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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Heat

The Heat(2013)

Its weak, contrived storyline prevents The Heat from reaching classic-comedy-stature, but in other ways it also benefits the film. In search of depth, Hollywood comedies often get bogged down with depressing montages and self-deprecating characters (Bridesmaids). The Heat will have none of that, and instead lets Bullock's uptightness and McCarthy's bravado do the work. The result is a fast-paced, consistently hilarious, but ultimately forgettable comedic romp that borrows more than a few pages from older (and better) "buddy cop" movies like Die Hard 3, Midnight Run and--more recently--21 Jump Street. The movie only ever drags on the few occasions when it pauses to add melodrama-disguised-as-character-development, such as the revelation that Bullock's character is a foster child. And while we're mentioning negatives, Taren Killam (of SNL fame) is a complete failure in the movie, as the (SPOILER) plot twist that ultimately reveals him as the film's villain is foreseeable and distractingly contrived. And, not that he's given much to work with, but his performance is lacking as well.
Overall, a solid contribution to the genre in a year pretty devoid of comedies. It annoys me that Hollywood marketed this as "the female buddy cop movie," just as it marketed Bridesmaids as "the female Hangover." A feminist statement doesn't need to be made and then promoted. The movies speak for themselves.