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Rango (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When seeing the trailers for this one i thought the look of it at least is unique and cool, the trailer itself is well put together but we'll see come release time if it's worth a view.

So tonight me and my fiance went to see Rango and I must say, if you are a fan of the old spaghetti westerns and like Johnny Depp this film is for you, and for those that aren't fans of these, go for it anyway it's a pretty awesome animated film.

Now first off I want to say, in my honest opinion, this is NOT a kids animated film it is very much a young adult to adult level cartoon. for two reasons: 1. these characters are not cute and cuddly, in fact some of them are so marred, beaten and dirty you can't even tell what they really are. 2. the film itself is a very gritty old fashioned yet new aged western, there's a lot of grit here, not dark but definitely edgy. some mild language in very rare occasions and a lot of mature themes, but don't worry it's nothing parental block worthy.

okay now into the meat of this review.

"Rango" tells the story of a pet chameleon who gets stranded in the middle of a desert and stumbles upon the town of "dirt" yes that's the towns name, dirt. Rango is basically on a quest to "find himself" and is himself an actor/chameleon, so he's good at changing who he is at will. throughout the story Rango digs himself deeper and deeper into a trench of lies to try and fit in and become a hero. problems arise, trouble ensues and so on and so forth, don't wanna give too much away.

The movie is very trippy and sometimes even a bit random, so when strange stuff happens just go with it, it's nothing so weird you'd think bad of the film. there's a lot going on that plays with the desert hallucination factor so it makes sense for the trippy stuff to be there.

in terms of entertainment I loved this one, i was glued to the screen the whole time, with my fiance's head on my shoulder of course. there is a lot offered up here, comedy, drama action etc. and they all seem to fit together really well.

visually this movie is awesome, so much detail goes into each and every character and set you can really tell this was a labor of love for the director Gore Vorbinski. the only thing, as i stated before, is that visually this movie is as far from cute and cuddly as you can get in animation. for instance, the one bunny rabbit in the film is encrusted with dirt and missing an ear, as well as a pigeon or bird of some sort with an arrow through his eyeball and head yet he functions fine despite of it. really great and unique designs, but not very kid friendly in my opinion.

All in all, I give Rango a 90% it really is a solid western film with plenty of laughs, shocks and thrills with a good story and great characters, taking little kids is something I'd leave to your discretion but there isn't anything terrible to worry about, just some slightly frightening characters and dirty/edgy look to the overall film.

Marvel's The Avengers
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I actually saw the a Avengers on opening night, but ive been away from writing reviews on here for a while, hence the delay in this.

I think i'll review the Avengers in four different aspects: The characters, content/story, action and execution.

The Characters: I have never seen a spin off movie that takes so many different and diverse characters from other franchises, puts them together and still maintains the continuity of all the characters as individuals while also giving them a great amount of development which makes them feel like they come from the same universe. You have Thor a demi god, Captain America a super soldier from a different time and age, Iron man a modern day narcicist/playboy/billionaire/philanthropoist/genius in a high tech suit of armor, Bruce Banner/Hulk(we'll go into more depth on him momentarily) an exiled man-beast with anger issues, Two top assassins (Hawkeye and Widow) and all of them are more different than the sun is from the moon but theyve all been tied together so well by Sgt. Nick Fury of shield, Agent Coulson and the other Shield operatives, that they feel like they all are apart of the same cohesive whole. In short I have never seen a movie that takes so many well developed characters and stays true to their origins while making them feel fresh and interesting.

Now...I love me some Iron man, Cap and Thor...BUT, I have to give only one character some major props in this movie Review.

THE HULK: I love the hulk and have been disappointed to an extent with the other two hulk movies, the first was too mellow dramatic, dark and story driven, lacking action. The second felt too unrealistic and the hulk looked like a abrecrombie model painted green and given an extra does of steroids. But this...this is THE Hulk movie. First off Ruffalo pulls of the mild mannered Bruce Banner so well he over shadows Bana and Norton by a mile in my opinion. Secondly The Hulk himself Not only looks like both the comics version AND Mark ruffalo (finally a hulk that looks like the actor that plays him!) but he has the best action scenes and overall best scenes in general in the whole movie BAR NONE. Spoiler ALert

When the Hulk bashes Loki into the Ground and refers to him as "Puny god"..i could watch that over and over for 2 hours straight.

Now...The last thing on the characters in the movie i wanna mention refers to the aforementioned Loki.

Loki: I thought Tom hiddleston was the best and most memorable part of Thor, and He's def the highlight of the avengers when it comes to the bad guys. Loki is such a well done villain. you sympathize for him in a way but you know he must be stopped and he's fun to watch in all ways.

Content/Story: I really was pleased with how faithful to the comics this story was. Using elements from the first issue of the original Avengers with Loki as the Primary villain and combining that with the use of the Chitauri armies, which also segways into an Awesome possibility for a sequel by including the tease of Thanos in the end credits, genius. The big kicker for me with the story, however, is how well the team involved in writing this story did at meshing all the various story elements that led up to the Avengers from the other separate character films. Mt hat's off to the writers and the director Joss Whedon on making such an interesting and fun/epic story.

Action: I have never seen a movie that handles action so well, a good combination of well coreographed fight scenes, plenty of explosions but not in that mindless michael bay style, good CG elements and clever sets with breathtaking environments and situations, the avengers delivers in a way that should make future action films stand at attention and take note.

Execution: this is the overall shining point of the Avengers, All these elements are fantastic and make the movie a classic on their own. the characters the memorable story and action, they all rock your socks off, but how the creative team, actors and all other members involved with the production of this film took all these elements and brought them together into a very well made, tightly knit epic movie going eperience that will go down as an instant classic and groundbreaking feat in comic book films.

All in all I obviously am giving the Avengers 100%, ive never seen a movie that does what it did so well before and I hope that they take the same level of care and enthusiasm as well as the same amount of time for the sequel as they did with The original, looking forward to more from the Avengers, if you havent gone to see it yet, get out there!

Captain America: The First Avenger
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although I never really was all that familiar with or a fan of Capt. America I thought the movie looked pretty solid even when viewing the trailers alone.

So upon seeing the movie(in 3D) I really feel like I came out of it with a bit more respect for the character, and happy to see a movie and hero that doesnt sell themselves out to the cliches of today's time.

the acting in Cap Am is really some of the best in the most recent marvel films, Chris evans is definitely more cut out for steve rogers than johnny storm. Tommy Lee jones plays his part the way he knows best which fits rather well here, and Hugo Weaving delivers pretty big as the Red Skull.

The story of Captain america is really a great example of what made America great in years past. We really need to realize that this is the greatest country in the world and the Capt. really brings that sense of patriotism to the forefront. The reasoning that director Joe Johnston puts behind why captain america became the iconic figure that he did was really surprising to me. I never could see how anyone could legitimately explain a guy who essentially wears an American flag as his soldier's uniform. But the movie itself gives a great and believable explanation for it that I feel worked flawlessly.

The action in captain america progessively becomes more and more elaborate and fast paced leading up to a pretty satisfying final conflict between our hero and the Red Skull. the 3D in the film was very well done and fit in perfectly, especially when it comes to the Cap's use of his iconic shield.

the only thing I feel I could complain abot in this film, is the kind of rushed feeling we get around the middle of the film. This is more of a nitpicky thing of course but there were times certain aspects of the film felt pressed for time or pushed along a little quicker than you would expect.

All in all I give it an 80% it wasnt the perfect film by no means but just like Iron Man and Thor, Captain America is another piece of Proof that the Avengers film should be a fun adventure flick. Also...stay till the end of the credits, the clip here is one of the most satisfying marvel has dished out yet.