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The Dark Knight

This movie has now assumed the crown as my most favorite film, and who knows how long it will hold onto that throne for. This movie is absolutely stunning, amazing and completely unforgettable and just feels like nothing you've ever seen before. People always tell you that certain movies are edge of your seat films, and with this one, that's an understatement; there are only a handful of films that can be considered that in my book, and this is considered beyond edge of your seat.

The movie is very intense with strong performances and an intricate plot that really takes a fictional comic book world and makes it so real and connects it with the problems this world faces that it makes you really question and think about the current state our world is in and how it survives with so much turmoil. Everyone delivers strong performances but Heath Ledger delivers the most incredible performance to every grace the screen in years. In all my life I haven't seen a performance as diabolical as his and it shocks and amazes you even more that it was little ol' Heath that did it, and no one else that you would expect it from. From his maniacal schemes and tricks to his haunting image and voice, his portrayal of the joker is forever burned into my subconscious as the greatest portrayal of a villain. He was so good that from the very beginning when you first see him til the very end of the film, his madness just grabs you and it feels like he's holding onto your gut so tightly and taking you on this nightmarish ride, which is what makes this film so good. brilliant writing, acting, directing, and visuals make this a classic film that shows the right people for mainstream films partnering with money hungry hollywood can still deliver modern classics that will forever be remembered in the future as historical film classics, and that even a comic book film can become a classic given the proper careful treatment.