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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Blade Runner

Blade Runner(1982)

"Blade Runner" is the most immersive science fiction film I have ever seen. No film I have ever seen immerses you into a beautiful and futuristic vision of Los Angeles like any other. There are countless scenes just showing the amazing landscape that is Los Angeles in 2019. The special effects, for an 1980's picture, are still amazing and just add to this being a Ridley Scott masterpiece.

The plot goes like this. In the future, a company named Tyrell, has built replicants, robots resembling humans. However, they are illegal on Earth due to violent occurrences. Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford, is told to hunt down four violent replicants who are illegally living on Earth at the moment. As he begins his investigation, he builds up a relationship with a replicant working for the Tyrell company, a beautiful Sean Young. It all builds up to a final confrontation between Harrison Ford and the leader of the replicants, a Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty, one of the most bizarre and chilling movie villains of all time.

Harrison Ford is in probably his most underrated performance here as detective Rick Deckard. Sure this film is critically praised as one of the greatest films of all time, but audiences around the world know Harrison Ford for two things, Han Solo and Indiana Jones, not Rick Deckard. Han Solo has his modified Mauser blaster, Indiana Jones has his whip, and Rick Deckard has his blaster (known as many things, such as the P.K.D., Phillip K. Dick's abbreviations, the author of the book that inspired this film). Deckard is a very reserved character who isn't afraid to act tough. He is a Blade Runner, the one who retires replicants.

I do have to mention Rutger Hauer, who plays Roy Batty. He is incredibly chilling. You have to just see the movie to get what I mean. If you have seen it, then you know exactly what I mean. He's truly terrifying.

The reason why this movie is so great is how calm and quiet everything is. It avoids the common attitudes of a sci-fi film by avoiding action and has almost little to no action at all. It is instead a Science Fiction Noir Mystery film that cares about immersing you into everything. The soundtrack, which uses many jazz pieces, is fantastic and perfectly fits the mood of a mystery detective picture. I can clearly see today's audiences not enjoying this film one bit because it's "too boring" or "not action packed." However, like I just explained, this is probably the most ingenious Science Fiction film of all time. It isn't about that. This is no "Star Wars."

Ridley Scott has grown to become a very "epic" filmmaker lately. When I say "epic", I refer to such grand scale pictures of his like "Gladiator", "Black Hawk Down", "Kingdom of Heaven", and "Robin Hood." The first two of those I adore and the latter two I don't. Back in the 70's and 80's though, he made two of the best Science Fiction films of all time, "Alien" and "Blade Runner." Both of these pictures are low on action and heavy on atmosphere, tension, and suspense. I miss this Ridley Scott. With news of his new "Alien" type picture called "Prometheus" coming out in the near future, I hope Ridley Scott goes back to making films like this. Sure, his well made epic films are great, but this is where it's really at.

In conclusion, "Blade Runner" is a fantastic movie. A definite 4/4. The creepy Roy Batty steals this movie as being a truly chilling creation. There is also much I have left untouched on the secrets of what Harrison Ford's character really is, the troubled creation of the film, and the several different versions of this film that exist. Just letting you all know, I watched "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" from 2007, the one with the cover painted by Drew Struzan. So, get out there and watch this. It's one of the best films ever made.