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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Seven (Se7en)

Seven (Se7en)(1995)

"Se7en" is so fantastic for the fact that it chooses not to lead into your average mystery thriller territory containing car chases and shootouts. Instead, it's a quiet and calm thriller with an incredibly dark and gloomy mood. To me, this is far more superb than "Silence of the Lambs." It's much more gripping, suspenseful, inventive, creative, and dark.

The plot is that a man is going around murdering people based upon the seven deadly sins. The events of the movie occur over a week, 7 days. Two detectives, Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, being to investigate. Freeman's character is wise, ingenious, and good at what he does. Pitt's character is the young hotshot, short tempered, and foul mouthed. The two seem to clash, but as they investigate the case they build up a relationship and learn to work together.

Fincher's directing is what makes this all work. He chooses to make the crime scenes very darky, gloomy, and almost beautiful to look at. Only the flashlights light up everything, making it look like a twisted piece of art. The sets are so well put together, that each new crime scene is amazing to look at. The "Sloth" murder is the most intricate murder and the most terrifying scene of the movie. You only see the after affect of each murder though. They are incredibly gruesome and gory, but that's what a murder is. So don't think that this is crossing over into "Saw" or "Hostel" territory. This is a good movie that is too smart to cross over into that realm of torture crap.

There are alot of twists and surprises that you really can't suspect coming. But, the last 40 minutes are the most unpredictable and are where you are left guessing at every moment of it. Alot of people debate about the ending, deciding that it makes the movie a masterpiece, ruins the whole thing, or is just a good ending but nothing incredible. I feel that it's a good ending, however, I can't discuss it. This is my favorite serial killer movie thanks to Fincher's distinct style. If you haven't seen it, watch it already. It's like a demented piece of art.