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I Spit On Your Grave
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Rape is an awful thing that I would not wish upon anyone, but the way the film takes care of the punishments, no many films dare to do. In films like this you usually see a little bit and then the screen goes black, leaving you to think what's going on, this film on the other hand show's it full frontal, the acid death and crow death are the one's that got me, I genuinely felt a chill down my spine.

I'm a fan of horror and this is just about my limit with it, the gore is realistic but the way it was filmed makes it even more believable, the problem with films like this is that they usually involve a bunch of can't-act-for-nothing teenagers getting killed by some crazed maniac... this isn't, this is one woman killing 4/5 rapists, in a blood bath.

This is one of the most graphic horror films I've ever seen, If you are going to watch it, beware, the first 30-50 minutes nothing really happens but after that it starts, and I felt myself feeling sorry for the rapists.

In terms of gore and severe graphic violence: 10/10
In terms of enjoyability (If you can handle this type of thing): 9/10

I don't know what to rate it myself because it's a good remake bu saying that makes me sound demented.

You choose.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

*Giggles*, I found this sequel to be absolutly hilarious, Leatherface is the comic of the sequel and it's nice to see the old man making a return, my favorite part was when he was at a cook-off and she pulled a "Shell" out of her mouth, the look on her face.

Classic film, and the ending was funny aswell, is a chainsaw really that long when it's been put through someone or did they add a second one for good luck. What makes me laugh even more is the fact that Leatherface didn't fall down when his stomach was cut open!

Also, what the hell was it with that guy with the plate in his head, what did he have to do with anything? and why was the sequel set in a Lord of the Rings style cavern?

I still love this movie, it gave me some great laughs!

Avatar (2009)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

All the hype and stardom around the movie when it first came out has settled down, and what are we left with?... A film that lives up to everything that has been described. James Cameron really shows his imagination off and proves that with ALOT of hard work anything is possible.

Sam and Zoe are absoluty magnificent in the film, turning from standard humans to super sexy blue skinned creatures! The script may not have been original but in todays world everything has been written atleast once.

Overall the film is a HUGE success, with one or two sequels in the making.

I would rate this film 10/10 for visuals and 6/10 for story

Buried (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Buried features around Paul Conroy who is on a truck journey delivering goods to Iraq, however someway through he is ambushed and buried alive in a wooden box... And that is where the true terror begins.

The entire 90 minutes are spent into a small wooden box, now you might think "That sound's really boring", however, Director Rodrigo Cortes chooses some extraordinary camera angles that keep the viewer entertained throughout the entire film. In the box is a cell phone (mobile), Pencil and torch... and that's just it.

When I first saw this film it felt so claustrophobic, and that's because it is. A film like this is a huge risk to take and personally I think Rodrigo and the crew did a fantastic job of creating a thrilling film. You genuinely do not know how it's going to end which is why it's so enticing.

Time get's shorter and shorter and help announces itself as coming and then... the film takes an unexpected twist.

Conclusion: The film is extremely intense and daring, it's nice to see something new in the cinema. You wouldn't believe how much character can be built up inside a box.

Step Up 2 the Streets
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Just before I get into this review I would like to point out that these films aren't noticed for their amazing story. (The story is bad)

The film steps up from the first film (Step Up), and delivers what you might expect to the audience, heavy dance scenes and of course rain. The story is just... well, as much as I love the Step Up dances the story is just not there at all. When Andi (Evigan) and Chase (Hoffman) kiss at the end of the film I switched it off because there was NO love or emotions between the two, Brianna Evigan seemed to constantly want the mood to be bad and everything seemed to never go right for her because she made it that way. As soon as she came on screen I disliked her acting.

This is also where the infamous Moose (Adam G. Sevani) come's from, roughly 30 minutes in he does his stair dance and then the final dance.

The movie in my opinion was too dark, the total apposite of Step Up 3D, the films story is just too weak to support the characters, no matter how hard they try to hit home they just can't seem to reach.

The infamous final dance scene is good though and unfortunately that's where it stops, after the final dance Moose kisses Sophie and Andi kisses Chase and well... that was it.

This movie without the non-dancing scenes would have made the movie only 35 minutes long (roughly). I'm a fan of Jon Chu and Moose (Adam Sevani) but the films story is just too weak.