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The Dark Knight Rises
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Is this the end of Gotham and Batman, Wayne is weak and the people he lost and know are slipping away, he is broken mentally and physically to the point of which he feels lost with himself and the future of Batman. His close friend Alfred (Michael Cain) wants him to move on from the Batman as he knows deeply that Bruce Wayne will lose to the point of death. The people are fed a lie to the Harvey Dent act making Batman into the criminal which turns the city against him and leave Bruce wayne to retreat from the battle. With certain acts start to occur he soon knows that "There is a storm coming" but what, who is the masked mercenary called Bane, what is his past, how will the legend end?

There is much said that this film does not exceed the The Dark Knight but with all respect I do feel that this comes from the grips of fans not wanting to leave the world of Heath Ledgers Joker however brilliantly dark/remarkable his performance was. They are equally portrayed to great lengths but the main core which shows a form of difference would be the key focus of the villains style, The Dark Knight's main aim was to tests Batmans mentality but with Rise is to test Batmans physical strength but of course without the concept of wanting to see Gothams destruction. I would say Tom Hardy's shows of and at the same time impress's me with his performance, It is something I have not seen of Tom Hardy and I almost feel that this skill would not of been achieved if it was not the direction of Christopher Nolan but I do hope that we see this certain skill of acting in Tom Hardy's career.

The action within the film has some very spetacular scenes of realism of pure strenght, you really see the core emotion of which comes from Bane and Batman to a point where you can feel the physical struggle between each character. Aside from the familar faces It was nice to see new ones along the road, especially Marion Cotillard and Joseph Levitt from the world of the film Inception. But wih this, also comes a new face to world of the Christopher Nolans films, Anne Hathaway as the suductive Catwomen, she plays the roles perfectly, sexually, sedutivly, agile and erotic. A face I will surely miss till the Blu-Ray release. I also enjoyed a cheeky un-relevant cast of one of the detectives from the TV series of Dexter. The film direction and structure is beyond perfect from start to finish with style and skill all at the same time which leaves me with no complaints with the film except one. I dislike pretty much all of the side actors within the film where some would seem to peering of not even payin attention to their small roles however with such a big cast you cannot help to have some mishaps.

Conclusion, a brilliant trilogy and a last film that was well worth the wait. A part of me wants to see this again and happily accept a forth film but I doubt the legenday Nolan would attend to such a thing which I respct and secretly hate all at the same time.

Fright Night
Fright Night (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Story, welcome to a little world of Fright Night, where Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) starts to suspect his neighbour Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vampire thanks to his old nerdy friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Passe) who tries to convince Charley when one of their old friends and many other students at their school start to go missing. Charley at first does not believe Ed as he has mainly considered him the nerdy kid he used to hang out with when he was little, a life which he wishes he could forget so been predictable first leaves doubt to believe Ed as it might just be one of his nerdy games but the night where they check their old friends house with no one to be found which leaves an argument Charley and Ed, later the next morning he soon finds Ed to missing along the crowd as well.

Now one of the main reasons why i quite like this film is because the main character played by Anton really is not the good guy in the film, the film does not really go in to it much but you get an idea of what his life was like that he used hang around with his old nerdy but good friends but gave it all up as many do strive to be the cool kid and want to hang out with the cool kids in school/college and his character in this has actually succeeded, he got the good looking girl in college and got the friends he always wanted but of course as we all would think, at what cost? Now that I have gone through that this film in sense to me is quite believable in its odd way, as those events happen to people everyday in their everyday life's which I think making it quite believable is great way for the audience to like the film before the action even kicks off.

Actors, well as many would say David Tennant and Colin Farrell where certainly the best performances in the film, Colin Farrell mainly showing a different side to his acting skills rather been a member of the police force or Alexander the great. David Tennant was simply David Tennant, his performance was great and he certainly is a brilliant actor but he simply played his Doctor Who character which is a positive and a negative at the same time as it would of been nice to see a different side to him for a change. Charley Brewster and the other main angst up teens do their job, to make it that almost teen horror film but thankfully the film did not consist of just gore and sex.

Action, can almost come across of line where this film can be believable as many action films or sequences it happens usually in the most unbelievable circumstances but when Colin Farrell decides, well I best kill these people, it seems a very believable situation especially when he decides to attack Charley's mother rather than just the teens in the film as many horror tend to do like its their creed to the horror film industry. You get quite a bit of gore at certain points but it isn't to the but of insanity which ruins the film reputation and there is some classic vampire disintegration from sunlight which was certainly a good way to show of the effects and the technology used in the film making. 3D did have the odd good point in the film where the film did feel in the room with you but beside the point I think if there was anything unnecessary about the film would certainly be the 3D part of it.

The Vampire, throughout the many years, there has always been certain vampire look in the film industry, I think this one certainly pulled of a more classic look to what the vampire should really look like instead of throughout more recent films the vampire still remains more human in its appearance but in Fright Night, well I'll leave you decide what appearance it decides to have for a change.

Overall, a interesting believable horror film with a side order of gore which is fun and will certainly leave you wanting to see it for a second time.

GoldenEye (1995)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Before I get onto the story of this film there is a few things I have to get off my chest, firstly now the years have passed you get to notice that this film can be quite childish at times from the extremely corny but lovely one liners that come of Pierce Brosnon which we either love or hate, the scene where Pierce decides to get into a tank even though there was a tank right next to him when he gazes his man whore eyes at the tank in the distance and when Pierce takes out the horse winged statue with the tank which somehow manages to stay on the tank all the way through the scene which at times ruins the maturity of the film but do we still love it, perhaps.

Story sets of with James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and Alec Treveylan (Saun Bean) committing a raid on a chemical weapons plant in the soviet union where unfortunately they are captured, however James Bond manages to escape but the same can't be said for Alec Treveylan. Later on Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) commits a raid of her own on a secret military base with the help of her malicious soldiers and steals the controls of an high tech weapons satellite system called GoldenEye, after getting what she needs she removes all witnesses from the equation killing everyone in the military base for the only one who is left alive Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco) who joins up with James Bond in hope to stop Xenia Onatopp committing further disasters with the power of the GoldenEye.

Characters, well I have to say all performances are pretty top notch apart from the cheesiness of melodrama coming from Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco, to me I would consider Sean Bean, Famke Janssen and Alan Cumming to be the best characters they play through the entire film, funny enough it's the villains with best job than the hero's in this film, especially Famke Janssen who seems to get a little bit excited when killing people. Q played by Desmond Llewelyn is the most loveable character in the film, whenever I watch a James Bond I always look forward to his appearance and it is uttermost a shame that he is no longer with the world.

Action is almost perfect apart from what I mentioned above, it adds all the elements of action into most of the scenes as possible from exploding trains, cars helicopters and pens. Overall if you can get passed the one liners coming from Pierce Brosnan character and some immaturity you'll certainly have an enjoyable watch of this film.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Story. Will Rodman (James Franco) a lead scientist of a company doing experiments on chimpanzee's to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, after a test on a female chimpanzee which looking towards success seems to go terribly wrong, they discover a baby chimp which she was protecting and Will Rodman is given the task to either put down or look after the baby chimp, Will Rodman takes home the chimp which he names Caesar to look after and throughout the soon months and years he begins to notice that the genes from his mother has been distended down to him from the sheer intelligence of Caesar. Will Rodman decides to continue on with his research mainly due to Will's father Charles Rodman (John Lithgow) who has Alzheimer's but is he doing it for him or his company? With that question in place and years go by Will decides to inject Caesars genes into his father for when he wakes up the next day to the father he once knew and love. Back to Caesar, he has become even more intelligent since, Will has taught him sign language and is able to do very complex puzzles and games, Caesar has also become very close with Will's family and has practically become part of the family which he loves and cares about as much as any human would but as he gets older he also get curious to where has come from? where are his real family? And what is Caesars purpose? maybe Caesar is becoming to curious and this will lead Caesar/Will and their curiosity to a fate which they both would of never have thought.

My thoughts on this film are quite mixed but the main one I would go with so far is simply cool and mainly from Caesar , throughout most of the film it feels like its trying to purposely make you cry, you feel so much empathy and compassion for this character and for me it was not the ground breaking CGI of Caesar that made this film from the effects of Avatar, it was Andy Serkis performance, this truly shows a man who knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to cinema. Let downs I would say James Franco, giving his reputation lately due to 127 Hours and obviously the Spiderman series all to me that was special was his signature smile I've seem to have pick up on, he is a good actor but I was expecting much more from him in this film but perhaps a little bit too much. Frieda Pinto, David Oyelowo came across to been the other main character let downs, they did their job but their performances where very media core and sometimes it came across very unnecessary for them actually to be in the film which had me quite annoyed in some ways but thankfully I was brought back by Andy Serkis and the mythology of this film.

Action, there wasn't too much action or too much going on really in this film but neither was I complaining or unsatisfied because of this but they really did try to make the human species look stupid, especially with the scenes on the San Francisco bridge, I would at least had thought, hmm yes where going after a lot of apes, last time I checked apes like to climb a lot perhaps we should check below and up above the bridge but no lets even though these apes are obviously smarter after Caesar rides in on a horse.

The ending "Caesar Is home" was a great way to end the film but not the best, all the way through the film I had the feeling it was going to end in a way of King Kong did when James Franco spent most of the time chasing him across San Francisco, I had an idea Caesar would meet his demise upon almost reaching his freedom but where he did not succeed, the others made it so his sacrifice was not in vein and when this did not happen I was actually rather shocked, not disappointed just shocked, it seemed a perfect way to end the character Caesar seem so we spent half of the film learning Caesar and understanding the feelings of Caesar to why he had to do what he did.

I was rather happy to see John Lithgow in this, it brought back some Third Rock From The Sun moments and Dexter, it was also nice to see that he did quite a good performance and apart from some disappointment from James Franco it was still nice to see his career still going nice and strong.

Overall a very lovely and compassionate film, the human characters could have used some work but I guess this shows the apes are the smarter species.

"Caesar Is Home"