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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Trotsky

The Trotsky(2010)

After a weak opening scene where I feared the entire movie was going to be trying too hard - like a made for TV movie - the movie found its pace and developed into a quirky funny little film well worth watching. I have a modest acquaintance with Russian political history and I thought the more you know about it the more likely you are to get the inside jokes and allusions.

The lead is a true 'rebel without a cause' who does not even have the courage to live his own life. Strangely he manages to take very (pseudo) courageous stands by trying to re-live the life of a Communist revolutionary battling a different world than the one Trotsky actually occupied. This is the point which could make or break this movie: does it successfully manage to create a world where this strange figure is at least believable?

I found that it snuck in just under my ability to 'suspend my disbelief' and as a result I liked this movie.

Colm Feore as Lenin/principal and Genivieve Bujold as the head of the School board (not sure of the historical Russian echo) were noteworthy.