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Short Term 12
Short Term 12 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A wonderful movie filled with flawed characters and their journey towards realizing those flaws and mending them, beautifully I might add. There are several known themes like parental abuse and the like, but it's the deft treatment and subtle catharsis that holds you back while you hold back tears in certain scenes. That one story that one of the girls narrates to the leading lady is just heart-breaking and also reveals so much about the character. Top notch performances by the entire cast, but it's the EXCEPTIONAL and ADORABLE Brie Larson that takes the larger share of the cake. She treads this tricky role with amazing poise and fleshes out this character full of repressed anguish with a crack that lets in just the right amount of hope. She grabbed my attention and held it till long after the movie ended. I wish she keeps getting amazing parts to play, because she sure as hell know how to play them, beautifully I might add. A wonderful gem of a movie, and a testament to why one needs to encourage independent film-making by simply watching them.

V/H/S (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Liked the Succubus part, but I was hoping for an amicable ending, which would have made it even better. The honeymoon couple segment took me by surprise with its ending, and it had Ti West written all over it, liked it thoroughly. The Kids in the Woods segment was downright creepy with copious amounts of gore. The fact that the killer's existence and the very nature hasn't been explained makes it creepier. Again, liked it. The Halloween segment was straight-forward with some cool haunted-house effects, but the ending was a little bland for my liking. And the segment revolving around these vandals, and the way it ends, didn't really make a difference to my overall reaction to this movie. I wouldn't have mind if they hadn't decided to make this one a part of the entire omnibus either. Don't care that they did. Anyway, a well packaged, freaky and a startling offering, with plenty of scary elements. Although the jerky and shaky camera did put me off a couple of times, but can overlook it for the overall experience. Recommended.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Loved it. It's sweet, it's simple, the cast is adorable, competent and they play out all the scenes well. Teresa Palmer is so adorable and gorgeous...LOVE HER. Nicholas Hoult did a fine job, too, with the limited scope of diction and lines he had, considering he's a brain-devouring zombie. Supporting cast members, though it centered more on the two leads, assisted well in bringing out the movie as an entire entertaining package. The movie doesn't try too hard to impress, nor does it try to complicate things by presenting any complex message. It does put a fresh spin on the hackneyed zombie genre by showing that you don't necessarily need blood and gore to make a zombie flick. Even with the backdrop of an apocalypse and the two sides of living and the non-living at odds with each other, obviously, the movie is able to convey the simple yet overlooked "love brings out the human side in you" message, quite literally here actually. And sometimes, that's all you need from a movie to enjoy those 90-odd minutes, preferably with someone you can enjoy it.