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Horrible don't waste your time..


Horrible movie. Soo slow first hour could have been shortened. and the ending was again horrible. How someone could be entertained for the length of this movie is beyond me it was good for about 30 minutes.. Wow. Was expecting so much more with these ratings how did 80% of audience have a favorable review it was way too slow the main actor (ryan) said maybe a total of 30 words the entire movie it's dragged on and should be avoided. I don't write reviews but honestly. had to warn someone out their

The Change-Up

Wow i can't believe the reviews on this.. I see this following the path of "Theirs Something About Mary" where it wasn't critically acclaimed but became a huge classic for comedy because this movie is nothing but laughs easily the funniest movie I've seen all year.

A Knight's Tale

One of my favorite movies of all-time

The Karate Kid

haven't seen it. but with so many differences than the original i can't be happy..