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Gangster Squad
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An interesting premise with an all star cast, but is ultimately let down by a cliche plot, hollow characters, and over stylized action scenes.

So much possibility, so little well executed. First off, every actor in this movie was grossly underused. There is literally zero character development. The way the film was shot didn't fit this movie. It was way to clean and "soap opera" looking. For a film to accurately convey the L.A. crime world of the '50's it needs to be gritty and dirty, this felt like a cartoon.

This could have been The Untouchables meets L.A. Confidential, but ends up just another forgettable crime movie.

Olympus Has Fallen
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Imagine 24 and the Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan movies had a baby and their baby got together with Die Hard and had a baby. That baby would be Olympus has Fallen. That would also be if movies were capable of having babies, which they are not.

I was a little hesitant when I saw the trailer for this movie. It looked intriguing, but Gerard Butler has made some stink piles recently. I was surprised how much I like this movie. It's not winning any awards or anything, but it is a fun trip to the movies. I enjoyed the actors they cast, Butler was good as the hero and I enjoyed Eckhart as the president. Another nice surprise was the villain (played by Rick Yune), he actually seemed like a character, instead of a generic henchmen.

The plot was far fetched, but the actions scenes were hard core. The scenes when the North Koreans take over the White House is one most well shot action scenes of the last couple years. They just don't make action movies like these anymore. If this movie came out in the 90's it would have had a 4th of July release.

Definately worth a trip to the movies.

On a side note, this movie would have been a great plot for Die Hard 5. They could have inserted the John McClain character into Gerard Butler role and tweaked a few plot point, it would have been awesome. Sadly, it wasn't though.