of them).

The only bright spot for Paul is his nightly calls to a sports talk station where he spars with Philadelphia Phil (Michael Rapaport), a Philadelphia Eagles fan that keeps ragging on the Giants and predicts that the Eagles will overtake the Giants in the standings.

Paul and his friend Sal (Kevin Corrigan) attend all of the Giants home games, but not in the stadium, instead in the parking lot of the Meadowlands watching on a TV run by his car.

While out one night, Paul and Sal happen to cross paths with Paul's favorite player, Quantrell Bishop (Jonathan Hamm) and decided to follow him and his friends. Their following ends up taking them into New York City where it would appear that Quantrell's friends take part in a drug purchase. They continue to follow Quantrell to topless bar where they finally get up the nerve to approach Quantrell and his friends. Paul and Sal explain that they had been following them and Quantrell realizes that they may have seen the drug deal take place. This infuriates Quantrell who proceeds to beat Paul very badly.

Paul wakes up in the hospital several days later to find out that his Giants had lost that weekend and that Quantrell has been benched pending the investigation of the beating.

Paul gets out of the hospital and we follow him on a several week downward spiral where he continues to pull for his Giants while fighting in his own head about what his favorite player did to him. He also continues to call into the sports talk show and battles it out with Philadelphia Phil who gets more and more pointed as the Giants continue to lose and the Eagles continue to win. This all comes to a head when Philadelphia Phil reveals that Paul is actually the man that Quantrell beat and that he has filed a lawsuit against him. The lawsuit is news to Paul as his brother filed it on his behalf.

Well, that give away most of the movie but I will not spoil the excellent ending where I felt is was going to go one way but instead went a completely different direction. Very well done in my opinion.

Patton Oswalt was very well cast as Paul who is losing all that he lives for with the loses that his Giants are facing due to the man that beat him being suspended. While I have not seen him in anything else, I would certainly look for him in future roles and watch for him.

Marcia Jean Kurtz was also good as Paul's mom. Some very funny scenes take place between Paul and his mom. Of note, the conversation about the collection of Chinese food sauce packets, his inability to date anyone and Paul's feelings about his brothers second marriage. All good fun!

The film is filmed in a very grainy, low budget fashion which really helped move the story from a upbeat, big fan type film to the unraveling of life.

The sound track was well placed as well, really adding to what was happening on the screen at the moment.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Not much here except Serafina Fiore and her GIANT breasts. Yes...GIANT. She appears in this as the typical Jersey princess.

So...8 out of 10 for me...Good movie with a great ending. It is a shame that this film wasn't a bit better promoted as I think that there is a larger audience out there for it.

Have fun!!!

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

Didn't have anything to do last night and saw that Funny People was on. My wife and I thought it might be a good flick after seeing the trailers when in the theater so figured what the heck...

Funny People tells the story of George Simmons (Adam Sandler) who is a successful comedian with many film's to his credit (we get to see bits and pieces of many of them). He seems to have it all, the big house, money, fame, material possessions, etc... George learns that he is ill with "ALS" (is this a real disease?) and has a slim chance of survival. He undertakes expermental treatment in an attempt to beat ALS and decides to return to standup comedy. He also realizes that many of his friends are just "Hollywood" friends, not real friends.

Ira is an under achieving wanna be comedian that is working behind a deli counter and sleeping on the couch at Mark's (Jason Schwartzman)house. Mark is a successful actor with a television show. Oh...and Leo (Jonah Hill) is also living at Mark's house and he is also a wanna be standup comic.

George see's Ira and Leo's standup act at a comedy club. George calls Ira and asks if he and Leo would like to help write jokes for an upcoming gig at Myspace that he has. Ira doesn't share this news with Leo and enters a relationship with George that has him writing jokes and performing the duties of an assistant. This relationship develops into a "real" friendship.

Also going on in the story line is a thread that has George regreting screwing up his relationship with his ex-fiancee Laura (Leslie Mann) that is now married with children.

Oh...and Leo finally finds out that George called and asked both him and Ira to help write jokes for him and Leo is now mad at Ira...

Oh..Oh...and there is this plot line that has Ira lusting after the new girl comedian Daisy (Aubrey Plaza). Mark gives Ira 10 days to "get with" Daisy before he is going to move in on her and score...and you can probably figure out by now that Ira doesn't make the move and Ira ends up getting Daisy.

In between all of this, you have George seeing and visiting with all of his Hollywood "friends". These range from Ray Ramano to Andy Dick...from Paul Reiser to Eminem...Oh, and did I mention that James Taylor even makes an appearance in this flick?

Oh...Oh...Oh....and in the end, George ends up beating ALS and gets back together with his old flame and patches up his relationship with his parents and family.

Overall, I think that this movie was nothing more then a ego trip for Adam Sandler...a movie where he called in all of the favors he was owed by his Hollywood friends and asked them to play a cameo role for him in the movie.

The movie was about 40 minutes too long (about 2.5 hour running time) and parts of it were very slow. The movie went down way too many plot lines that really just made the movie too long. The movie is not a comedy through out the film, with a couple of fairly down moments with George dealing with his illness.

Adam Sandler basically walks thru the film making funny voices and sounds and too many jokes about the size of Ira's "unit". I have never really been much of a fan of Adam Sandler's and this movie didn't change anything for me.

Normally I do like Seth Rogan but he really didn't deliver in this film. He seemed to be over acting a little bit (IMHO).

I thought that Jason Schwartzman did a nice job with the few lines he was able to deliver. Aubrey Plaza also was a standout as an independent, up and coming comic.

There was some good music in the sound track, specifically Warren Zevon's "Keep Me In Your Heart", a beautiful song about being remembered after you are dead..and if you know anything about Warren Zevon or are a fan, the song is even more touching. Other acts such as Wilco are featured as well.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Aubrey Plaza was a super cute girl that I would love to see more of...really hot...Leslie Mann does a nice little hip shake routine when trying on a pair of jeans that George has kept...Nice moves...And there is a quick scene where Nydia McFadden is topless having sex with Adam Sandlers character.

So....2 out of 10...a pretty bad movie that showed most of the funny parts in the trailer. Wasn't an Adam Sandler fan going into it and I'm not a fan after watching it. I would suggest skipping it.


How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Wow...what a waste of time. When this movie hit the theater's I had wanted to see it but I missed it during it's run. I'm glad that I didn't pay to see this one....

The movie follows independent journalist Sidney Young (Simon Pegg) as he leaves his small English based paper for a larger magazine run by Clayton Harding (Jeff Bridges). He is assigned to work with Alison Olsen (Kirsten Dunst) on a gossip column. He quickly meets up and coming starlet Sophie Maes (Megan Fox) who is managed by Eleanor Johnson (Gillian Anderson) and quickly determines that he wants to "sleep with her". Sidney starts off his career thinking with the magazine thinking that he will do things his way and eventually learns that he has to "play by the rules" to advance, does so effectively and eventually enters the inner circle of the showbiz elite. Along the way, his relationship with Alison is on again/off again as she is having an affair with the gossip columns head writer Lawrence Maddox (Danny Huston). Yep, this movie is a mess and I will bore you no longer with the details.

Now, I normally really like Simon Pegg and thought this his roles in Shawn Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc were brillant, but in this film, he plays the bumbling Englishman that is completely out of his element and relies heavily on stupid pratt falls and just plain dumb humor.

The movies just doesn't seem to go anyplace with cobbled together storyline that doesn't seem to want to fit together.

Jeff Bridges is nowhere to be found in this film and looks like his is walking thru it just for the sake of a paycheck.

Gillian Anderson (loved her as Scully in the X-Files) looks very old and tired and is miscast as an agent for the up and coming starlet. Yuck....

Megan Fox is OK as the ditzy up and coming starlet but the role probably wasn't much of a stretch for her as this is who she probably really is.

The editing was bad as you could plainly see in several cases that there were lips moving but nothing coming out of their the actors mouth's. Just bad stringing together of different shots.

Some brief nudity that involved a transvestite that strips for one of the column writers.

Lot's of good cameo's from parts of Hollywood thru the movie. Some of these were fun.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Lot's of good looking women thru this movie as background "stuff". Megan Fox is probably one of the hottest gals in film today but she really doesn't showcase herself too well in this movie with the exception of a good scene with her in a black bra and panty outfit. Oh, and what the hell happened to Gillain Anderson. She was once a real looker for this X-Files fan.

So...2 out of 10...and the only reason it got 2 was because of Megan Fox and her scenes. I would suggest you skip it....

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Went to see Toy Story 3 today in IMAX 3D. It was an early morning showing that was about half full. Lot's of people in attendance that didn't have childern with them showing that the movie has a broad appeal (not just a kids movie).

The movie starts out with immediate action...a runaway train full of orphans that Jessie and Woody need to stop. The movie doesn't let up from there.

The movie tells the story of Andy and the fate of his toys when he grows up and gets ready to go off to college. The toys are donated and sent to a daycare where things aren't what they appear to be.

The movie introduces many new toys that were fun to have on the screen. The Big Baby was particularly funny to me...that was a messed up looking doll and I can remember my sister having one that looked just like it. Chuckles The Clown was also lot's of fun...

The visuals in 3D IMAX are absolutely stunning. I can't believe how far 3D films have come over the last several years. The colors are crisp and clean and there is alot of detail to see in the backgrounds. I completely forgot that I was sitting in the theater with funny glasses on my face. The film was immersive and you didn't want it to end.

For parents with very small childern that might frighten easily, the runaway train scene and the scene where they are in the junkyard towards the end might be a bit frightening.

Also alot of good stuff going on for the parents that the kids might not catch. Barbie and Ken's interaction was a riot, especially when Ken was trying on clothes for Barbie. Also neat to see toys from your childhood on the screen in a film like this. Anyone else remember the toys that would actually spark when you pushed them around...they don't make them anymore...

Perfect movie for the summer. It will bring in family's and adult's without childern. Go see it in IMAX 3D if it is available. It is usually a bit more expensive but a movie like this is worth it.

Of course, the movie is setup perfectly for Toy Story 4 but if they keep making quality Toy Story sequels, I'm all for it.

So....9 out of 10 for me...Lot's of action, humor and touching moments...almost a perfect film. I would give it a 10 but I still have not found the "perfect" movie...Go see it!

Hit and Run
Hit and Run(2009)

Saw this was available on FIOS On Demand so we gave it a try.

The movie is about Mary (Laura Breckenridge), a college student, that has a bit too much to drink one night and ends up swirving off the road to avoid a tire and finds out after getting home that she has impaled a man on the bumper of her Jeep.

Mary now has a decision to make...does she call the police and come clean or does she hide what she did. Well, you can probably guess what she does...she buries the man in the woods and leaves him for dead.

Mary comes clean to her boyfriend Rick (Christopher Shand) about what she did and convinces him to meet her where she buried the man to help clean up the evidence a bit more.

I won't ruin any more of the movie for you except to tell you that the man she hit wasn't all of the way dead.

The film starts off well, with the camera positioned on a drink tray as drinks are delivered to Mary and her friends as they have one too many. I like this opening "style" but filmmakers continued to use it over and over in the movie...mounted on the top of Mary's Jeep, on the back of Rick's Mustang. I also liked the single split screen shot of Mary on the phone with Rick. I didn't understand the need to have the camera become a pin hole on Mary and her keys, that was kind of odd.

The effects were just sort of OK...typical for a B horror movie. You could see that the scenes of vehicles on the road were shot at the same location over and over...same set of trees, sort of like a Flintstones cartoon. From a blood and gore perspective, I think that they could have gone way over the top if they wanted to but they kept it to a minimum (in my opinion) except with the golf club scene where she ends up covered. Oh, and the film makers should be fined to too much use of fake fog.

The story line was pretty typical of this type of a movie and was predictable but keeping in mind what you are watching, it wasn't too bad.

I thought that both Laura Breckenridge and Christopher Shand did an OK job with their roles, only overacting a little bit.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Laura Breckenridge certainly is deserving of a mention her. Very attractive young lady that wears a very tight shirt thru much of the movie...but I do have to say that she had some VERY hairy arms (my wife actually pointed it out). You would think that they would take care of that for her. Oh well...

So..overall, 5 out of 10. Nothing super orginal but not a bad way to spend some time if you are in the mood for a B movie horror film.


The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies follows John Klein (Richard Gere) who is a reporter after the death of his wife Mary Klein (Debra Messing) who dies of a rare brain condition that is discovered after a car accident with what appear to be the Mothman.

John Klein heads out on a road trip and finds himself broken down in the small town of Point Pleasant in western West Virginia, hundreds of miles away from the North Carolina border where he thought he was but just a couple of hours after departing.

While in Point Pleasant looking for help John knocks on the door of of Gordon (Will Patton) and Denise (Lucinda Jenney) Smallwood. He is greeted with a shotgun and moved into the shower where he is held until the local sheriff Connie Mills (Laura Linney) shows up to defuse the situation. He is greeted in this fashion because he has knocked on the door of the Smallwood's house at 2:30am for the last three nights...but John had just arrived...hmmmm....

From here, sheriff Connie explains to John that there are "strange things" happening in Point Pleasant. Connie and John setout to investigate further.

Queue the Mothman...The Mothman sends messages to Gordon Smallwood and others with predictions of death that don't make sense until it is found that the numbers that he is feeding him are the number of people that die in an accident or disaster.

The movie takes several twists and turns from here, with lots of questions raised that you hope will be answered by the end of the film.

Most interesting scene to me is when John was on the phone with the Mothman who we learn is named Indrid Cold. While on the phone it is clear that Indrid is able to be in one place and see and here all that is going on in John's room. Oh...and Indrid's voice is super creepy...This scene gave me lots of hope for what was to come...

But that was not meant to be...the movie falls apart as you approach the end with no real answers but a large disaster where many people die in an accident on a bridge where sheriff Connie's "Mothman" dream comes true.

Yep, lots of potential that could have made this a really good movie, but instead a bit of a flop that just didn't deliver.

I thought that the movie did make good use of colors and lights, moving in and out of scenes with them. Other then that, it is not a particularly pretty film. Never get a real good look at the Mothman so can't really comment on any makeup/special effects.

Richard Gere is OK in his role as a man that is falling apart after the death of his wife...I have never been a big fan of Richard Gere and this movie didn't really change my mind.

Laura Linney really wasn't anything special in this film either. She was just sort of there. Someone else in this role with some better interaction with Richard Gere might have made it a bit of a better film.

The best acting performance in this movie goes to Will Patton as Gordon Smallwood. Will portrays Gordon as his life spirals out of control at the hands of the Mothman. Real good performance here.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Well, nothing really to mention here. Debra Messing and Larua Linney are both pretty cute but really don't get a chance to show themselves off in this one.

So...2 out of 10 for me...a film with a ton of potential that doesn't live up to it. What a shame....Skip it....


City Island
City Island(2010)

City Island is all about the secrets that families keep...from one another.

Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is a Corrections Officer that tells his wife he is playing poker while he is actually going to acting classes. Joyce Rizzo (Julianna Margulies) is Vince's wife who is suspicious of Vince's poker games. Vince Jr is into "BBW's" (Google it...I dare you). Vince's daughter Vivian (Dominik García-Lorido) is working as a stripper because she lost her scholarship. Oh...and they are all smoking and hiding that from each other. Vince also has a bigger secret in the fact that he met his long lost son, Tony (Steven Strait), who he fathered while a young man, who is incarcerated in the prison that he works at.

Vince meets Molly (Emily Mortimer) at his acting class who has secrets of her own as well. Molly fosters confidence in Vince and encourages him to go out for an audition where he does very well.

This movie is really very good. Andy Garcia produced this movie and put in a good turn in his role as Vince. Watching Andy Garcia interact with his family, especially his wife played by Julianna Margulies.

The role of Vince's acting coach Michael Malakov, played by Alan Arkin is very underplayed. While he was good while on screen, he didn't have too much time and I would have enjoyed a bit more of him.

I'm not too sure what the point of Vince Jr was. Yep, he had his own secret but he just didn't seem to mesh with the rest of the family. Instead, it seemed like he was just there to bicker with his sister.

The film also captured City Island as a unique oasis in the city of New York. I had never heard of the place before this film but it was captured as a small, tightly knit community that could be fun to be a part of.

The Rizzo family is portrayed as you would expect a New York city family to be portrayed with over the top mannerisms and great accents.

The visuals in this film are very straight special effects to speak of...but instead a nice calm and attractive movie.

The movie is a little bit slow to start, setting up all of the characters and their secrets but it really does get rolling along well about 40 minutes in and delivers a good ending.

Oh...and a bit of trivia for you...Andy Garcia is really the father of Dominik García-Lorido who plays his daughter in film.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Julianna Margulies is a super hot cougar that has a nice scene with Steven Strait in her car but the hot girl award for this movie goes to Dominik García-Lorido who plays a stripper in this film. She has several different scenes where she displays her body while dancing around a stripper pole.

So...I give this film an 8 out of 10. It is a sleeper hit that would be enjoyed by a wide audience if it had a bit more press and a wider release. Go see it!


Letters to Juliet

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is a fact checker for the New Yorker who is engaged to be married to Victor (Gael García Bernal) who is just too busy to pay attention to Sophie as he prepares to open his restaurant. Sophie and Victor take a "pre-honeymoon" trip to Italy so he can meet with suppliers that he has lined up for his restaurant. Once in Italy, Victor goes out of his way to not spend time with Sophie so she sets about finding something to do on her own. She joins a group of ladies who respond to letters left by people for Juliet (of Romeo and Juliet fame). Sophie finds a letter left long ago by Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) and responds to it. Her response to Clarie prompts Claire and her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) to travel to Italy and attempt to find Claire's long lost love who she left the letter about all of those years before. Sophie teams up with Claire and Charlie and helps them on their quest.

Whew...that was a long synopsis...

Now, has a 41 year old man, this certainly was not a movie aimed at me, but rather my wife, which is why I was there to begin with. It is a serious chick flick that actaully had women in the theather crying at two different points in the movie...yes, actually sobbing.

Amanda Seyfried was OK in the role of Sophie. She was likeable and you felt a little bad for her when her fiancee was busy off doing "restaurant stuff" without her.

Vanessa Redgrave just seemed to show up and walk thru the filming for the paycheck. Not very engaging in her role as Claire. An interesting note that my wife told me is that Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) is actually married to the man she seeks, Victor (Franco Nero).

Gael García Bernal was engaging as Sophies fiancee but unfortunately, Christopher Egan is basically a stiff board that can talk...he was miserable and pretty much unlikeable to me.

The story line is very thin and predictable. You know how this movie is going to end as soon as Claire and Charlie show up in Italy.

Italy as a country is featured very well in the movie. The country appears to be a beautiful place to visit and shines as the backdrop to this film.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Amanda Seyfried is super hot. Beautiful eyes and a very attractive body but she is not given an opportunity to really show it off in this movie, but that is not what this movie was for. You want to see Amanda really show herself off then check out Chloe.

So...while I only give it a 3 out of 10 it would appear that the gals in the audience really enjoyed it...Want to score points with your wife/girlfriend, take them to see this chick flick.


Beer League
Beer League(2006)

Artie DeVanzo (Artie Lang), an unemployeed, down on his luck drunk and his band of misfits that he plays softball with. The movie is follows his softball team as they play to have a better record then the team that Arties high school nemesis, the womanizing Dennis Mangenelli (Anthony DeSando) plays for. The team with the best record gets to stay in the league and the other team has to leave the league. There is also the subplot that follows Maz (Ralph Macchio) as he prepared to get married to Dennis' cousin.

Now, I'm as big a fan of Artie Lang as the next guy but I really think that he should stick to stand up and hopefully return to the Howard Stern show. Funny that Artie Lang's character is named Artie (maybe so he could remember who was who). Also interesting that Arties character was a one time longshoreman and his father was a cable installer, both of which parallel his real life. Artie Lang basically moves thru this movie, throwing out perfectly set up one liners and doesn't show any real acting ability.

Oh...and what the heck was Ralph Macchio doing in this movie? In Beer League, Ralph Macchio's character is getting married so it opens up the opportunity for plenty of nudity in the film during his bachelor party.

No one in this movie seemed to be able to act, all of the lines were delivered horribly. Also, a lot of drug use that was really not necessary to forward the story. Really, a very bad movie. In my opinion, the only funny stuff was they way that Artie's mother seemed to get in the way each time he was about to get lucky.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Lot's of naked girls hired as "whores" for Maz's bachelor party but most of these girls aren't really too attractive. Cara Buono is pretty hot as Artie's girlfriend Linda and is featured in some pretty revealing outfits.

So...I give it a 2 out of 10. Bad movie, bad acting...basically a waste of time. Skip it!


The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

Story in a nutshell...boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy becomes city's hero and sets about to fight the evildoers where he finds his girl again.

All of the acting in this was very flat. I felt nothing for any of the characters and the comedy that was introduced fell flat. I found myself looking at the clock to see if it was almost over, hoping that it would somehow pull itself together but it never happened.

Now, the movie itself is beautiful. Costumes are great and I really liked the way they film maker played with the colors to portray the gritty city and it's inhabitants but it is truly a shame that this was wasted on this film.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Jamie King, Eve Mendes (like the cat suit) and Sarah Paulson were all nice to watch wander thru this movie but Scarlett Johansson is by far the beauty in this one. All of these beauties were not enough to save it for me.

So...was it supposed to be a comedy, action, super hero, drama? We may never know because it never really takes shape. I give it a 2 out of 10 and say skip are only wasting your time.


Clash of the Titans

So, I saw all of the terrible reviews for the 2010 Clash Of The Titans remake but decided to go see it one afternoon as I had nothing else to do. I have to tell you that I am really glad that I did get a chance to see this movie.

The film follows Perseus (Sam Worthington), the bastard child of Zeus (Liam Neeson), as he sets out to defeat the Kraken and Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and save Andromeda (Alexa Davalos). Along the way Perseus is aided by Io (Gemma Arterton), many Greek soldiers and "undead" desert nomads. He also meets the three witches who tells him how to defeat the Kraken and Medusa who's head he needs.

Clash Of The Titans is not so much of a remake as a retelling of the original movie. While the movie does follow much of the orginal movie's storyline the filmmaker takes liberities and add their own flavor. Some may be happy to hear that Bubo the owl makes only a very brief appearance in the movie while he is featured in the orginal.

Sam Worthington did a good job a Perseus but I had a hard time seperating him from Avatar when he was on screen (too much exposure in Avatar I guess). I thought that Ralph Fiennes did a very good job as Hades, the spurned brother of Zeus. Liam Neeson was a little flat in my opinion.

While I did not see this in 3D, I thought the effects were good, reminding me of a video game at times (made me think of God Of War). Action followed by action followed by more action. While the male characters didn't make many costume changes, Io was in and out of different costumes almost between every scene. I wonder where she kept all her clothes during her travels with Perseus.

Really could have done without the comic relief that of the two guys that tag along with the soldiers during their journey. They added so little to the movie that I can't even tell you their characters names.

The CGI that is demonstrated in this movie for the scorpions, the Kraken and Medusa were outstanding (especially Medusa).

HOT GIRL ALERT - Alexa Davalos as Andromeda is a pretty girl but Gemma Arterton as Io is the really attractive on in this film...damn, what beautiful eyes she has. Might have to check her out in Prince Of Persia...

So...overall, I give it a 6 out of 10. Not as bad as all the reviews indicate in my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions and everyone having one :)


How to Train Your Dragon

Story in a nutshell...Viking boy does not live up to his fathers expectations. Viking boy shoots down and befriends a dragon. Viking boy excels in dragon killing training due to his relationship with his dragon friend. Viking boy becomes handicapped (loses foot) and finally saves village from dragon pests, gets girlfriend and they all live happily ever after.

Yes, alot goes on in between all of this but you get the picture.

The voice acting is pretty good with Jay Baruchel (She's Out Of My League) as Hiccup (the Viking boy), Gerald Butler (300) as Stoick (the Viking boy's father) and Craig Fergunson as Goober (the Viking boy's "babysitter").

The 3D aspect of the movie was just OK, not great as some of the other recent 3D releases. I really think that 3D is becoming more of a gimic then anything else (I'm glad to see that Iron Man 2 didn't go this direction).

The movie provides a very politically correct story that I can see alot of parents being happy to take their kids to see. Hiccup convinces his father that they don't need to kill the dragons because they are attacking the city because if they didn't then the BIG dragon would kill them...please...

For me, the movie didn't do anything but I can completely understand why it is getting the good ratings that it does as it is fine/safe family movie.

So...I give it 3 out of 10 and suggest you skip it unless you need to entertain little kids for about an hour and a half.


Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Iron Man 2 picks up right where Iron Man leaves off with Tony Stark (Robert Downey) announcing that he is Iron Man. This announcement is being watched by Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) and his dying father Anton Vanko. Turns out that Anton Vanko had worked with Howard Stark (Tony Starks father) at Stark Industries in developing the Arc Reactor but was "deported" back to Russia after a difference of opinion develops between Howard Stark and Anton Vanko. Upon the death of his fater, Ivan builds his own suit and seeks revenge on Tony Stark.

Won't spoil much of the movie for anyone that doesn't know the story yet but the plot is paper thin and follows fellow defense contractor Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) who enlists Ivan Vanko to help build his own suits to compete with Tony Stark for the favor of the Defense Department. Weave into this a dash of Shield and Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg).

The movie is a special effects blockbuster with lots of CGI flying, explosions, lots of loud noise and action. This does help to make up for the lack of plot a little bit. The visuals are stunning (the color is outstanding thru the movie) and the sound great (we saw it in Imax).

The role of Tony Stark seems to be written for Robert Downey. The role seems to parallel the life of Robot Downey in the rise, fall and the climb back up again. Downey does a really nice job in the role.

The replacement of Terrance Howard with Don Cheadle as James Rhodes was a non-issue to me. I didn't miss Howard and was not stunned by Cheadle. Still not certain why the replacement took place, maybe something to do with how they might look in the suit as James Rhodes does spend a bit a time in a suit of his own thru the movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a fine job again as Pepper Potts, Tony's assistant. I do need to note that she appears to stumble thru this movie on high heels in a very uncomfortable manner. While I am not a woman and can't even begin to know what it is like to walk on heels, she just look plain uncomforable.

Scarlett Johansson was good as well in the role of Natalie Rushman/Natasha Romanoff. She does certainly kick some butt in her role but I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a bit more of her. Possibly we will see more of her in the next film where I expect we will see more of Shield.

Oh...and did anyone else pick up on the resemblance beteeen Howard Stark and his vision of Stark Expo and Walt Disney and his vision of Epcot? Howard Stern standing in front of a table with a model of Stark Expo looked just like Walt Disney standing in front of a table with a model of Epcot. Even down to the idea of the globe like center piece (Spaceship Earth at Epcot and the Globe at Stark Expo). Wonder if this is no concidence with Disney having purchased Marvel.

HOT GIRL ALERT - First, we have Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper, yes but while she is not my normal cup of tea she will certainly make someone happy to watch her walk thru the film. Then we have Scarlett Johansson as Natalie Rushman/Natasha Romanoff. Now this is one hot gal. She is a stunning young lady that I would be happy to pay to just watch in this film. Nice "work" outfits as well as her catsuit when in the role of Black Widow. Oh...and a nice little changing scene in the back of the car...yep...I really like this gal. Oh, and then there are the bevy of babes that make appearances thru movie. Yep...this movie has a lot of good looking gal's in it.

So...7 out of 10...great effects, thin story line, some good acting and just enough of Scarlett Johansson. Go see it on the big screen (Imax if possible).


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Caught Nightmare On Elm Street last night and while it was not a great movie, it was certainly wasn't as bad as some of the critics and reviewers are making it out to be.

I think we all know the story...Teen's are hunted by Freddie Krueger in their dream's while they sleep. You die in your dreams, you die for real.

This reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street is a bit of a retelling of the story. Gives lots of back story on Freddie, what he did and why he was hunting this specific group of kids.

In past Nightmare movies, Freddy had almost become a bit comic. In this version, while he did have a few one-liners, he wasn't a comedian.

The movie could have been a bit bloodier for me but the movie does deliver the kills, starting off right from the first couple of minutes of the movie. Makeup effects for Freddie were really good and the settings were creepy and dark...very well done.

Jackie Earle Haley was really good in the role of Freddie, both in and out of the makeup. Katie Cassidy (Katie) did a much better job in her role as "horror heroine" then her co-star Rooney Mara (Nancy). The low point in the acting for me was Kyle Gallner (as Quentin). This poor boy was laughable at time in delivering his lines and those damn eyebrows...oh, and he looks like a poor mans Rob Pattinson.

HOT GIRL ALERT...Both Katie Cassidy and Rooney Mara are both very attractive girls and they were very nice to look at thru the movie. Oh...and while I don't normally do this...COUGAR ALERT...Lia Mortensen was super hot in the role of Katie's mom....

So...I'll give this a 6 out of 10...enough blood and guts to keep me happy for an hour and a half. Go see it!



Greenberg is the story of Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) who is recently release from a mental institution and moves to live in his brothers house while he is away on vacation in Vietnam. While staying at his brothers house, he begins an on again/off again relationship with his brothers assistant Flo (Greta Gerwig).

Flo is a college graduate who's life has really gone nowhere and Greenberg is a carpenter who is just sort of drifting thru life since his release. Both Flo and Greenberg are very flawed people that seem to find comfort in each other until Greenberg pushes her away time after time.

Overall, the movie never really seemed to get off the ground. None of the characters got me to feel anything for them with the exception of Ivan (Rhys Ifans) who is a former bandmate of Greenberg that is dealing with problems of his own. Gerwig and Stiller seem to try hard to play off of each other but all that is they give you is an uncomfortable feeling (yes...I know that is what they were going for but it seemed uncomfortable for real).

Couple of "funny" moments with Greenberg writing letters to people and orginizations expressing his displeasure with different things and his brothers dog with AID's.

Baumbach could have given us a bit more of the story of Greenberg, why he was who he was and his relationship with his brother and his former bandmates that might have firmed up the movie a little bit more.

While I understood that the movie wasn't going to be a special effects blowout, I didn't expect the file to look something from the mid-Seventies. The sound track was really good and fit the film well. The movie did move pretty slowly and had me looking at the time several times during the film.

HOT GIRL ALERT - While Greta Gerwig is not a typical stunner, she is an attractive "ordinary" girl that is not at all afraid to show her wears as she does so several times thru the film.

So...overall...3 out of 10. Movie never went anywhere and was a bit of a bore. Skip it!


The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

The Joneses is follows a made up family that is placed in an upscale neighborhood to market products for companies. Golf clubs, riding mowers, TV, cars, cosmetics, clothing, electronics, name it, they are pushing it. They push it on their unsuspecting neighbors, fellow students and they all buy into it. You know...keeping up with the Joneses...but at what price is it worth to keep up with the Joneses.

Steve (David Duchovny) is a washed up golf pro turned car salesman that is placed into the "Unit", run by his fake wife Kate (Demi Moore) and their two fake children Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth).

The movie showcases what I feel is somewhat wrong today in America...that is the need for some people to keep up with the Joneses and just how easily people fall into line to buy the next great item that the marketeer's want you to buy.

The movie is also doing the product placement "thing" really well. Audi, Dell, etc...all thru the movie, but these are the very products that they are pushing on their friends.

Good acting all around by the cast although everytime that I see David Duchovny I think of Mulder (but that is my problem). Duchovny and Moore play off of one another very well as their story and relationship progresses and the kids lack of interest in being part of the "family" during their downtime is interesting to watch.

More a drama then a comedy with a pretty dark twist that while I did see coming still hit pretty hard.

The movie was a bit slow in the beginning but as things started to unravel for the unit and the darkness started to creep in it picked up very nicely and ended very well.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Amber Heard, who is a very attractive girl, is topless after getting in bed trying to suduce her fake father. She seems to look a bit like a poor mans Scarlett Johansson (without all the curves) to me.

So...overall...7 out of 10. Keep up with the Joneses and go see it. There are much worse movies to spend your money on...



WOW! That is what I was saying when I left the theater when I saw this movie.

First, let me tell you that super hero movies are not usually my thing but this one is different...Kick Ass is about people (not just kids), without super powers taking on the roles of super heros.

The movie starts out following Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) and 2 of his high school friends. Dave says that his only super powers is to be invisible to the girls in school.

After Dave and his friend are mugged (and have their comic books stolen), Dave decides to take on the role of a super hero. He decides to start small (rescuing cats and "trying" to stop a beating).

After Katie (Lyndsy Fonesca), a girl in school that never notices Dave, assumes that he is gay (a lame duck), she confides in Dave that she has a problem with a drug dealer. Kick Ass to the rescue. While dealing with the drug dealer, Kick Ass finds out that he is not the only super hero in town, being introduced to Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage).

Kick Ass is quickly pulled into Hit Girl and Big Daddy's personal crusade to bring down drug dealer Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong) for reasons that are revealed in the movie. Frank's son Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), long ignored by his father decides that he will help his father by developing yet another super hero, Red Mist.

Lot's of great, over the top action, enough blood (loved the microwave scene) to keep me entertained and a great sound track to go along with it (any movie with the Banana Split's theme in it is good to go). The movie has a straight forward story that is not too difficult to follow (you don't have to be familar with the comic before seeing it).

The movie itself is absolutely beautiful. The colors were setup perfectly and the sets/scenery was stunning and the costumes were great.

A good mix of comedy and action made the movie move along briskly to the point that when it ended I was wanting more. The movie is left wide open for a sequel.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Katie (Lyndsy Fonesca) is super hot and has a brief scene where she is topless in her panties, cupping her breasts with her hands as Dave rubs tanning creme into her skin.

So...I give this 9 out of 10. Great movie, good cast, well paced and a good amount of action, blood and comedy. You should go see this on in the theater for the big screen and the sound.


The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

Boy...I was misled with this movie. Heard Howard Stern (of all people) reading an ad for it on his morning show. Sounded like a through back to the 80's horror/slasher films that I grew up with. My expectations were pretty high for this film.

So...the film...this should have been a straight to DVD picture. Complete B movie (not that that is a bad thing) but it never really went anywhere.

Story starts out in the 1920's with a group of explorers discovering a Temple in Turkey dedicated to Pan. Yes...Pan...the goat man that walks upright and plays a flute of some sort. The man financing this exploration has his henchmen return to Maine (yeah...Maine...really) and build a game of some sort using what was discovered in the Temple of Pan. Fast forward to present day and a group of friends end up on an island in Maine for a weekend getaway. They are greeted by Pete (Robert Patrick) who tells them a scary story about a killer that wandered the island, slitting the throats of those that he came in contact with "from ear to ear". Really...what the hell was Pete doing on this island? His character could have been removed entirely from this movie and he wouldn't have been missed. Oh...and what relationship did he share with Rick (James Duval)? Anyway...I digress...Pete leaves the college kids, who include twins (yep, twins), an aspiring actress, two loan officers, the twins boyfriends and a "drunk". They find an old game in the basement of the house that they are staying in and decide to play it since the lights are out and they have nothing else to do. The game leads each of the friends to see something about another friend that causes them to turn into killers...of each other. There is a bit of a twist at the end but nothing that made it worthwhile.

Lots of bad special effects (I can picture the people off screen throwing around the fake blood) and even worse acting and very typical killings (chainsaw, rake, etc...). The accents that some of these people had made it very difficult to understand them from time to time in the movie. The music was really bad, ramping up and down just when it needed to so you were prepared for what was happening.

Audience reaction was a bit of chuckling during the killings...yep, out loud laughing...mostly from two women that were old enough to be my grandmother.

HOT GIRL ALERT - They are all hot...did I mention the hot twins played by Electra and Elise Avellan (from Deathproof/Grindhouse)? Then there is Mircea Monroe who does show a bit during a shower scene. Lastely, there is the very attractive Danielle Harris. None of this hotness is enough to save this movie...

SUMMARY - 2 out of 10. I think there was some potential to this movie but it was lost very early on. Bad acting, bad special effects, bad accents....bad movie...Skip it....


Saw trailers for this movie for about 2 months and knew that I wanted to see it. It showed up at my local AMC Theater and lasted there for only one week. I had to go a bit out of my way to an art house theater to see it and boy was I glad that I did.

Chloe is about a married couple in Toronto whose relationship seems to be falling apart. He works in New York as a teacher. She is a OB/GYN and their son is about to graduate from high school. Catherine (Julianne Moore) has reason to believe that her husband David (Liam Neeson) is cheating on her with his students. Chatherine meets and then contracts Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), who is an escort, to see what her husband would do if approached by a young/sexy girl.

That is about all I will say about the plot of the movie as I don't want to ruin what happens for anyone.

What I will go on to say is that you can't always believe what you are seeing. There are little things that will wrap it up nicely in the end for you. The movie provides plenty of twists and turns and leaves you going until just about the very end...and it is a satisfying end...

I feel that the camera work was good thru the fast paced movie. I never was looking at my watch wonder how much longer.

HOT GIRL ALERT....First, Amanda Seyfried is super hot, displaying the gifts that she has been given. Julianne Moore is also very attractive for a woman of 50 and she is also not shy about displaying her wares as well. Put the two of them together for a little girl on girl action and I have to say that this is one of the hotter movies that I have seen on the big screen in a while. Amanda Seyfried walking across the screen in this movie was worth the price of the ticket.

So...good story, nice plot twist and Amanda Seyfried and Juilanne Moore showing themselves off equals a great movie. 8 out of 10 for me. If you want to catch it on the big screen you might want to hurry because I don't think that this one will last too much longer in the theaters.


Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

Set in the future where you can finance your failing organs, this movie follows two repo men that reclaim your organs when you haven't made your payments. You buy and car and don't pay and the bank sends the repo men to come take your car.

Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are the repo men that work for Union, the company that makes and finances artificial organs. Remy and Jake take your organs back when you miss your payments and they are good at their job as is demonstrated straight away in the first several minutes of the movie. Remy's wife wants him to leave the repo team and move into sales. As Remy is performing one of his last repo's, a terrible accident forces Remy to have an organ of his own installed. When Remy falls behind on his payments, he goes underground to avoid the repo men that he was once a member of. He meets Beth (Alice Braga) who is also on the run and they team up to try to take down Union.

Liev Schreiber is great as Remy and Jakes boss Frank. Some good back and forth with Remy and Frank. I like the selling line "You owe it to your owe it to your self..."

Forrest Whitaker is OK as Jude Law's partner but he seems to have trouble with his "accent". He seems to fall in and out of it in mid scene.

Some scenes that are basically blood for the sake of blood (which I tend to like) and some over the top action. Well paced movie that was visually pleasing. Was a little bit slow in the beginning but when it got rolling it moved along at a good clip. Also, there was a bit of narration thru the movie by Remy (which I also like) as well as some cool flashbacks thrown in (3 knockouts).

Funny scene where Beth needs to get her knee worked on and the person that she sees to have it done turns out to be a little kid.

Towards the end of the movie it left all senses of reality (lots of cutting to get to organs...go see it and you will know what I am talking about) but the end of the movie made all of it make sense.

HOT GIRL ALERT....The film makers try to make Alice Braga out as the hot gal in the movie but she never really show's too much and really didn't do it for me. Other then that, not much to mention in this film.

So...7 out of 10 for me. Lots of action...moved along well and lots of blood for the sake of blood. You don't need to rush right out and see it but you could do worse when picking a movie to spend a couple of hours with.


Up in the Air

I went into this movie expecting to like it quite a bit but not necessarily this much.

The movie follows Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney as he travels the country downsizing (re...firing) employees that the boss is too cowardly to do himself. Ryan really enjoys his life on the road, in chase of "miles"...airline, hotel, name it, he is chasing it. His lifestyle has also led him to be more comfortable on the road then at home and because of this he only spends about 30 days a year at his home.

Ryan's way of life is threatened by recent college graduate Natalie (played by Anna Kendrick) who suggests that instead of traveling to fire people that they do it via video conferencing. Ryan takes Natalie on the road to learn the ropes and convince her that her way isn't going to work.

While on the road, Ryan meets fellow road warrior Alex (played by Vera Farmiga) and begins an intimate road relationship with her, matching up schedules and airports along the way.

Don't want to tell too much more of the story but I will tell you that each of the characters learns alot about themselves that forces them each to revisit their lifestyle and make changes.

I have really come to enjoy George Clooney (except in that damn Goats movie). Anna Kendrick played her part the new corporate "golden child" very well and Vera Farmiga did a respectable job as well.

The film moved along at a really great pace without a slow point, the movie was over very quickly in my opinion. It really pulled me in and made me care about the characters by the end of the film. The movie hits home as well due in todays economy with Clooney traveling the country to downsize companies.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Vera Farmiga shows a bit during a romp with Clooney (nice) but while Anna Kendrick is super hot, she really didn't get out of her business suit so not too much there.

So...8 out of 10. Great movie and well deserving of a nomination as Best Picture. Go see it!

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

As you probably know by now, Crazies is a remake of the George Romero 1973's cult classic.

The Crazies is set in a small town in Iowa where the a biological weapon is accidently released by the military. The military closes in around the city to contain the problem. The story follows the small town sheriff, his doctor wife and his deputy as they try to avoid getting caught in the military's net while escaping the town.

Timothy Olyphant was good in the role of the sheriff, not over or under playing the role. Joe Anderson was outstanding as the deputy that slipped further and further into the sickness. Radha Mitchell wasn't too convincing as the sheriff's wife but she wasn't bad.

I normally like a lot of blood and guts (blood for the sake of blood) and had hoped to get a bit more of it in this film, but what was there was well placed and not too over the top.

The film gave an interesting viewpoint of what could happen if something like this took place. The goverment would scramble to contain, the town would panic and people would mostly likely die. I was glad that the movie didn't go out of it's way to portray the military as "evil" in this film as they could have done so very easily.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Nothing much to speak of here. Radha Mitchell is a pretty attractive woman but nothing special in this film.

So...7 out of 10...good way to spend some time at the theater.

The Blind Side

Saw this on Saturday during weekend 1 of AMC's Best Picture Showcase. While this movie wasn't really high on my list to see, I figured what the features football and Sandra Bullock, two things that I like to watch.

While based on a true story, it is only LOOSELY based. The story follows a down and out black boy that is enrolled in a very white, very private and very wealthy school. There he is viewed by his teachers as a student that cannot learn and by his fellow classmates as an outsider. He is taken in by a wealthy white family where he quickly becomes part of the family. Eventually, he joins the football team and while he is struggling to pick up what the coach is trying to teach him, Sandra Bullock walks onto the field and tells him to protect the quarterback like he would protect his "new" family. Ugh....and it just gets worse from there....

The cast features Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. Bullock played an over the top wealthy southern gal with what sounded like an unbelievable accent. Tim McGraw plays Bullock's husband, the owner of "85 Taco Bells". He was the dopey husband that always was there to crack the joke about his wife. Oh...and their son, played by Jae Head (gotta love that name) must have been told to go out there and play the sarcastic, whitty, cute little kid. Lily Collins plays Bullocks daughter, nothing good or bad about her performance.

The Taco Bell/KFC product placement was over the top...hey anyone, need a fourth meal? Ugh...

I really cannot believe that Sandra Bullock was nominated as Best Actress for this performance or that this movie was nominated as Best Picture when movies like Crazy Heart goes unnominated.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Sandra Bullock runs around in a tight skirt from time to time. While good to look at, this can't even save the movie. Lily Collins is pretty darn hot as well but not so much in this movie.

Please...protect your blind side and do not waste your time with this one. Ugh....

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

I would not have seen this film normally but attended the Best Picture Showcase at our local AMC last weekend.

First, let me tell you...this is not an uplifting movie (but you probably knew that already). At the end, I felt dirty and like I wanted to slit my wrists. is that difficult to watch.

Precious is an under educated, overweight, abused (physically, emotionally and sexually), pregnant parent of a child that has Downs Syndrome that her mother affectionately calls "Mongo" as in Mongoloid. Oh, and the icing on the cake is that both Mongo and her unborn child are the result of her father raping her.

Precious is moved to an alternative school when the administration finds out she is pregnant again. In the alternative school meets other school outcasts with problems of their own. She also meets a teacher (who happens to be a lesbian) that takes an interest in her and helps her improve upon herself.

The movie portrays a living condition that is beyond imgination. It is troubling to think that anyone would/could actually live in this fashion. Disturbing...

As for the acting. Gabourey Sidibe simply stumbled thru the movie, mumbling. I have to tell you that I actually had a hard time understanding her from time to time but I think that they played a difficult role pretty well. Mo'Nique was absolutely incredible in this movie. She really put everything into her role and portrayed an abusive, nasty mother unlike anything that I have ever seen. A truly amazing performance.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Please...Not in this movie....

When AMC announced the lineup for the first Saturday's movies for the BPS, I told my wife that I really didn't want to see it and that I was not looking forward to it. She told be open to it and just see where it take me. Well, I did just that and it took me on a very dark journey though the eyes of a very troubled young lady.

I didn't want to like it and in the end, I didn't like it but I must give it a good review because of the acting performances and the way it moved me.

If you still have an opportunity to see it, go do so. It is an exceptional movie. Just don't expect to be feeling good about going back to your quiet normal suburban life.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

Had two free passes to our local AMC but they were not good for "Special Engagements" so Shutter Island was out. Decided to see Crazy Heart instead. Wow, was I suprised by this movie. While I have seen it getting somre really good buzz on many of the review sites, this is not my normal type of movie.

Jeff Bridges plays a broken down and drunk country singer named Bad Blake. He is traveling the southwest playing small bars and even bowling alleys when he meets a young writer named Jean and played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Bad has lost most everything in his life to the booze and his relationship with Jean suffers due to it as well.

Robert Duval and Colin Farrell show up in the movie as well and they also are well suited for their roles.

The movie was great. Bad's travels thru the deserts of the southwest really showcased the beauty of the area. Both Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal did a great job with their roles. Some funny moments and some sad/moving moments. Well paced and not a single slow part.

The theater that we viewed the movie in was almost completely full. I think that my wife and I were the youngest couple in the theater (in our early 40's) but they were a good group to watch the film with.

HOT GIRL ALERT - Pretty good scene between Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bridges where Maggie showcases herself pretty well. Yep, she plays a single mom that is a regular girl (not a Barbie Doll) from a small town but she still had it going on.

Go see it...great movie!

Valentine's Day

Went with my wife to see this for Valentines Day. Basically a movie stacked with stars whose stories are all connected and intertwined together but all are very typical, nothing special. Because there were so many stories there was never time to get invested in any one of them.

No one character had a lot of screen time to showcase their talents, rather it was quick spots from story to story so no one really shined.

The movie has all of the prerequisite characters...the girl who hates Valentines day, the good looking young couple, the cheating doctor, the old couple and the the gay guy. All very cliche.

I believe that Adam Sandler (tour guide guy) and Anna Kendrick both had uncredited cameo's (hotel desk clerk). Can anyone else verify?

Hot Girl Alert...Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner and Emma Roberts...All really hot but they could have been "showcased" a bit better. If they were it might have made the moview worthwhile to me. My favorite of the bunch...Taylor

If you are a guy and your girlfriend or wife wants to go see this you might want to suggest that she goes with her girlfriends.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Lots of loud noise and so-so special effects. The fight between wolf daddy and wolf son was almost laughable with wolf daddy stripping off his shirt. Several heads get lopped off in an almost comical fashion. Best part of the movie was his time in the Asylum but even here you have seen the best in the trailers.

All of the principle actors seemed to have trouble with their parts as not one of them stood out to me.

Hot Girl Factor...Emily Blunt was OK to look at but could have done better with this period piece.

Move along...nothing special to see here.

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Not my normal genre of movie. My wife wanted to see it so I went along for the ride. John is in the Army Special Forces and is home on leave. He meets Savannah and falls for her. She meets his autistic father. John leaves and Savannah breaks his heart.

Watching Amanda Seyfried was the high point of the movie as she is very attractive but that didn't save the movie for me. Towards the end I was hoping for someone to pour hot water into my wetsuit to keep me awake.

Some really bad contunity issues. At one point in the movie, John's rank insignia on his shoulder is correct before dinner, upside down during dinner and then correct again after dinner. Come on should be able to get this right.

Yep...just not my kind of movie...


Three people hit the slopes on a Sunday afternoon. After spending time on the "bunny hill" they decide to take one last run before the resort closes for the week. On the way up the chairlift is shutdown. They are suck until the following weekend. They face forst bite, broken bones and wolves.

The movie is very well paced, not lagging anywhere. The makeup effects for the frost bite is not too well done, moving around and changing on the face of Parker.

So...not too much to say about this film. Not too bad and a good to spend an afternoon in the theaters.

Edge of Darkness

Overall solid movie. Lot's of action, fast paced and a good story that is actually believable. Ray Winstone was great in his role but Mel Gibson's Boston accent went from bad to worse and made him a bit difficult to understand from time to time.

Downside was the last few seconds of the movie I thought were a bit weak, ending in what I thought was a corny way but that my wife liked. See the movie and you will know what I am talking about.

Go see it...

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Have been a fan of Zooey Deschanel for a while but I still can't take too much of Jim Carrey and his funny faces and noises that he makes.

Carrey is a junior loan officer at a bank that is stuck in a rut. Attends a "Say Yes" seminar and meets free spirit Deschanel. Hailarity is supposed to follow. Instead, what follows is a showcase for Carrey to make funny faces and noises.

While it wasn't the best comedy that I have seen, it was a nice way to spend a little couch time on a cold Saturday night in the Philadelphia area with my wife.

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

Went with my wife to see this movie. While it is getting destroyed by many reviewers there are certainly worse movies to eat popcorn to. is a bit of a chick-flick but I didn't think it was too bad.

While Kristen Bell was a bit stiff (but really good to look at) and Josh Duhamel was a bit soft the chemistry between the two was pretty good.

Let your wife/girlfriend to this so you get to pick the next movie. You could do worse.


Just got back from seeing the movie. The plot line behind this is exactly what I like in a movie but it left me feeling a little bit disappointed. Plot line was very thin and the acting from Dennis Quaid was probably the worst of the bunch.

Overall...6 out of 10...Good movie to spend some time with but don't expect too much...

The Book of Eli

Bit slow in the beginning, basically a long walk in slow motion thru the desert but it picks up towards the end and provides an OK twist. Movie left wide open for a sequel.