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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Whatever happened to the days when a film with a massive budget and loads of special effects was actually well made? You could say that "Star Wars" really kicked off that trend in 1977. Those special effects actually had a good story, well written humor, and gloriously choreographed action and character development. Plus, it all went along perfectly with a plot. Lately, movies like "Star Trek" and "Inception" prove that blockbuster filmmaking is still alive. But, movies like "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" really make me scratch my head and wonder what is happening.

I like the first Transformers alot. So much so, that I'd give it a 90%. The second film, is even worse than this, garnering a 20%. This, isn't much better, but way worse than what I was expecting. All of the unnecessary humor and goofy acting was here. Why? Why? Why? It's a damn shame! Transformers could be done so much better if a good director took control of it. No more of this stupid humor crap. Just, the screenwriters need to write good humor or make a serious Transformers film. I'm all for humor in a blockbuster, Jaws and Star Trek are full of laughs. But this is embarrasing.

The action was pretty great though. When Optimus slides on a street through about 6 or so Decepticons, that gave me goosebumps. A hand full of other slow motion moments were great too. Steve Jablonsky's score was always great, but not as good as the first film's, which is incredible. The whole tone, look, and feel to Transformers is fantastic, along with all of the unnecessary lens flare that is in about every shot or so. I was really hoping to be going into a fantastic final hour of action, but it was so mediocre. Good action still, but all of the raving I heard of a great final hour was unimpressive. Maybe it is because I'm spoiled by GOOD action films like Ip Man, Red Cliff, and Hardboiled, that most American made action films are nothing when it comes time to blow stuff up.

I'm sure Transformers will get rebooted, and I am hoping so. This series deserves much much better than what it has gotten. The first film is great, an example of good blockbuster filmmaking. The humor in that film isn't as forced or as annoying as the humor in this film and the 2nd film. The plot was simple and great as well. The 2nd and 3rd film get so complicated, that they create plot holes within themselves that make you wonder, do the filmmakers even care about continuity or trying anymore? The reason I gave this a 40%, or a 2 out of 4, is because I enjoy the score, look and feel of things, and Bay's action. But, with so many problems, I cannot recommend this at all. Stick with the first film, and only watch that one.