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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If you have yet to see ParaNorman, hurry and do so!!!! It comes out on blu ray and DVD in November, but seeing it in a theater is always the better choice.
From the people who brought us 'Coraline' we get another stellar film to gawk at. The animation in ParaNorman is top notch, appearing perfectly imperfect.

The story deals with a boy named Norman who has the gift of seeing ghosts. He is bothered because of it, and barely has any friends. When a witch's curse threatens his town, he must stop it the only way he can.

This film, to say the least, is fantastic. It has set a high bar for animated films. ParaNorman takes so many chances that pay off. It's so different, and in a world where most animated films are safe, it's a great thing. Furthermore, the superb and risky inclusion of a certain character in a film targeted to children is remarkable. (Watch out for Mitch if you don't already know.)
The solidly and cleverly written script is big on laughs, yes, but it's lesson is the greatest thing of all. Teaching tolerance and understanding of other people is a lesson deeply needed in this generation, and Laika has done it in a clever, fun way.
Is the film scary for kids? To smaller kids it might be, but, really, it wasn't. It's an animated film.The zombies are comical and their existence is actually quite sad. This isn't a regular zombie movie where the zombies are mindless monsters who want to "eat brains". This is ParaNorman--the zombies are there and they don't want to be.

I really liked ParaNorman, and I hope I've persuaded you to go see it and give it the attention it deserves.