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Big Fan
Big Fan (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This film will grab your attention and make any sports fan feel like a part of the film. Don't look at the movie poster and say "Another Stupid Sports Flick, Why Bother". If you ever watched a sports fan movie you understand how horrible they can be. But, Big Fan hits it BIG with it's real life storyline. Any hardcore sports fan will be laughing at every scene saying "thats normal" and "Ive done that". The Timing of ever scene is spot on with the situation at hand. The conflict isn't over the top and doesn't carry the film for all it is worth. Even if you have no passion for sports at all you will like this movie as the drama is understandable even for people who don't watch sports. To Conclude, Big Fan is one of the Biggest Indie films of 2009.

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A. O. Scott of At The Movies - 30
"It's a modest, drab little drama about a psychologically unstable guy living in a sad little corner of America."

Alex Wagner
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