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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Man of Steel

Man of Steel(2013)

Just saw Man of Steel. Most of you know how much I love movies. I get criticized all the time for liking movies everyone else hates. Well this movie is probably going to change that.


I like the idea of changing a story, bringing it up to date, and yes I agree the Superman mythos has gotten dated. They changed too much. They broke the rules. They thought of Superman as nothing more than a super powered alien. This is not Superman, this is not a movie that should be called Superman. It is not clever, it is not good entertainment. It is a basically a 2 hour long super power fight scene. Superman has always been a comment on our times. A person that, though he had super powers, was as good, kind, confidant, and noble as the best of humanity. That is NOT the character of this Superman. I have rarely been so disappointed in a movie, especially one that I had pretty much no expectations. Sad thing is it will almost certainly be a blockbuster and they will make more, and it will make