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Edward Scissorhands
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A modern day fairytale. Tim Burton has crafted a beautiful story, with such a tragic character.
After an Avon saleswoman discovers a boy named Edward with scissors for hands, living in a mansion alone, she takes him to live with her family in a pastel colored suburbia. Edward becomes an instant celebrity; using his scissors to cut the bushes in different shapes, and cutting people's hair, but Edward will never belong.
Along the way, Edward falls in love for the Avon saleswoman's daughter, Kim; but it could never be. Kim has a boyfriend, and Edward is too dangerous. After some unlucky incidents, the neighborhood despises Edward, and Kim's boyfriend finds out she has feelings for Edward, tries to fight him and dies. The neighborhood forms a mob outside Edward's mansion; Kim walks out and tells them both boys killed each other, so that they'd leave Edward alone.
It's a beautiful story about isolation, love, fear of what we don't understand, and the need to belong. The film also touches upon the theme of completion--what do we need to complete ourselves? Love?
Not even words can fathom how well made the film is, from the set designs to the story.
Johnny Depp was fantastic. Edward Scissorhands was one of his best roles to date. You can't miss this Tim Burton film.