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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy(2010)

Having not actually seen the first Tron movie, I didn't know what to excpect from this 28-year-in-the-making sequel. Was it going to be campy fun? Was it going to be a good, cool sequel to the cult classic? Was is going to be terrible, like the non-nerds said? Or was it just going to be cool, entertaining, perfectly scored, and light on story? I think I'm going to go with the last. I'm going to admit, I kind of exactly excpected this, so I'm really happy.

LLet's start off with the effects, which your probably going to see this for. And boy, if you go into this just for the effects, you will be pretty freaking pleased. Every colour, every greenscreen, mostly everything digitally animated is masterfully done. I was enthralled by all the greenscreen parts and how well the actors acted with probably just greenscreen all around them. All the effects are sleek and smoothly done, kind of like in last years Avatar. At times I could barely even tell what was real and what was fake. The car chase thing part was fricken awesome, I was like HOLY SH*T for that entire scene. The choreographing of the fight scenes was superb, along with the cinematography. Also, that airplane type climax was amazing.The acting for the most part is great. Jeff Bridges (who I think can be said, like John Malkovich, is fantastic in *anything*) is as always great, he's funny and surprisingly charismatic. Olivia Wilde (om-nom) is great, like she's in in House, and she's in a tight latex-like suit for all of the movie, so how can you not like her? Finally is the score by Daft Punk. So, Daft Punk being one of the best bands ever, I had very high excpectations of the score, and wow my excpectations were met. The score was suit exactly for Tron; I liked that it was a bit techno too (not in a bad way). It was literally music to my ears. I could seriously listen to it forever. I think I even bought it already to put on my iPod.

But yeah, there are a lot of flaws too. The only weak part of the CGI was Clu, who was completely CGI. The problem with Clu was that he never seemed to have muscles in his face, and his eyes seemed well...dead (if that makes any sense). Don't get me wrong, the CG on him was still good, just not fantastic. The stubble on his face was realistic though. The 'mostly' part of the acting part above was directed at Garett Hudland and Michael Sheen. Not that I don't like either actors, because I really do (Hudland in Four Brothers was awesome, Sheen in The Twilight movies is the only saving grace) but I didn't really like either. I really thought Hedlund had potential to carry the movie but it seemed like he didn't even try, I never really cared for him. The writing was cliche at times too. I mean come on, I love Bridges but him saying 'radical dude' or 'awesome man' was just kinda wierd. The plot is basically just 'okay, so we need to get from here to here, in this amount of time'. I wish they would have put some more substance into it. The plot was sufficient, I just wished they had put more thought into it.

You can't go into Tron: Legacy excpecting a perfect movie, because it's NOT. The writing is pretty average and some of the acting is average. But other than that, Tron: Legacy is fantastic. The special effects and CG are amazing, the colours and such are beautifully done. Acting by Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde is great, and the fight and cinematography are both fantastically done. Most of all, the score by Daft Punk is amazing and superb, a delight to listen to. It's quite a good idea to watch this if you have a good hour or two to kill.