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Cars (2006)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is arguably Pixar's weakest effort, but when you consider that Cars is still a great film and then you will understand the great standards that Pixar always live up to. Cars tells a story that actually appeals more the adults then kids. A story about a forgotten town on Route 66 that a hot-rod race car stumbles upon on his way to the big race while learning about friendship, love and tractor tipping. While the plot may be driving on used tarmac, that's not to say that this isn't a well told version of the forgotten community story. Far from it, as Cars is a very touching and technically brilliant piece of animation, but the main reason I love this film is the cast. Paul Newman voices Doc Hudson, a forgotten old race car who crashed and was then forgotten about despite probably being in his prime. That's pretty much Paul Newman, who died last year of cancer despite being able to still deliver some great performances. As much as the film-makers will try and convince us that Mater is the best character, Doc Hudson steals the show every time for me. George Carlin and John Ranft also died as well and will definitely be missed. Whichever way you look at it, Cars is a film that may not have the best script or premise, but its still a very touching story with a lot of technical 'oomph' behind it. But one final note, it lost the Animated Oscar to Happy Feet. Now that pissed me off. Happy Feet isn't that good.