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J. Edgar
J. Edgar(2011)

I've started this new trend where I tend to avoid as many bad movies as possible. So far I've been pretty successful but of course I would run into a bad film sooner or later. Two actually, Contraband and J. Edgar. While Contraband did have many flaws I did find a few good things with it unlike J. Edgar.

Me and my friends almost saw J. Edgar for my birthday, but at the last minute we decided to go see Hugo. Even if J. Edgar was passable as a decent film Hugo would still remain supreme for how fascinating it is.

That's the main problem I had with J. Edgar. I didn't find anything interesting with it. After the film was over I didn't want to learn anything else about Edgar. The only thing I found interesting was the Charles Lindbergh case, that was fascinating. The movie should've focused on that. I would like to know more about that.

The story, of course, follows J. Edgar Hoover's life. It switches back in time when Edgar is old and young. Telling a story like this can be tricky and it doesn't work out so well here. I never felt attached to the story at all. I felt like the story was trying to make itself an epic on Edgar's life but it just felt so empty. This seems like an interesting life. It just isn't told the correct way.

Leonardo DiCaprio performance has been called powerhouse performance. I can't agree with that at all. I saw little emotion with his character even when he broke down over his mother's death. I never felt symphony for his character and I didn't believe the relationship between himself and Clyde Tolson played by Armie Hammer who does a good enough job. I think this is DiCaprio's worst performance since he doesn't do any justice towards Edgar.

It seems that Clint Eastwood has been of his game ever since his wonderful Gran Torino. Hereafter was just decent and this is just a mess. His direction is really anything spectacular. He, along with DiCaprio, don't find anything good to do with J. Edgar Hoover's life.

I don't know if I noticed this on my own or because of that little analysis of the film next to the tomatometer score, but I thought that the look of the film was just terrible. I just felt unclean watching it if you know what I mean. The look of the J. Edgar is a soar on the eyes to me. Also the makeup is complained about in the little analysis. On DiCaprio it didn't look to good when he was the older J. Edgar but the makeup on Armie Hammer, as an older gentleman, looks horrible. It's some of the worst makeup I've ever seen. It just looks like someone tossed an old man's face on him without any care.

This is easily one of the most disappointing films I've seen in 2011 if not the number one. To be honest at points I found the film almost unwatchable, or maybe I'm just exaggerating. But, you have Leonardo DiCaprio, newcomer (I think) Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench, and director Clint Eastwood working together and we get this. I wanted to watch J. Edgar to know a little more of the life of him and I ended it wishing I didn't watch it in the first place.


"What's important at this time is to re-clarify the difference between hero and villain."


In order to prepare for Ridley Scott's Prometheus I decided to take another look at Alien.
I saw Alien years ago back when I was discovering good movies. My mom rented this for me telling me I had to watch it. My overall opinion of it was, it's just good. I liked it but I didn't love it. Watching it again today I don't know what was wrong with me.
Not only is Alien one of the best science-fiction films that I've seen, it's one of the greatest films I've seen. I'll even say of all time for both categories. I'm sure people won't disagree with me there.
Alien is meant to be a slow moving film. It showed that it was a slow moving film, which I liked, but it never felt like one. Alien went by pretty fast. This is very hard to do but the entire team of Alien pulls it off.
My favorite part of Alien has to be the suspense. Alien takes its time to build up suspense and it's always worth it. This is an incredibly scary film. Even when a crew member knocks over a stack of books (or whatever that crew member knocked over) it scared the hell out of me. It's said that this is one of the most influential horror films of all time. I can see that but most films just take off the jumps and not the suspense. I can't think of too many horror films today that took of the suspense building of Alien. Or any suspense building at all for that matter.
Of course Alien wouldn't be Alien without its crew. Making the crew all adults instead of teenagers was rare at the time, I believe, so this was a fresh start. The entire team is memorable, most notable John Hurt and of course Sigourney Weaver. But the rest of the crew deliever powerhouse performances. They're also likeable. I'll say it like that. We become so attached to the crew that we feel the fear with them on that ship. This is some of the best acting you can see in a horror movie.
I just love the look of Alien. The world that is created helps absorb you into the atmosphere. When John Hurt "founded" the eggs, that scene just stayed in my mind for a long time. It was just so amazing. The look of the set, the eggs, and that mist glazed acrossed the eggs was all perfect. This is a great looking film.
I've always felt that the shots shown of the space ship were as big as the spaceship itself. The way the camera is placed in the ship makes the areas so much bigger, and yet so confined when the team is hunting the Alien. Ridley Scott's direction here is near flwaless.
Ridley Scott hasn't directed a science fiction film in 30 years. The two he has directed before Prometheus remain landmarks in film and sciene fiction history. I can't wait to see Prometheus. It's one of my most anticipated films of the year. Top three with Django Unchained and The Master. The reviews for Prometheus are just alright, but that doesn't change my hype for the film. And Ebert gave it four stars! I'm just so hyped for it.

"The pit is completely enclosed. And it's full of leathery objects, like eggs or something."

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

In my English class I had to write a movie review so I decided to write a review on The Matrix. I think it's a long review so if you do read it you don't have to read the whole thing just read some of it at least. Thanks! Also I'm not 100% if I went back and fixed some errors. But too late I'm posting this.

The Matrix: Written and Directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski

I believe it was seven years in pre-production. A well spent seven years. "The Matrix" is among the greatest action films I've ever seen. It can be ranked up there next to "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Terminator 2" and even the original "Star Wars." It's one of the five best films of 1999 and I am completely obsessed with this film.

The Matrix richly blends a wonderful original story with incredible shoot em', beat em' up action scenes. Think of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" mixed with "Hard Boiled".

The plot of "The Matrix" is, Neo (Keanu Reeves) a company man by day and a hacker at night is trying to find the real answer to life. From there he meets Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) and she then introduces him to Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). We learn that the world that Neo inhabited is nothing but a computer generated reality world controlled by A.I. machines. I'll leave the rest for you to see.

Let's talk about Agent Smith the villain in the film played by Hugo Weaving. In a word his performance is phenomenal. Agent Smith can rank up with movie villains as high as The Wicked Witch and Darth Vader. Hugo Weaving was born to play Agent Smith. The tone in his voice is quite haunting, he's one of those characters that can have a deep effect on you by just tipping his head. As much as interesting Neo is, you can't quite take your eyes off of Agent Smith when he's on camera. He's just so fascinating. Even if you hate "The Matrix" you can not deny that Hugo Weaving's performance is not fantastic. The Matrix made his career.

Of course that's not to say Hugo's performance undermines everyone else's performance. Reeves, Moss, Fishburne and even Joe Pantoliano all left their landmark on cinema with this film. After you see "The Matrix" when you hear one of these actors names, "The Matrix" will automatically come to your head. We care for all the characters. They are easily likeable when we first meet them, and the story just makes them more interesting. It also makes the action scenes more exciting since we want them to win. They give us a great ride. Especially with Keanu Reeves, he goes from this scrawny, awkward guy into an action legend. He shows it too in his voice how it gets stronger as the film progress's. There is some great character development in here.

In terms of action the Wachowski brothers have constructed a masterpiece. They use some original ideas of film making here. In the beginning Carrie Ann Moss jumps up in the air, knees to her chest, we expect her to kick the guy near her, but no. The shot freezes and the camera does a 180 degrees turn. When the shot finishes the guy goes flying through the air. I thought this was an excellent way to create suspense. When this played out there was so much excitement in me. I just love the fact that the Wachowskis' were able to create suspense during the action.

This process is called "bullet time". A brief description of how it works (in this scene) is that there are two cameras facing the character, separating the cameras, in a hemisphere like set up, is about 120 digital cameras. When Moss jumps into the air the two cameras are rolling and all the digital cameras go off when she's in the air. Then through technology we get the final product. It's in ingenious method of filmmaking and photography. The only problem, with this original idea, is that comedy movies that came after it started to parody it, mainly the famous sequence with Neo dodging the bullets, thus making one of my most hated clichés "Parodying The Matrix".

The film is usually a kung-fu beat'em up which is done great here. The fist fighting is near flawless, not to mention incredibly entertaining. The fight between Neo and Agent Smith, in the subway, stands out as being one of the greatest action scenes ever filmed.

The story telling is also very powerful, as equal to the action so the film can balance itself out very well. The scene where Morpheus explains to Neo what the Matrix is grabbed me. It's one of the films best scenes. It's fascinating to hear what happened to the world in the 21st century. The story truly plays a big part in making the film flow, not just the action. But either way you can watch "The Matrix" for either the story or the action and you will still be satisfied.

"The Matrix" isn't flawless. There are many mistakes in the film, you can even see the camera in one scene, but all theses mistakes don't distract from what it offers, an action masterpiece with an engrossing story. I would classify "The Matrix" as a perfect action film, it has the right to be called that. If you haven't seen the Matrix I must say you have to.


"There is no spoon."

Top Five Films of 1999
5. The Sixth Sense
4. The Matrix
3. Eyes Wide Shut
2. American Beauty
1. Magnolia


My first review in a while, something good must have happend to me.
I must say that "Beginners" is quite a surprise though. I started it by thinking it would be a good movie, but it's not just that it's excellent! I say that "Midnight in Paris" is my favorite film of the year, but to be honest I could just film a coin between that and "Beginners" and I would still be happy. They both benefit from a big heart. I always love that in the movies.

In Beginners we go through two phases through Oliver's (Ewan McGregor) life. We see his life with his father Hal (Christopher Plummer) coming out of the closet after his mothers death. We also see flashbacks with Oliver spending time with his mother. And we also experiance his relationship with Anna (Mélanie Laurent) after his father passes away. "Beginners" is about the wonder and love of starting a new relationship and getting to love another one all over again.

Everyone in Beginners gives the best performance of their career, feel free to argue with that. I loved every relationship that Oliver had with his mom, dad, Anna, even his little dog Arthur. Mike Mills did an excellent job on the screenplay. Making us feel love for five characters isn't easy, but he masterfully weaves each story together. No relationship is bland or boring, it's fresh and alive.

I truly loved each relationship Oliver had. Especially the one he had with his father. Christopher Plummer, I loved him in this. He was just so charming. He made a unique, memorable character. I don't think he has every been better. I just loved everything he and Oliver would converse about.

Hal: Well, let's say that since you were little, you always dreamed of getting a lion. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait but the lion doesn't come. And along comes a giraffe. You can be alone, or you can be with the giraffe.
Oliver: I'd wait for the lion.
Hal: That's why I worry about you.

Christopher Plummer gives the best performace of his career. On Oscar night there is always that one award I want it to go to no matter what. In 2011 it was Christian Bale for "The Fighter" and this year it was Christophers. He won that Oscar and I was a very happy boy. He deserved that more than any other award that was nominated that night.

The chemistry between Oliver and Anna was also perfect. This relationship also shows why Arthur is such a loveable dog. They do so much together, it's such a joy to watch. When they first meet Anna is silent, yet we still feel so much for them. Over time she soon begins to speak and we feel even more. We want them to make. They are perfect for each other. After the film was far from over I was still thinking about the two of them.

If "Beginners" was just about the relationship between Oliver and his father or Oliver and Anna with flashbacks of his mother and with Arthur added in it would still work. Mike Mills basically made two great screenplays and combined them into one excellent film. I loved every second of "Beginners" and I hope to watch it again.


Oliver: You re-wrote Jesus' death?
Hal: It was far too violent. We need new stories.

Up in the Air

With a wonderful cast by its side, "Up in the Air" is one of the best films of 2009. The story, although it deals with a topic that is quite serious, can be funny if not hilarious at times. With saying that the script is ultimately the best part of "Up in the Air". I just love how the dialouge can be fast at times, the movie never seems like a drag. Well crafted, makes great use of the cast, especially with George Clooney's character, and done with great heart.
Not only is Clooney great but so is the supporting cast. Farmiga, Kendrick, Bateman, even McBribe all give honest performances. Even the little characters are great, Jason Reitman cares for each individual person, when a person gets fired in the film you see them on screen for about a second, Reitman crafted "Up in the Air" so well that you care for each person who gets fired, even Galifianakis. Just the emotion thats in their face when they hear the words "Your being let go," has a powerful punch to the emotional depth the film brings forward.
"Up in the Air" is the type of film that can get to you even if you don't notice it. A great film. Jason Reitman's best film, yes even better that Juno and I stand by that.

"I'm like my mother, I stereotype. It's faster."


Well I wanted to do a comeback review since I haven't written a review in like three months, due to my crappy labtop, but I just wanted to do a quick review on Crash. That and I thought about this movie and I just want to write a review of this.

Paul Haggis really out did himself in Crash. I mean the direction and the writing are perfect. He gives each character enough screen time and the script blends the characters in together perfectly. Of course the movie is very well acted especially by the very talented Matt Dillon as a racist police officer, just the way he speaks, how I feel like I should fear him for what he does.

What I really like about Crash is that each story can be a little short film, it's as well crafted as Pulp Fiction (although Pulp Fiction is vastly superior than Crash) which is why it won the Oscar for best editing. It also won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture. It is very well deserved. What I really like is that one character can interwind with many peoples lives. Like Michael Pena's character Daniel (I believe, its been a while since I've seen this) How he goes from being offended by Sandra Bullock to almost losing his daughter, I love how it transtions there. The script is really damn good. Not to mention Pena's part was my favorite part of Crash.
Crash is a film with a perfect script. I really like scripts where plots interwind with each other, it makes everything seem more interesting. To me it might be the best script of that decade, although I'm going on a limb with that one, but I really do like the script.

Paul Haggis directorial debut is an excellent one. Like Sam Mendes with American Beauty. Crash proved that Haggis is a type of director that is able to handle a large cast of characters, good ones to. He takes care of each character, he does not focus on only one character throughout Crash, he focuses on all of them. In Crash there is no main character. This is the only work I've seen from Haggis (direction at least) but I can't wait to see more, minus The Next Three Days, which just leaves In the Valley of Elah. But I hope he does more.

I believe that many people were mad that Crash won best picture over Brokeback Mountain, but I'm happy it won. Crash is excellently crafted, well acted, and has superb direction. I have never seen a movie like this before, but I'm glad this was the first one. I didn't think 2005 was a really great year for film, but on my list this is my third of fourth favorite film that year. I would say this is Paul Haggis's masterpiece.
Well maybe this wasn't a really quick review.

"They think we're Arab. When did Persian become Arab?"

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Well Rotten Tomatoes recently made a list of the top 50 best remakes of all time. And this got number one, do I agree with that, no. It's a pretty good remake I can say but the greatest no at all. I actually probably would have never reviewed this if it didn't get number one, but now I feel like I should say why this isn't the greatest remake of all time.

Well True Grit, what can I say, I was really looking forward to it, but it didn't live up to the expectations I was hoping for. Now is that a bad thing? No not at all. True Grit is still an entertaining remake and in my opinion it is better than the original, but I was fairly let down.

In True Grit, Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) joins an aging U.S. marshal (Jeff Bridges) and another lawman (Matt Damon) in tracking her father's killer (Josh Brolin) into hostile Indian Territory. This is based on the movie True Grit back in 1969 and is an adaption of Charles Portis' original novel.

Well the script was done by Joel and Ethan Coen based on you know whose novel. I can't say that it is their best work. Of course it's not an original screenplay, but it seems like they were going for a different type of style with this. Yes it still has two of their styles a chase and it's a western, but there is no dark humor and I can't say that there are any haunting, memorable characters in here. Well of course the original True Grit didn't have this or dark humor, but this just never felt like a Coen brother's film, it's just not weird enough, they could have changed some things but it seems like they wanted to stick with the original so I guess that's alright, but I can't say I enjoyed it. When I watch a Coen Brothers film I expect many of their elements dark humor, chases, partially a western, and haunting memorable characters, True Grit only supplies two of those four. That is one of the reasons I was disappointed.

The other reason why I was disappointed was because of Matt Damon's performance. Don't get me wrong he did an alright job, but he never actually convinced me that he was a lawman from the old west, and I feel that the lines he said came out pretty awkward. When the movie was over I can't say that I enjoyed his performance. I think he should go back being a janitor.
Now let's talk about Hailee Steinfeld. By God, her performance was incredible. I have no idea who else could have fit the role of Mattie Ross, she is fast paced and confident, and better yet she's a child actress that didn't annoy the hell out of me. To me she gives the best child performance since Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. This is one hell of a debut for her. I wanted her to win the Oscar, but she's a kid so that's why she didn't. I don't care if Melissa Leo has never won an Oscar, she did not deserve it for The Fighter, Hailee did! The Coen brothers have chosen correctly once again.
Jeff Bridges gave one of my favorite performances of the year. He is incredibly entertaining as Rooster Cogburn and in my opinion better than John Wayne. John Wayne basically played John Wayne; Jeff Bridges pretty much became the drunken Cogburn. You can barely understand what he's saying but you don't want to mess with him. He fits the role perfectly. Did he deserve the Oscar? Nien! Firth still deserved it and ever if The Kings Speech didn't come out that year, I would have wanted Jesse Eisenberg to have won it. And I stand my ground on that.
I have to mention that although Josh Brolin wasn't a huge main character in here, he was a hell of a lot better of portraying a cowboy than in Joan Hex, his worst role. So I'm glad he was able to redeem himself as a good actor.

The Direction is excellent, the Coen brothers never seem to fail in that category. Every scene looks great, thanks to the wonderful cinematography. It sure is a fine looking movie. They both count in my favorite scene with the man hanging from the tree and the shoot outs were incredibly entertaining. But did the Coen brothers deserve the Oscar nomination for best direction? Nien, Nien, Nien, Nien, Nien, Nien, Nien! The direction may be good, but Nolan's direction in Inception is way better. Inception relies more on direction than the acting to hold the movie up. And besides The Coen brothers have four Oscars each! I'm pretty sure they could have cared less if they were nominated or not. Though, even if Nolan was nominated for direction he still wouldn't have won it sadly. I remember Christopher Nolan saying that the nominations that Inception got was a "True Grit" I thought it was funny.

True Grit did keep me entertained most of the way through, at times it did feel a little slow, but after True Grit was over, there was another reason why I was disappointed, it didn't have an affect on me like most Coen brothers films to do. In other words the ending just wasn't that powerful like in most of their films. The Coen brothers are two of my favorite directors, so I expected a lot out of this. I was mildly thrilled with True Grit, but in the end there was disappointment. No it is not the greatest remake in the world. It's an alright one, I can recommend True Grit but if you're a fan of the Coen brothers, you might be disappointed, just don't be expecting anything like No Country for Old Men or Fargo.

"This Grit has become to True"

The King's Speech

To be honest, The Kings Speech was a hell of a lot better than I expected, I'm not saying I was expecting to hate it, I expected myself to give this an 80% or 90% but it is much more deserving than just that. The Kings Speech is definitely one of the best films I've seen in 2010, top 10 at least and that is saying a lot especially for that year.

Well the plot is that King George VI/Bertie/Colin Firth will become King George VI obviously. But he has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment since he can remember. So his wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter)hires a speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). To help Bertie with his Speech impediment.

The Kings Speech went on to be nominated for 12 Oscars and won 4 of them, for original screenplay, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture! Is it deserving of all this awards? Almost! It for sure deserved 3 out of the 4 awards but which one did it not deserve?

Well lets start out with best screenplay. Before I saw The Kings Speech, I really wanted Christopher Nolan to win it, mostly because of how well written it is, that and because he got snubbed for his direction Oscar, even though if he did get nominated he wouldn't have won it (I'll get to that later). But I'm glad David Seidler won it. The screenplay is well written, makes great use of the actors, has excellent and witty dialogue and is actually really funny. I mean it this is one funny movie, in some cases it's hilarious especially from the excellent Geoffrey Rush who was also nominated for his role.

Next up the Acting. Best Actor Colin Firth. Colin Firth gives the best performance of the year and one of my favorite performances of all time, I'm really glad he won it, the most deserving Oscar that year. He gives a phenomenal performance of King George VI/Bertie, when he's pist of off, he is pist off. He's incredibly like able and inspiring. By that I mean I can relate with the speech impediment a little. When I was born my tongue was tied down to the bottom of my mouth (tongue tied) so the doctors had to cut it, not the tongue but the thing that kept it tied down, because of this I can't pronounce my th's and ch's well, and I can't blow a bubble with gum D: To be honest I don't mind it but I do sometimes stutter which I kinda mind. Seeing Bertie go through this I found out that I'm not the only one that has had a hard time with it and seeing him being resurrected and gaining his pride was very inspiring.

Now the excellent supporting cast. Geoffrey Rush, by god if I ever needed a speech therapist, I would want him. Geoffrey is hilarious in this whenever he is reciting plays or teaching Bertie how to speak, he is top notch in this, it's great to see him in this. Did he deserve the Oscar? Well he won his Oscar for "Shine" Back in 1996 so I think he's good, but I will admit it was a tough choice. Bale won it for "The Fighter" but both of them were excellent.

Helen Bonham Carter plays Bertie's wife. She gives a fine performance, the best of the year, no, I wanted Hailee Steinfeld but she's a kid so I think that's why that and Melissa Leo needed her Oscar. But I didn't think her performance was that great. Anyways Helen did an excellent job as Bertie's wife and I'm glad she got nominated.
I should mention that I'm happy that Guy Pearce was in this. He's a great actor, he deserves bigger roles, Memento proves it. He was good in this (and also Animal Kingdom) why not give him bigger roles? He can handle it.

Now Best Director Tom Hopper. We come to the Oscar in which it should not have won. Why? The Direction is excellent in this, but the thing is, is that it's what I expected it to be. "But Alex who should have won Best Director then?" David Fincher for the Social Network. The Social Network could have been so simple but David Fincher turned the Oscar winning screenplay (adapted) and turned it into a classic. That and that David Fincher needs his Oscar. The Direction is excellent in The Kings Speech especially during my favorite scene when Lionel is teaching Bertie and the camera flows in back and forth but Fincher deserved it way more through my eyes.

Before I saw the Kings Speech I was mad that The Social Network didn't win best picture, but after seeing it I was shall we say speechless? The Kings Speech may not be the best picture I've seen this year (that goes to "Exit Though The Gift Shop") But I'm glad it won best picture of the year, well deserved. The Kings Speech is hilarious, well acted, and inspirational. I recommend The Kings Speech to everyone. If you haven't seen The Kings Speech, then you haven't witnessed the best picture of the year.

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

Sadly I wasn't able to see this in 3-D, but from what I've seen from it, to me it's been the best use of 3-D in 2010, this was meant to be in 3-D unlike most movies that came out in 2010. A 3-D movie that really throws stuff in your face, from plaster to Dildos it can sure get exciting. If I did see this in 3-D I know I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. I am a fan of Jackass so that's one of the reasons I've liked it but if I wasn't a fan, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did.
Jackass 3 I can say I've had a lot of fun with this, the stunts may not be as good as number 2 but to me, it was just as entertaining as number 2. I thought the use of a phantom camera made the film a lot more entertaining and brought on the best parts of the film (one of my personal favorite being "the rocky"), and now I really want to get my own phantom camera. Plus I should mention that final scene where the entire set blows out was well thought out and was executed very well , Spike Jonez (One of the people who founded Jackass) did this part I believe, it's basically the only part that doesn't make the movie look like a 90min special.
The only real problem I've had with this is that it's for sure the most disgusting Jackass, Number 2 (despite it's title) is the least disgusting which is one of the reasons its my favorite, that and when I think of it, I've had the most fun with it out of the three, but with how disgusting it is really brought the fun factor down for me.
Jackass 3 is my second favorite Jackass film, besides from being disgusting the other thing about this is that, I just don't think they should do another, after a while it gets pretty boring. The boys are getting old, they use to laugh at death but now I'm not sure what, they also seem to be running out of ideas, it seems like there doing anything to make someone laugh (roller buffalo is a good example of that) . I mean if they do make another one I do welcome it and I will most likely see it, but if they don't I wont really mind.
Jackass 3 is a lot of fun. It is very disgusting at points, and can be a little boring but if you can get past that, and your a fan of Jackass or have never seen it Jackass 3 is for sure worth your time, I do recommend this. It's good to see that boys back in action doing what they were meant to do in life, I think that's a compliment.
Here's a fun fact to wrap up this review, Johnny Knoxville got his tooth knocked out by a dildo in here.

No One Would Tell

No One Would Tell is a very bad movie, but there is something that is memorable about it and in a way (A sort of sick way) I do like it and I will tell you why.
I watched this is health class when my class was on boyfriend/girlfriend abuse. We watched this and I wonder if this is the best example they can show us on boyfriend girlfriend abuse. Yes this was a TV. Broadcast movie but I mean there aren't any better examples of boyfriend/girlfriend abuse? For gods sake they edited the movie wrong. There was this one scene where the girlfriend was going to take a shower, then the next scene she's out of the shower and in her room. And then a little while further in the movie, there's a random shower scene.
Anyways, so we have Bobby the abusive boyfriend, then we have Stacy (that girl from Full House) the girl who is getting abused. So that's basically the plot, Oh also Stacy's mom is getting abused by her boyfriend but that's not important at all in this.
I'll tell you this movie is actually really funny, when it obviously shouldn't be. When Bobby literally grabs Stacy in the Library and throws her against the bookshelf that was hilarious! I think it has to do with the characters names. Bobby and Stacy. Their performances were memorable.
"Alex what do you mean by that?" Well I'll tell you that. After the class finished watching this I pretty much started calling everyone Bobby and Stacy. When someone's being mean to me I call them Bobby, when I'm being mean to someone I call them Stacy. But mostly I just mix the two names. That there is basically how the movie affected me. It affected me in the wrong way on my opinion on abuse. Is that bad, in this case no. I actually like it. I'm in gym now and I basically got the entire class to call everyone Bobby and Stacy, and I'm loving it. I should mention that the gym teacher in the movie pretty much knew Bobby threw Stacy against the wall and pretty much just ignored it so I think you can guess what the supporting characters are like.
Now the performances of Bobby and Stacy were hysterical. "Hold me Stacy, were gonna be together forever, promise me that!" I know I shouldn't laugh at that, but the way Stacy says it just makes it so damn funny. "Am I a sick man for thinking this is funny?" Maybe but is it my fault the movie is like this, Nope.
This movie was released (On T.V.) in 1996. Well now it's 2011 Candace (Stacy) isn't doing anything, and Fred Savage (Bobby) went on to direct Daddy Day Camp, so you can see how successful those two went on to be.
No One Would Tell is a very bad movie, mostly because it's unintentionally funny (very funny in that case). But this is probably the only movie that I give a 10% with me liking it (if that makes sense). With the characters being memorable in my case, I would recommend you to go see No One Would Tell.

Quantum of Solace

Since I really enjoyed Casino Royale, I expected this to be just as good if not better. Instead the new director Marc Forster had James Bond feel more like a Jason Statham type character, very aggressive, with wit but a person who isn't very fun to watch. Daniel Craig does fill in the bond character perfectly and has much more style than Statham but to me, the fact is, is that James Bond is a secret agent spy, a hero, he is not the type of action hero who has to beat his way into everything, we need a hero that can rise above evil. It's not as good as Casino Royale but it may be worth your time.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Well with The Hangover Part II coming out Todd Phillips and his gang needed to work on a movie so Part II could have a bigger budget I would guess. So with that I would guess that the script would've taken about Five minutes to write. The movie itself probably took about two weeks to shoot, one week to edit and all, and Jamie Foxx and Danny McBride weren't busy that weekend I guess.
Due Date is about a guy named Peter (Robert) trying to get home in time to see his first born son be born :D. He gets mixed up with a guy named Ethan (Zach) and because of him they're put on the no fly list and have to travel together to Peter's home. The Story is basically very predicable and if you have ever seen a movie you know how it's going end. I'll give you a hint, it's one of those movies where they try to hard to make you think they're not going to make it. After a while these types of endings just make the movie feel like a big waste of time.
Due Date is a very bad movie. I think the main problem is that every funny joke was in the trailer and the jokes that were in the movie weren't funny, that and the script didn't know where it was going.
I was actually really looking forward to Due Date. I mean you have the director/writer of the Hangover, a movie which I enjoyed and you have Robert Downy Jr. and Zach Galifianakis an unlikely pair. How could they screw it up!
Well Robert Downy's character is such a Dick. He makes you wonder how he got married, that or he beats his wife. He had a least one funny moment in here that wasn't in the trailer. But he literally tortures Zach through the whole movie, there was never a nice moment when he was on the screen. I really hate his character and he can make his character likable, we know it and he knows it. He's just one mean, dog spitter on guy (If that's a real word). Zach Galifianakis on the other hand, I don't know, I did find him likable, he had more funny moments than Robert but not that many more. He does make some very stupid decisions though. He's like that type of friend you love to have but embarrassed to show to anyone else. He's just a sweet feeling character that means no harm, but that doesn't matter to Robert. Thought after seeing this, I feel like he's been in ever single movie since The Hangover.
I have to say that this is one boring movie. Of course you know how it's going to end. But the fact that Robert is completely unlikeable in this, you really don't care. This movie could not hold my attention at all. I really do like Zach Galifianakis, I do but he himself can't save this movie. Maybe instead of choosing every movie that comes his way, he should read the script first. I think Todd Phillips is a funny man with Starsky and Hutch and The Hangover I mean he won a golden globe for the Hangover (well it is the golden globes, Couples retreat was nominated for best picture) but still he is funny. But he clearly didn't try for this one at all.
Overall I really didn't like Due Date has unlikeable characters and a bad script and that's no fun. With what Due Date has been given, it should be a whole lot better than this. I am looking forward for The Hangover Part II and after seeing this I really hope they work on the script. But I'm pretty sure that it won't be as bad as this. But all I have to say is don't waste your time with Due Date, instead go see The Hangover but I'm pretty sure you have.


Meet Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) a truck driver in Iraq and by god your gonna meet him. He's been having a bad day. His team was attacked he blacked out and he woke up tied up six feet underground in a wooden coffin with nothing but a cell phone and a lighter and possibly more.
Buried is possibly the best suspense thriller I've seen in a very long time. The thing about it that made it so great is that it was all filmed in the coffin. Nothing like that has been done in a very long time or never (I can't think of anything)
When I first heard of Buried I was hooked, not only because it seemed like a original suspense thriller, I think I was incredibly interested in how it would all play out since it's all filmed in a coffin. What would the camera work be like, the lighting, and could the script hold me all the way to the end? It did.
Ryan Reynolds performance is easily his best performance to date, although I'm pretty sure any actor like Reynolds here would have given their best performance in a situation like this. I'm not saying he's a bad actor, I'm saying he's not the greatest actor or a really good one. But his performance was very powerful especially with his body language. He captures what it would be like, to be in Iraq if you were stuck six feet underground in a coffin, he makes sure it never goes dark, he is alone and afraid. You also grow to like him, you want him to get out of there, also the way he goes through accepting if he is going to die or not was very good.
When I was watching Buried I had no idea this had anything to do which Iraqi war at all. I just thought it was about a ransom which it was but not like this at all. It got me thinking that has something like this happened before out there, I could just imagine how horrifying it could be. Though I don't like to talk about the Iraqi war or politics mostly because I don't know a lot about it and I feel someone will get mad at me if I say something stupid.
Anyways, this is Directors Rodrigo Cortés first film and he knows what he is doing behind the camera. Being buried alive is one of the scariest things I can imagine, I would be panicked, scared, and I would feel alone. Rodrigo Cortés makes you feel like you were in that coffin with Paul; he would make you feel claustrophobic. I remember this one scene where Paul was on the phone the camera was zooming in very fast and stopped and would keep doing that (I'm not sure if there's a name for that or not) which made the scene incredibly intense and very effective in a way and the score helped out with that to. Without spoiling the ending, I was so excited I didn't know what was going to happen next I was freaking out I wanted Paul to get out. It was one of the best endings I've seen in 2010, one of the best endings of all time, no.
Buried has been one of the best suspense thrillers I've seen in a long time. According to Rotten Tomatoes the movie made One Million Dollars. I really can't believe it made that much, I believe it was limited release but still this is the type of movie people should see. Because it doesn't matter if a suspense thriller has people getting murdered in creative ways or more open places, no not all the time what matters is if it can keep your attention, Buried does that. You're stuck in the coffin for 95min and you're not getting out soon. So please go see Buried.
Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.


Made for only $27,000, using actors who have never acted in a movie before and shot at the convenient store Smith worked at, Kevin Smith did a fantastic job with making Clerks with such a low budget. Though when I think of it Clerks doesn't rely at all on the budget, it rely's on the characters and the script. Do they work? Yes!
Clerks takes us into a full day of what it's like to work at a convenient store. All of which is told by a man, a hero named Dante who is not suppose to be there today.
Like I said we have Dante who is just like an everyday convenient store owner. We also have Randal, Veronica and my favorite Jay and Silent Bob.
Dante works at the convenient store while Dante works at the video store next door in the same building. Like I said Dante is just like a regular convenient store owner and so is Randal, they're lazy, bored, and they do not like you. Yet they are both still incredibly likable. Dante being an innocent guy with the whole world falling on him and Randal being the type of guy that is not scared to say or do anything to the customers. We also have Dante's girlfriend Veronica who sucked 36, I mean 37, well you know, but she's not that important.
Now my favorite characters in Clerks, who are also two of my favorite characters of all time, top ten, are Jay and Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob, what are they to me? They are the type of people I've been looking for in a comedy. While Silent Bob (played by Smith himself) is well Silent, I still enjoy his prescience as I do Jay. Jay is the type of person who says random shit and it works, that and he is outrageous and Jay and Silent Bob are the type of people who make the perfect comedy duo.
Like I said Clerks was made for $27,000, so there aren't a lot of short clips. It actually works for this, it is mostly made up of long shots, and it really gives Clerks a sense of realism. Plus it was filmed in black and white which I thought was nice.
Now what do I like about Clerks. Clerks is really funny and the jokes can actually relate to life in a convenient store. Whenever it's people asking how much something is, to women trying to find milk, to people asking for ice in they're coffee and to guidance counselors trying to find the perfect carton of eggs. And in the video store, people asking such questions like "Do you have that one with that guy who was in that movie last year?" Randal's very deep question on the building on the second death star was actually my favorite part of Clerks. Mostly because he made me think of something I've never thought of before which a comedy has never made me done.
Is Clerks Kevin Smith's best film? That is hard to say, for me at least. I don't know about you but I really like Kevin Smith. To me he is one of my favorite directors, at least for comedy, I find all of his films funny (except Mallrats and I don't count Cop Out as an official Kevin Smith film). Plus he knows how to make a low budget work. I feel like no matter what the budget he can make the film he wants to make, Clerks proves it. I don't think Clerks would be a better movie with a bigger budget.
Clerks taught me what life is like inside a convenient store, mixed with a raunchy script, and with two of my favorite characters, Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks is a comedy that can be enjoyed by everyone.

My Soul to Take

Another short review. The worst thing you can say about a horror movie is that its not scary, and My Soul To Take is no where near scary.
I really like Wes Craven, he's one of my favorite directors but after I finished this whatever you call it, it made me think "Did Wes Craven forget that he directed Scream and everything about it?" Why he thought this would be better in 3-D I will never know. Predictable, boring, ugly looking, with some of the worst acting of the year and possibly the worst dialogue of all time, and the Rivertown Ripper being one if not the worst horror icon of all time, My Soul To Take is not only a set back for Wes Craven's Career but a set back for the horror genre itself. a.k.a it SUCKED!


I never thought I would start a review out by saying this, but I Fucking hate twelve. I usually capitalize movies names when I write them, but not for this one. twelve is actually one of the worst films I've seen maybe even worst than Mortal Kombat Annihilation (notice the capitalization), thus making it the worst film I've seen. Actually I'm incredibly uncomfortable with calling this a film. Actually calling this a movie is an insult to every movie ever made since the Great Train Robbery. So I will not be calling this a movie I will be calling this, "this thing".
I think the flat out worse thing about twelve (besides acting, directing) is the script. Let me break down the script into two parts. The script is 85% narration and 15% people talking (I refuse to call them actors). The Narrator is Kiefer Sutherlan you know the guy from 24. What was his narration like, his voice, the words he said, all of it made me really angry for some reason, it felt like what Kiefer was reading was trying to insult Dr. Suess. "This thing" that I refuse to call a movie lives, breathes off of this narration. To me no movie should be held together by narration. The dialogue words cannot describe how I feel about the dialogue.
The plot of twelve (I'm working from my memory here) is that, well there's basically two. But it can barely hang onto one. The title does have relevance to do this thing, twelve is a type of drug, a mixture of crystal meth and some other drug I believe, it doesn't really try to talk about it that much and I often forget that twelve had anything to do with "this thing". The other plot is just two guys get murdered by a guy named Lionel (50 cent) and this kid gets blamed.
For characters there's a guy called White Mike a drug dealer, 50 cents guy, Molly (Emma Roberts) and many more terrible actors. I hated everyone in this movie, none of them can act. One of the characters Jessica was really awful. I remember she was talking with her mom and each scene her arm were in different positions EVERY TIME! When that happens, it really pisses me off and proves that someone can't act. There's this one character named Sara who is said to be the hottest girl in New York or something like that, well first of all she's not hot at all, second I really hate her, she wouldn't shut up even at the ending when she was dying she still pissed me off with what the narrator was saying what she was thinking. Oh sorry spoiler alert, not like any of you were going to watch this. But of course she was not the only character that I wanted to shut up, every character would just do stupid things and by the middle of "this thing" I didn't care what was going to happen next. In my mini review of Ballistic Ecks vs Sever I said that "calling the characters cardboard characters is an insult because cardboard would've done a much better job with showing emotion," or at least something like that. What I said applies to this to, only if they used Cardboard twelve would of been picking up a few best actor and actress Oscars. And yes I stand my ground on that.
Now the direction is bad. Joel Schumacher to me is one of the worst directors of all time. I don't think I've ever liked a movie of his. The Number 23, Bad Company, Phantom of the Opera, and even two batman movies were all horrible because of him. His direction in Twelve might be his worst. The direction is nothing professional. But here's what really ticked me off. I remember this one scene where the camera was doing a traction shot with following a cop into the interrogation room. That scene felt so out of place in this mostly because it was the most impressive shot out of everything. But the fact they only did one traction shot really made it feel out of place. Otherwise it's just an ugly film to look at.
I can tell that nobody saw twelve because people wouldn't be saying The Last Airbender is the worst picture of the year, this is. Sadly it wasn't nominated for any razzies, if people actually saw this, it would've swept the razzies.
twelve is awfully acted, the direction is really bad, and words cannot describe how bad the script. twelve is probably the worst thing I've ever seen. Yeah, I think I made my point that I don't like this. If you wanna see a movie that's 100x better than this, check out Ballistic Ecks vs Sever.


A lot of you problem won't agree with me on this, but I didn't really like Superbad. I think the biggest problem was that Superbad was to hyped up for me. All my friends said that it's one of the funniest films ever made and that I wouldn't be able to stop laughing but none of that happened to me.
In Superbad Seth and Evan (Hill and Cera) need to get beer for a party so they can get laid. Then Mclovin (Mintz-Plasse) tags along and there are cops to.
Because of Arrested Development I can watch Michael Cera in anything and I thought he did a good job in this. Jonah Hill who I like more than Michael Cera (in movies at least) I just found him to be incredibly annoying. Every other word was an F-bomb, yes most teens are like this, but he took it to a point where I just wanted him to shut up. Mclovin I don't know I liked him more than Jonah in this but he could get pretty annoying. Now the two cops (Rogen and Hader) were the best part of the movie, I thought they were funny, they make me wish the cops in my town were like them (Although I think we can all agree on that) I had a really good time with them.
Under the tomato meter on the Superbad page it said something about overarching awkwardness of the high school experience, I don't really agree. There were some awkward moments and I'm sure that Evan and Seth are supposed to be classified as nerds, but they never got me to believe they were nerds. They could talk to girls fine, except when Seth was drunk, and they will run from the law. To me they just felt like normal messed up kids.
Overall I though that Superbad was kinda funny but most of the time I was just getting bored. I guess it's pretty good the first time through, but overall Superbad is pretty overrated.


Memento is definitely a film that I will never forget. Memento is an unforgettable experience that can't be missed by any filmgoer. For sure one of the best films of the decade. I think what I love the most about Memento is the way it's told. Memento is told backwards, today you don't really don't see any interesting ways to tell story's anymore. Since I've never seen anything like this before, Memento is actually a pretty original piece of work. If someone asked me how I would describe Memento I would have to say Hitchcock walking backwards.
Leonard (Guy Pearce) suffers from memory loss and he uses notes and tattoos to hunt down the man who murdered his wife, all told backwards. Also the story has these black and white scenes that don't go backwards. This shows Leonard in his apartment telling a story of a man who suffers from memory loss also.
Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano all gave top notch performances. Especially Guy Pearce, hearing his thoughts gave the film a steady pace. It's just too bad, Guy Pearce is a very talented actor, I might have this wrong but I just feel like he isn't in a lot of things. Yes he was in Animal Kingdom and The Kings Speech in 2010, but he just doesn't get a lot of lead roles. I find that disappointing, Guy can play as a leading man and Memento proves that he can be one. I should also mention that Christopher Nolan was considering Alec Baldwin to play as Leonard.
Memento is based off a short story by Jonathan Nolan and his brother Christopher Nolan wrote and directed it, it was nominated for two Oscars for best original screenplay and editing, although it's based of Jonathan's short story it is considered original because Jonathan didn't get it published until after the movie was released.
This is Christopher Nolan's second film, "Following" was his first and I have yet to see that, Christopher Nolan to me has always been a storyteller, Memento, Inception, The Prestige even The Dark Knight and Batman Begins all have Fantastic well written stories (he didn't write Insomnia), Nolan knows how to write a story, and he can take that story and turn it into something unforgettable. Memento proves it (and many of his other films to but this is a Memento review). To me Christopher Nolan is one of, wait not one of, to me Christopher Nolan is the best director out there today. He's kind of like a mixture of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.
I remember after seeing Memento I read a review by Roger Ebert and he still liked but he asked how Leonard can remember he has short term memory loss. That got me thinking, I don't know the answer but that question doesn't really affect my opinion on Memento.
Memento is well directed, smartly written and greatly acted. This is for sure my favorite Nolan film. Though I do believe that Inception is even more well written, but the reason I love Memento and why it's memorable isn't for its story, it's for the way it was told.

Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick's take on the Vietnam War. In this film Kubrick shows the horrors and dehumanizing that war can do to someone. Technically there is two parts of the film, "Boot Camp" and "The War" and I will be reviewing the two of them separately.
Boot Camp:
What can I say about Boot Camp its pure genius. Stellar direction and lots of witty and dark humor makes this pure Kubrick, just a damn fun time, though as I did like the direction to me it just isn't as artsy like many of his other films like 2001 A Space Odyssey or the Shinning but never the less I still liked it.
There's three main characters here, Private Joker played by Matthew Modine, Leonard/Private Pyle played by Vincent D'Onofrio and the best of them all Sgt. Hartman played by Lee Ermey. Lee Ermey is fantastic as the Sgt. Hartman. "Do you feel dizzy? Do you feel faint! Jesus H. Christ! I think you've got a hard-on!" He gives a performance that steals the entire movie. He was actually a Sgt in real life, which explains this.
He and Private Pyle are the best part of the film, I just found them to be the most memorable out of all the characters and that they give their best performances in my opinion. Though Hartman is a total badass (might I mention one of the most memorable and favorite character of all time) of a drill instructor, I might like Private Pyle's performance a little more mostly because of the deep character development. From being this nice normal guy to transforming himself into this killing machine that shows the dehumanization of war. Brilliant character development and I am a sucker for deep character development.
The War:
Sadly the second part of Full Metal Jacket isn't as good as it was at Boot camp. The movie still has some dark humor and shows more of the horrors of war but it starts slipping into some war clichés and at some points started to get boring. Private Joker has more of a part here but without spoiling anything without Hartman or Pyle here it just wasn't as enjoyable.
But what almost made up for this was the sniper scene which I just found out that "The Hurt Locker" kind of copied off of it. This is probably the best part of "The War," One of their guys in the troop is shot down by a sniper and they need to rescue him. They don't know where the sniper is, some of them say they have to move on others want to rescue him and take the sniper down. I liked all the characters each of them showing there own style of their take on war, it created deep suspense then, the movie already showed how war can dehumanize someone and that you can die at any time in war so I didn't know what character would choose to do next.
Now the ending of Full Metal Jacket is fantastic. This part really showed how war can dehumanize a man and how they are living in a world of shit. This is actually one of my favorite endings of all time, just how horrifying it is, but yet funny. Very dark humor is the name and Kubrick knows how to do that.
Full Metal Jacket is a brilliant war movie that isn't as artsy as Kubrick's other films. Sure the movie loses some of its momentum in "The War" part, but the suspenseful sniper scene the horrifying yet funny ending makes up for most of it. Plus with the brilliance of "Boot Camp" Full Metal Jacket may not be Kubrick's best (or like I said artsy) film but I still had a damn fun time with it. This is a war movie that everyone should watch.
M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E !

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Well Richard Roper's gave this number four on his hundred worst films of the decade list and on rotten tomatoes hundred worst list this got number one so I had no choice but to see this and you know what, this is just awful.

Completely unoriginal, awfully acted, dull stale boring action. Ecks and Sever actually started working together in the movie so they should've called it something, you know it's bad when they mess up the title. Saying the characters are cardboard characters is an insult since cardboard probably would've acted better and showed more emotion than Banderas and Liu did. Probably the worst film of the decade and attempt at an action movie I've seen. I guess this is what you get by a director who goes by Kaos

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

I'm going to admit director Jonathan Mostow had some balls to make this, your making another entry in the Terminator series, two of the greatest films of all time! Many people call this an astonishing summer action flick, but to me a hardcore Terminator fan this is just a big middle finger insult.
The plot is it's 20 years later John Connor is moving across the world so that no more Terminators an find him. BUT! They do find him the T-800 (Schwarzenegger of course) and The T-X then it's basically the same plot as Judgment Day. James Cameron tied a knot so hard at the ending of Terminator 2 that they had to cheat the source material in this one Judgment day is not preventable and so the T-800 has to get them to a safe zone.
You know for the T-X to be the newest unit it's really no where as advance as the T-1000 in the second one. The T-X might be more flexible and can still morph into people but the T-1000 can do that also he can form knives and stabbing objects to which to me is pretty badass.
Nick Stahl is the new John Connor. I don't like him as John Connor at all. For one thing I thought John Connor would be this complete bad ass of a kid when he gets older, but he just seems like some wimp, plus his foul mouth language is gone, his advice to The T-800 well I don't remember him giving anything remember able to him. I mean Edward Furlong created the personality for John Connor and there was deep character development, for me Nick Stahl didn't really give me any personality for the older John Connor, I didn't feel like I knew John Connor at all, unless John was just suppose to grow up awkwardly, sure he seems less annoying then Edward Furlong but he just doesn't fit as the older John Connor, though I will admit I thought he was better than Christen Bale is Salvation.
I'm glad Schwarzenegger did The T-800 again; if he did not choose to do it again then I would have never wanted to be made. He still doing what he does best, playing a badass machine, but his character kind of takes a step down because there is no character change. In the second one he went from a machine doing his mission into a father like figure for John. In this one he's just doing the mission. But he is still humorous and still fun to watch which is still good for me, but I was disappointed he didn't say "I'll be back", but with out a doubt he is the best part of the movie.
There is also a new character; Claire Danes plays Kate Brewster essentially going to be John's husband in the future. Honestly I just thought she was awful. The T-X killed her husband and morphed into him. When they find each other the T-X morph back into itself, the expression on her face isn't what I expected, it looks like she saw a ghost, plus I thought she was just super annoying and I never felt she was actually scared plus she never really created a personality and the one thing she a John had in common is that they went to the same high school together and the more they spent time together I never felt they could ever get along with each other. I never saw a relationship for them.
When I first rated this I gave it a 0% but I felt like I was being too harsh. To me the biggest flaw was the acting. The Claire didn't give her character a personality and Nick did awful as John Connor. In the first one everyone had a personality even Miles did and it made the movie incredibly suspenseful, you want them to stop Judgment day. In here there was no suspense and I honestly didn't care if the made it or not. Also I didn't like how it's basically the same plot as Terminator 2. They made me think that they didn't care about anything except the action in this.
Now The Terminator is known to have great and I mean great action sequences make that many great action sequences. In this one for me the very best action sequence is the one where the terminator is hanging from the crane, I thought that was completely bad ass, also the part where the Terminator is carrying John in the coffin I thought that was pretty original. The other action sequences to me were just boring and didn't live up to the hype that I expected. Back then I had a lot of complaints about the action but today I just realize it was just nick-picking (if I said that right).
Director Ang Lee was actually offered to direct this but he turned it down to direct the Hulk film, I'm not sure how it would've turned out if he directed this, he probably would have done a better job with the action sequences, well considering what he did to The Hulk maybe, but he is still a better director than Jonathan Mostow. Besides from Schwarzenegger still being a delight to watch and a few memorable action scenes Terminator 3 disappointed me with a lazy script, bad acting, many bland action scenes and awful character development. With being a hardcore Terminator fan if they called this anything else but Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, I might have liked it more, otherwise I think the world would have been better without this.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

The Plot may be shoot everything in sight but that's what the movie it is meant to be, and I'm happy with that! Constant non-stop violence, fine Direction and cinematography and Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti giving fun but sometimes over the top performances make Shoot 'Em Up a damn fun time.

A Christmas Story

"You'll shoot your eye out kid!"
The Story a boy who just want's a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, which is what the movie represents that one toy a child wants for Christmas. A Christmas Story is probably my favorite holiday/Christmas movie. The script is fun little Ralphie captures a child during Christmas perfectly and the movie has many memorable moments and many memorable quotes. The one film that brings my family together over Christmas. Thank You TBS for showing this for 24 hours every year.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Dear James Cameron,

You remember Terminator 2 right? Of course you do, it's arguably your best film, remember the script you wrote you know that super tight script, you remember the memorable and of course likeable characters that gave fast, smart, and witty dialogue? You made and how great you made the character development yeah you do, a two hour and 15 min film and you just made it fly by. James Cameron you arguably made the greatest Sci-Fi Action film of all time. So when you're making Avatar 2 please work on the script, character development, of course characters and dialogue please, also make it less of a drag to watch than the first one.


Alex L

Terminator 2 like I said is arguably the best Sci-Fi Action film of all time and is in my top Ten Films of all time.
The Plot:
The T-1000 is sent back to kill John and The Terminator a.k.a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is sent back to protect John reprogrammed by John himself. Then the whole movie is about John, Sarah, and The Terminator needing to destroy the T-1000 and to stop judgment day from happening.
The Characters:
Edward Furlong plays John Connor. For Furlong there are two films he is know for, this and American History X, I like him better in Terminator 2. Essentially he plays mean, messed up kids in both of them, but what seals the deal for me is his father son relationship with The Terminator.
With saying that I should mention that the way the characters change was excellent, from the first film and also during this film. The Terminator changing from a killing machine into a father like figure, and Sarah from being scared to death from the future to learning that we as a human race can learn to make the future better.
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays The Terminator a.k.a T-800. He actually does a better job than he did in the first Terminator, mostly due to the fact that he has more lines and the way he becomes a father figure to John. He makes himself an incredibly likeable father figure machine; let's just say he becomes incredibly likeable that at the end of the movie it was making me tear up a little.
Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Conner the most badass female character of all time (some of you might say Ripley or "The Bride" but I stand my ground). I really don't know any other film Linda has been in besides the first two Terminators. In the first terminator she played this wimp of a girl and almost gets killed by the first terminator, in this one she this badass taking people out with a broomstick, stabbing people in the legs with pens or just explaining to someone how many bones there are in the human body, but is still worried about John's safety and preventing judgment day from happening, but by the end of the movie like I said she realizes that the human race is able to learn how to make the future better. (Remember it's just a movie)
Robert Patrick plays the T-1000, he did an excellent job showing no emotion or sympathy for anyone else just kept a straight serious face, a killing machine, he fits the role perfectly.

Everything Else:
Terminator 2 like I said and I will say it again is arguably the best Sci-Fi action film of all time, for me it is. I'm just gonna say that everything in the film is top notch. The sound, action, special effects, everything is perfect, a fantastic looking film.
What I love about the action is that it looks real especially with the car/motorcycle chases, Cameron did an excellent job with them and he sure knows how to direct an action scene(s). He also somehow made this two hour and 15 minute film just fly by, it never felt like a drag to watch, it was fun to watch and it is still fun to watch over and over again, I believe this is the film I've watched the most. The special effects were fantastic for the time and today they still look pretty damn good, very revolutionary for the time. But it isn't the best looking film of all time to me that goes to 2001 A Space Odyssey.
What I learned by watching the film: There are 206 bones in the human body
The Conclusion:
What really made me love this film (besides being the best action film I've seen) is the characters, they are likeable they are fun they make the movie worth watching until the end (besides the action). I honor James Cameron as a master of sequel making with this and Aliens. Hopefully he will continue this tradition with Avatar 2 I believe he can, but I don't think I believe too much because of the first Avatar. Avatar 2 comes out in 2014 so hopefully he will hit gold with that one. I'm not saying I hate the first Avatar, I just think it's his worst work.
Terminator 2 Judgment Day with the action and especially characters and fast pace, this is what am I saying arguably, James Cameron made THE GREATEST Sci-Fi Action Film of all time.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

I'm just gonna make this short, Plan 9 is probably the most flawed film of all time with some of the worst acting of all time, but plan 9 is way to entertaining to be called the worst film all time. Probably the best example of so bad its good. My favorite parts of the film were actually the sets from the cockpit to the spaceship to the cardboard graveyard. As entertaining as it is it for sure isn't anything Ed Wood wanted it to be.
A tragic Masterpiece.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

"Welcome to Fight Club, The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club, The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!"
Fight Club follows a man (Edward Norton) Who suffers from insomnia, because of this he can barely sleep. He finds out that going to support groups can help him sleep. None of the support groups have anything to do with, just the company and companionship help him. Without talking about the plot to much he ends up meeting a man Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and they begin Fight Club.
Fight Club is one of those films, the more you watch it the more you love, it exceeds in humor and wit, perfects in character development and succeeds in a type of weirdness we all love in films. The film is beautifully directed of course every David Fincher film I see the Direction is top Notch. I think it's safe to say Fincher is one of the best directors out there.
The acting of Fight Club is fantastic, My favorite performances by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Edward Norton with him going deeper and deeper into his Insomnia and then just making his character it memorable, I should mention I would like to see him Narrator a documentary, he has that type of voice. Brad Pitts witty dialogue, charm and his clever yet crazy advice did a fantastic job.
Now my favorite part of the film was the twist ending. Mostly because it actually is relate able. With out giving anything away, we all want to beat the shit out of someone but we just can't, we all want to release our inner self. If you've seen the film you know who I mean by inner self.
Overall Fight Club is beautifully directed, superbly acted and genuinely fantastic.
One of the best films of 1999
I also realized I broke the first rule of Fight Club


Knowing starts off in the Year 1959 where an elementary school puts drawings of what they will think the future will look like in 50 years in a time capsule. The idea was created by one of the students named Lucinda a creepy looking girl puts a note of numbers in there.
50 years later John's(cage) son gets the letter and cage finds out that the numbers are dates of the worlds biggest disasters and three haven't happened .
With all the films plot holes, unoriginality and cliches it surprisingly works for me, I think I like it because it's one of those films that just goes for it, its a science fiction, suspense builder, thriller, disaster with some religious stereo types(or however you call it) thrown into it.
With the special effects on the movie I wasn't impressed at some points, especially the shot of a moose on fire. But some scenes like the plane crash that pretty looked good and was kind of original.
with the acting I honestly think Nicholas could have done a better job, but i still liked him in this, Though I really didn't like Rose Byrne at first she was fine but not that believable but during the end I found her just to be annoying and completely unlikeable. Though I did think the character development was brought on well.
Without spoiling the one thing about this movie that I completely hated was how ridiculous how how bad how the ending reached so far out from the film. They should have used something else I'm not sure what but something else.
Overall I thought that Knowing was an exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, disaster movie that is brought down by the ending. If your deciding to see a disaster movie and your choosing between 2012 and this, pick Knowing.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street is an unnecessary remake on Wes Cravens 1984 horror masterpiece A Nightmare on Elm Street. Directed by Samuel Bayer, Starring Jackie Earle Haley and a bunch of terrible teenage actors you probably never heard of.
Basically its the same story as the original, Freddy (Haley) was a preschool Janitor who would rape the kids in his cave (I believe its called that) then the kids told there parents and the parents hunt down Freddy and burn him in a boiler room.The parents then have there kids forget about the school, and so Freddy is killing there kids when they get into there teenage years.
The reason why the original did so well is that it combined horror and humor together and it worked. This one just does the horror and it fails. The worst thing you can say about a horror movie is that its not scary, this is not scary I found it to be predictable.The film does include scenes from the original just not as good.
The acting was in my opinion wasn't good, I thought the teenagers were just to silly at times, the acting wasn't terrible thanks to Jackie being a pretty good Freddy.
Now they gave Freddy a new look I watched the making of the film or something like that, they changed Freddy's look to make him look like a burned victim. In my opinion he looks terrible it looks like he doesn't have a nose also it looks like he's made of cheese. He didn't scare me he made my hungry. I could tell Jackie was trying to make Freddy as creepy as possible though overall Jackie was a pretty good Freddy, but no one beats the original Freddy Robert Englund.
What I like about the film is that it explains Freddy's origin more than the original. But besides that and pretty good cinematography and a average performance by Jackie, The film lacks depth from the original, it's predictable and overall just not scary.It is better than some horror remakes but not by a lot, I would skip this unless nah just skip it.