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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Superman Returns

Superman Returns(2006)

If you're like me, you love superheroes and their movies. And who better to see fight crime than the first superhero, Superman. In this film, the Man of Steel returns to Earth after five years of searching for the remains of his home planet Krypton. He finds that Lois Lane is engaged to Perry White's nephew Richard White and has a son. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is planning to wipe out half of America to make room for a new continent made of Kryptonite. Of course you'd know the drill. Superman must save the day and all that jazz. But how it is played out is very compelling, and the visual effects can't be beat. This installment of the Superman franchise is directed by Bryan Singer (The first two X-
Men films, The Usual Suspects) and he brings a fresh, contemporary take on Supes, and I think it's the best since the first two films.